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the view from the back

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Jim Richardson, a special editor, is a photographer because of his-town life.
His photos often appear in National Geographic magazine.
This is a mystery to me.
I have never entered the arena.
During the medieval festival in Provence, I never saw what was going on inside.
But given the large number of knights in full armor, I can imagine a big collision and skull collision.
It\'s generally good-natured mayhem.
But not all of them are lost.
Wandering outside, I met the scene where fans climbed up the walls, sat on the ladder, shook their hands to see the scenery, and even a couple enjoyed a little kayaking.
The ladder points to the sky and focuses on the clouds.
The clouds vaguely point to invisible actions.
Overall, it\'s a bit like listening to the radio, where your imagination provides a more vivid picture than the real scene.
The power of suggestion is a powerful tool in photography, and it worked for me that day in France.
Suggesting things in a picture usually means missing something and replacing our own direct observation with an observer\'s response.
The film has always been like this;
When there is fear in the character\'s face, we feel fear.
When we see the special light shining in the actor\'s eyes, we will feel the romance in the air.
Sometimes, supporting action is the key to completing this small feat of visual cues.
I learned this for the first time on the newspaper Photography Day. By necessity.
News photographers find themselves returning to the same event year after year.
The market in the county is always fun but repetitive.
Year after year, these events are almost the same.
After a few years of filming, the young child won their prize --
Winning the Mavericks, or having to come up with a new way to take pictures of the Ferris wheel, you\'re either creative or quit the news photography industry.
One trick I \'ve learned is to wander around in terms of the \"mistakes\" of events.
Most things are viewed from one perspective: everyone is taking the best step forward.
Looks good, but normal.
Behind the stage is a completely different story.
Something really interesting may be happening.
But more importantly, the quality of the images taken from the back is different.
They often become symbols.
They seem to talk more broadly about the nature of things than as a record of events in a more timeless way.
Without these faces, these photos will be an insight into humanity.
Here are some tips and pictures to show what I mean.
Behind the band.
The Irish dance is always a carnival, not to be missed.
This is no exception on the Aran Islands.
I\'m lucky to be here to stand behind the band and watch the lobby, which is an important trick when you want to join the band and dance moves.
Usually, I use musicians as a frame when I focus on dancers.
But this time, just focusing on the hand of the flute player, it is very effective to keep the dance movements out of focus.
The stage lights really make both hands stand out.
Pay attention to fashion.
Women\'s fashion is a worthwhile sight on the Isle of Man\'s tynewald day.
But fashion is often secondary when you focus on people\'s faces.
Moving back and forth and fashion (
And those great hats)
Become the main theme of the picture.
As an additional bonus, the lady is a respected public official wearing an official medal to make the color and design better.
Then there is a little bit of the photographer\'s inattention in the background, which adds to this
Social activities.
Can\'t see a face.
Shoot at the lights.
From the front stage lights during the festival (
Celtic Festival)
Everything is so beautiful and plain in Lorient, Brittany.
Perfect for the audience, boring for pictures.
But it\'s amazing from behind!
The French Navy Band in Brittany is playing. the bass drummer is very tall and has a warm atmosphere.
Here\'s a trick to keep in mind: block the spotlight with one of the themes.
If the spotlight is directly visible in the picture, then it will usually be too bright for the rest of the scene.
As I did here, move a little bit and cover it with a drummer and the light gets more beautiful.
You might be better off placing the camera manually and adjusting the exposure with some experimental lenses.
This lighting is very difficult for automatic exposure metering.
Express emotions with observers.
Just as the sun went down at Dinas Blane Castle in Wales, the young man took his three dogs to the mountain for a hike and sat down to enjoy the scene.
He and the dog were a perfect addition, he enjoyed the sunset and the dog lounged around lazily.
Their emotions express how I feel about this wonderful moment.
This substitution for others who express their emotions is common in the movie world, and also works in static pictures.
On top of that, the scene has a lovely hazy quality, which unfortunately makes the scene very flat.
Let them add a layer of contrast, depth and scale that is very needed in front.
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