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theater artists create a car for stage prop - times of india

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
The design of the set has always been an important part of the performance, especially when it is a play.
Chalta Phirta Bambaii tried to rebuild Mumbai from 1950s and 60 and showed a series of emotions to the stage through the props and products they used, from a dirty chawl street light and faulty bathroom to the balcony in the red light area.
It includes a vintage car designed and painted by scrap.
The final result is a bright four.
Actors use seats through hilt.
Drama Director Abhinay Banker said: \"One of our actors, Satish Suthar, bought some scrap and designed the car to make it look like a 50-year-old vintage model, another painter, paint the car in bright colors so that it can stand out on the stage.
The car also attracts a lot of attention when we travel, and we often joke about how we should install the engine on the car quickly.
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