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the ultimate fog machine

by:Marslite     2019-12-03
This Instructure will show you how to make the ultimate fog machine.
Also showed you the fog cooler designs I \'ve tried, though they don\'t work for my fogger. You don\'t need much money to make the final fogger.
You only need four things. Mosquito repellent-
Small propane tank (
Type for pipe welding)-mineral oil (food grade i. e. laxative)-
This step is also quite simple (
The best thing in life is).
You just need to put the oil in the mosquito fog.
Connect the propane tank.
Ignite the fog machine. Warm it up.
Pull the trigger and make the white fog OK.
I know some of you think this is a terrible idea.
Yes, it\'s a bit dangerous to heat mineral oil to smoke, let alone flammable.
I did manage to fire my rig when I tried to cool the fog.
Although I was nervous, I kept calm.
The propane supply was turned off and the fire soon burned it.
In any case, you should not use it around open fire.
This is true even on the safety instructions on the fog machine.
The other thing you should not do is use any poison in the fogger you intend to use to make the fog.
You should also not use an old fogger for fog poison.
I don\'t recommend using this in it.
Fog is not the best thing to breathe, but I would say it is less harmful than smoking.
If you are using this inside for any stupid reason, you need one or three fans to clear the smoke, I use my fog machine to see how the air moves on our back porch.
Trying to figure out how to cool it most effectively, when I did, the smoke had blown up around my house and across the street, leaving a hazy path.
I walked out of my front door and the neighbors across the street were already on the road to see if everything was OK.
I have to explain how I use my fog machine.
The point of this story is that by using this mist you are likely to be called out by the fire department.
So using it will be done on your own riski and you can look around here before I try to make my own fog cooler.
The three nebulizers I found are the way to go.
You should see a link to the relevant instructures areas in the upper right corner of the page, and the first cooler I did was.
Get some copper pipes for 3/8.
Wrap it around the propane bottle.
There\'s a container to put the coil and ice in.
Made a small clip with a wire to fix the tip of the mist on the failed coilhowd? .
It did and failed.
First of all, I use regular ice and it works half normal.
The fog was cool but didn\'t fall to the ground as I thought.
To cool the fog, I added the brine slurry.
The unfrozen salt water at 32F is much colder, and the water is for greater contact with the pipe for heat exchange.
I think the possibility of fog condensation and going back to liquid is possible, but you don\'t learn if you don\'t fail, so that\'s what happens.
I learned that the cooler water did turn the fog back into oil, and more seriously blocked the pipe and there was no room for the fog to pass easily.
Therefore, the connection point of the fogger and the pipe creates a little pressure.
The oil and fog came out, and soon after the fire I had typed for the second attempt, I first collected my material. an ice chest .
Old vacuum hose (
Length 5 feet).
The first time I tried to assemble it with a copper tube coil, what I did was.
Wrap the vacuum cleaner hose around the bottom of the refrigerator.
Fix the hose to the top of the refrigerator.
Put the end of the copper tube into the vacuum cleaner hose.
Filling the fridge with ice was more successful than the first attempt, as the fog did come out of the hose and sink to the ground.
However, where the design fails, it is the fog condensation inside the copper tube.
Although there was no fire this time.
It does spit out hot oil.
I could have removed the copper pipe and aligned the mist machine directly to the vacuum hose to get the effect I wanted.
Although a working fog cooler has been made, a link should be found in the relevant box in the upper right corner of this page.
If you can\'t find it there, try using the search box (
Also in the top right corner of the page)
Enter \"fog cooler\" My conclusion is that if you want to make a lot of fog for anything (legal)
This is the way to go.
You are not limited by the power cord.
If you combine this with a nebulizer, this nebulizer can easily fill a big arena with smoke, so thick, you can\'t see that you use mineral oil of about 5 ounces and you will get the best and most grounded fog effect you can see outside Hollywood movies.
This is the most used fog and fog machine type in Hollywood movies, I hope you like my third note and do it well (legal)use . and as always .
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