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the singles pool scene: it’s like a club, only wetter

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
This is the summer in Washington. The swimming pool is king.
Roof, hotel, apartment, public area, most city residents don\'t care-
We will happily enter our asphalt and marble \'sizzle at every high temperature.
But in every scene is a different scene, which is a good idea for those of us who like to flirt with our chlorine and foam.
Some are a big party.
Some are more refined.
Unless we are talking about juice boxes, some drinks are not served at all.
We ventured to severalto to get exclusive coverage of summer love from the poolgoers(
He only gave them a name because it would dampen the style they were completely transparent). Let’s dive in. TheVegas-
On the Southwest Waterfront, the steely clobute Capitol Skyline Hotel along the waterside smooth cement belt is the primo real stateat of the Capitol Skyline Hotel swimming pool.
One, two and three parties in gray-
Measure the tile perimeter of potential prey.
Some people in colorful hotels-
Provide beach balls to keep the game
When others dance with the constant cycle of the House and hips --
Spin by a professional DJ.
Driven by light beer and margar Tower slushies, they plundered very bravely, with a person next to them who had been watching: \"What\'s the matter?
\"It\'s like a nightclub, but instead of being in the mood for lighting and suspicious crop tops, there\'s direct sunlight and Hawaii --print Lycra.
Brad, 31, said: \"It was an interesting game at first, splashing in the water . \"year-
Old customer service manager.
Harmless water warfare can trigger flirting faster than any crappy choice --
He might try it at the bar.
Brad, who sits in a mesh recliner near the shadows of the DJ stands, says he and his friends have come to the pool almost every weekend for the past six summers.
In all the harmless thingsà-
Brad estimates that he has had many appointments over the years, but only a few actual appointments.
\"I will not come to the pool to meet the next wife,\" he admitted . \".
\"It\'s summer,\" he said with a shrug.
Erica, who joined the Brad group for the first time that day, agreed that the pool was more visible than finding Mr Brad. Right.
Gold chandelier earrings, white lace bikini
Dry at the pool partythe 27-year-
The old nurse says being single and looking at the pool means you\'re more likely to take off your lovely new clothes (And summer body)
Not swimming.
All of these \"peace\" can make some very superficial connections easier, she said.
\"I didn\'t want to pick up a guy in the pool,\" said Kelly, 28, nursing Miller Lite\'s aluminum bottle . \".
Maybe the group with her.
A group of ladies, most of them are engaged or told.
Liza, another single girl in the combo, said in the pipeline: \"You can still get unicorns from anywhere, though \"-
Draw the last syllable. “then maybe.
Sosse said while wandering around the neighborhood that several men had approached her, most of them coming in with other women.
\"It\'s like going to a club,\" 34-year-old said.
Sosse pointed to a VIP sofa a few yards away and said, \"they show off with the girls,\" so when approached, other women would treat it as a compliment.
To prove her point, the three perfect women danced in the beating family music, while the men completely ignored them and stared at the large number of bodies in the pool.
\"It definitely doesn\'t match.
She raised her eyebrows and said.
There may not be a perfect match or a unicorn, but there are a lot of cattle and horses? You bet.
At the Penthouse Pool Club on U Street on Tuesday, Pierre shouted, \"we are naked,\" and his customers are mostly gay, male, and they are enjoying a pink sunset --
The pool was lit around him. (
Almost naked. )
\"Men are visual.
\"Women are likely to be significantly offended, 31-year-
Old saying, but \"gay men look like a climax to each other.
Especially in the pool, where the itsy bitsy swimsuit left little imagination.
Pierre liked the direct way: \"I took out the phone and said, \'This is my phone and put your number there.
If they were interested, he would have a date.
If not, there are many other fish in the pool.
The pool itself is walking.
Some people don\'t have a body a few feet from the water (
It would be better for the audience to see their effortsearned abs)
While others swim to the side to chat.
Derek, atall, a skinny hipster with a trendy man
Bun is not a model sitting there.
Or what he calls \"S and M \". The 36-year-
Older just wants to spend a fun night with friends and get a respite from the heat.
He joked that while most of the people on the recliner were lying like this, \"I covered myself with a towel . \".
He doesn\'t want anything serious going on in the pool in the summer.
\"I \'d rather meet someone in the grocery store,\" he said . \".
You know, organic.
Lazy SundayVolta Park public pool, competitive coconut tanning smell in George Town
There is a large amount of chlorine water in the air.
Constant lightglug-
The glue of the filtered pool water is only occasionally interrupted by the screaming of a child who perfected hiscannonball.
In the long list of pool rules published by Georgetown Walta Park swimming pool, it is easy to imagine that \"Don\'t flirt\" will be somewhere between \"shower before entering the pool\" and \"Don\'t dive!
\"It seems like a family atmosphere,\" Lucy, 21year-
Old intern, mostly white.
Still, she did not come to the swimming pool for a potential Carnival on this particularly humid Sunday.
If she sees a man she likes
Maybe one or two alcoholic drinks)
She would not waste her time with a sly look and a shy smile: \"I would say, \'I look at you and I think you are really attractive.
Not everyone is so direct. Sitting cross-
On a bright beach towel at the end of the pool, Kacey and friends from Adelaide, also summer interns, said the best way to meet someone in the pool was to \"swim near them, accidentally splashed on them.
\"Oh, I\'m sorry,\" said a man modestly.
But there are no candidates here.
Above them, a serious-looking lifeguard was watching the swimmers, while an old man wearing goggles sat in the water with his feet among the people in line.
\"Hi, how are you?
He said loudly every time.
Another man grabbed a float to practice kicking his legs and hit a line directly in the middle of the pool.
He accidentally splashed the people on the table, but there was nothing to play.
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They are more picky than I am.
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Location, Location, location.
How do you hit someone at 7 in the morningm. ?
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