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the world in wax at madame tussauds, new delhi

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
A middle-
The old man with a red headscarf and a shy smile stood awkwardly next to madubala;
The flashing light in his eyes shows that half of him believed he was Salim of Mughal --e-Azam;
Madhubala seems happy about it.
Not far from here, a woman in her 40 s is holding lanbill Kapoor.
She like Ten a few-year-old of children as giggle to laugh also very easy to pendulum position;
Kapoor doesn\'t care.
Not far away, an old couple climbed up a sparkling rickshaw and grinned, why not?
After all, their rickshaw was pulled by Salman Khan.
Into the new
Opening Madame Tussauds is like walking into a dream.
Only this dream is real.
\"You can touch and feel everything here.
You can use props, pose with characters and interact with them.
Anything at Madame Tussauds is not suitable for visitors, \"the staff member Vikas told me when I was looking at what was happening around me with fun.
Getting closer to the world
Nevertheless, the famous wax figure is not easy --
They are too realistic and you are afraid they will be offended by the invasion.
Taking Ranbir Kapoor as an example, his eyes seem to be looking at you, or Anil Kapoor, who seems to jump out of the chair at any time.
\"Continue, touch him!
\"Prosau\'s representative, prods Soumya, took me around, even though I walked away shyly and awkwardly.
Only after many persuasion and watching other tourists interact with the statue did I summon the courage to gently touch Kapoor\'s face.
While Bollywood is the source of these icons at Madame Tussauds, Delhi, sports, politics, music and Hollywood.
The center is divided into three parts, and celebrities sometimes move around.
When visitors arrive at the sports area, you can see that they are more comfortable with the surroundings.
Some pose with celebrities, some imitate their gestures;
Most click on selfies and many people start playing with props.
Trophies, medals, cricket sticks, boxing gloves, wigs, dresses, glasses, helmets are all well used here.
The sports festival, along with celebrities such as Sassin tandulka, Miha Singh, David Beckham, Usain Bolt, capil Dev, was welcomed by young people the festival with political leaders and the elderly together.
I have been told that there will be long lines at the weekend for the holy man Gandhi, Bagat Singh, Sardar Patel and Narendra Modi.
A long alley leads to the music scene.
Michael Jackson and Madonna meet you in the background, but this is the next part to make your heart beat faster.
The music section is bright and optimistic with disco lights and top of the chart.
It can be seen that some tourists are humming and slowly moving towards the rhythm, while Beyonce is shining in the center of the room in a dazzling blue dress, with a microphone in her hand and long hair hovering around the waist;
A lady carefully crossed it with her fingers and smiled.
Lady Gaga\'s headwear is red and Jennifer Lopez\'s headwear is golden.
And Bieber, his platinum blonde --
Separate hair, notorious with the staff for the dozens of lipstick marks he collects every day.
Interestingly, there is a full team of experts every morning to check the data.
\"We are very clear at Madame Tussauds and we want our visitors to have a good time,\" said Sabia Gulati, head of marketing at Madame Tussauds India.
\"Therefore, we are prepared for a certain degree of damage.
We know very well that we are not a museum but an experience center.
We want our guests to have the best experience here.
\"Looking at the tourists lying on the sofa next to Will Smith and seeing Nicole Kidman wearing champagne glasses, there is no doubt that Madame Tussauds has given the guests one time --in-a-
Experience for life.
Every masterpiece of Madame Tussauds takes four months to be created by a team of 20 professional artists.
* More than 500 accurate body measurements are referenced for each number.
* Insert a real hair at a time and apply countless layers of paint and tone to increase your skin tone.
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