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theater reviews : fullerton college\'s \'barnum\' is a lead balloon

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
Mark Bramble\'s \"Barnum\" masks P\'s career. T.
Barnum loves those old movie biographies that are content to browse a life of a subject without causing too many problems, and have the flashy music numbers mask their superficiality.
In the case of \"Barnum\", Cy Coolman and Michael Stewart\'s odd pedestrian score didn\'t help much.
The audience has been thinking about the richness and depth of another creature. The musical \"Gypsy\"
Of course, \"Barnum\" is customized
Jim Dale, made for his original star, has a lot of energy and talent for Broadway.
Tom O\'Toole plays the title role in this work at Fullerton College and does everything he can to keep it alive.
His music is very nice.
The voice of comedy, no problem, triggers his numbers, especially effective for folk songs.
When he was on the stage, he jumped very well and kept up his energy.
In better production, he will shine and heat.
Most of Gary Creek\'s performances didn\'t help.
Krinke\'s rhythm is very slow throughout the process, falling behind like the rhythm of music director Doug Austin.
Without the excitement of the circus, it is also part of the performance.
Every moment on the stage seems to exceed its time for about four seconds.
On Saturday\'s day court, this slowness was amplified by the catastrophic collapse of Jay Hamachek and Susan Harris in the sound, and they stood up on the stage, sometimes there is even a sound here and there.
As Barnum\'s wife, Karen.
Curry is charming, but the way she laid back in conversations and songs didn\'t bring much excitement.
Jennifer M had the same problem.
As Rosengarth of Jenny Lind, his performance was also affected by the lack of focus and the often-shifting Scandinavian accent to Eastern Europe.
The only actor who has the need to feel and bounce \"Barnum\" in addition to Otule is Sean T.
As Tom Thumb, mcnal was too short on stage, and he lit up the show with his exciting \"bigger, better.
He is the most active member of the orchestra.
The circus of Rex hesker
The collar is colorful and should inspire choreographer John Vaughan to a higher level.
The work is lit up by Steven Pliska, though interesting.
One thing parents should pay attention to is that although the environment here is circus, there is almost no real circus here, and the Sunday on Saturday is mainly composed of young children, they swing and get bored in most of the shows, especially in the Liton book section and the ballad.
Many people use balloon animals to squeak when they come in.
* \"Barnum\", fulleton College Campus Theatre, 321 E. Chapman Ave. , Fullerton. Thursday-Saturday, 8 p. m. , Sunday, 2 p. m. Ends Sunday. $5-$8. (714)871-8101.
Running time: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Tom Otule Phineas: Taylor Barnum Karen V.
Curry: Chairman, Barnum Rosalind Johnson
Mark Zavatski: julius giulius Goldschmidt Jennifer M.
Miss Jenny Linde Matthew.
Lord Lin and James. Bailey Aime M.
Wolf: produced by the Department of Theater, Clara Fullington College.
The Music of Cy Coleman and the lyrics of Michael Stewart.
Mark Bamble\'s book.
Directed by Gary Klink.
Music Guide for Doug Austin.
Arranged by John Vaughan.
Set design: Rex Heuschkel.
Lights: Steven priscard
Costume design: Mela HoytHeydon.
Voice: Jay Hamacek and Susan HarrisMake-
Wig Design: Klyver Gretchen.
Technical director: Steven Craig.
Production drama: Dennis Ward Cradit.
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