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the replacements owe us nothing — but the timing of their reunion couldn\'t be better

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Next week, my husband and I jumped on the car and drove south for two hours to catch up with the replacement in Columbus, Ohio.
It\'s not the first time we \'ve been on the road in recent years to see the band: when cute louts announced their debut at Riot Fest in 2013, we quickly grabbed the tickets, head to Toronto for their first live show in 22 years.
The purchase of the latter is a leap of faith.
When I saw lead singer Paul Westberg play an epic solo in Boston
2005, in addition to publishing digital curiosity and occasionally meeting artists like Glen Campbell, he has been keeping a low profile in recent years.
Also, even with rock
Along with drummer Josh Freese and guitarist Dave Minehan, Tommy Stinson, a solid bassist on board, it\'s not clear what the restructured replacement will sound like;
After all, even when they first went
Round. they got hit. or-miss live act.
I should know that a band known for doing anything they damn will again turn birds into preconceived concepts. (
Literally and vividly: the lighting device at the back is the shape of a hand that sticks out the middle finger. )
The show at the riot festival was infuriating, from the opening punk\'s first riff, \'te\'a Ride, to the set --
\"I. O. U.
\"Since there is no real expectation and nothing to promote, these replacements are still playing like a hungry young band, and there is something to prove.
When the group reaches the groove with \"left side of the dial\" and loose --
Angered \"young asshole\", the scene was crazy: The former featured berg roared like a nose, \"where are you on\"to-
There was a tense conflict between the nose and someone, who started out as a venting coyote.
It\'s life to be on this show.
Sure in a way I didn\'t expect;
Lyrics about stubborn non-conformities and hugs carpe diem, authority-
I was shocked by contempt.
If it is impossible for a replacement person to perform on stage, then the band sounds rather rusty after 20 years, which is less likely to appear --free.
Of course, \"Rust --
\"Free\" is a relative term: there are still a lot of random stage jokes and Tuesday on their shownight-bar-
The impromptu band and Westberg continue to forget the \"I dare\" here and there \"(
This makes the hoarse song more charming).
But then again, this is a vital story. -
The imperfect losers who rise in victory, and the other discomfort and quirks they bring ---
This makes the second action of the replacement a constant joy.
There is a feeling that these eccentric people finally spent their day in the sun in their own way.
For those who are too young to see the \"mat\" during the day \"(
Or only those who know the grandiose stories and true stories)
, It feels like a victory, this label group is re-emerged intact.
But, to some extent, the band also had a chance to remind thousands of people that they wrote some of the best and most influential music in the post-80 s, which is also a sweet redemption.
Their voice as they leave-
Seamless clash of times and genres from classic rock and punk to blues rock and vintage country--
Through a series of acts, including Nirvana, Green Day, Wilco and crib, the distorted outsider identity is filtered into the mainstream. Goo Goo Dolls (
Who recommended a few Westberg companies?
Wrote on their undervalued 1993 LP \"Superstar Car Wash)
Became a huge band, with little more elegant performance on alternative shabby rocks.
Even Lorde has reported \"swing parties\" in recent years, proving Westberg\'s timeless, plastic songwriting.
Everything in life is about time. -
Perhaps in order to be able to come back so strongly, the replacement needs to be dormant for some time.
However, it may be exaggerated to attribute such lofty ambitions to the return of the band.
First of all, they are very vague about the reasons for the reunion (
Westberg said in the 2014 Rolling Stone feature: \"We owe the mob.
Dead mouse in the mail \")
The brand they exist in is undoubtedly deliberately low. key.
The official slogan of the Spring Festival tour is a cheerful \"back by unwelcome demand!
The motto of their Facebook page is just as interesting: \"Keep checking for a bunch of inactivity and disturbing lack of content!
This certainly illustrates Westberg\'s natural modesty and cheeky sense of humor.
For those who usually avoid the spotlight, self
Humility is the only way out in the face of strong media and fan interest.
However, this cautious nature does not extend to alternatives on the stage. The 2015 U. S.
The tour starts in Seattle with the band in the dark and plays \"see your video.
As the song began to come to a climax, the stage curtain opened dramatically, showing a bright stage and band.
When the audience stood up and cheered, Westberg quickly hit the reef.
God posed before shouting out the lyrics of the song.
In addition to gorgeous drama and cold
Induced, this grand entrance is the kind of selfassured-bordering-on-
The high-spirited gesture that the replacement is good.
Even when they slip or drool, they fully acknowledge their mistakes and mistakes.
On top of that, how can they deal with countless examples of professional vandalism and drunken antics when they are not always capable, and the replacement is always confident.
In this incarnation, the band obviously enjoyed it. -
Or at least enjoy the high platform on which the undisguised fools depend.
During the trip, Westberg apparently passed a series of white T-
The shirt, the gimmick, even spawned a Facebook page dedicated to the mystery, while the release of the Rhino album was \"edited\" by the band with a red pen \";
Highlights include graffiti-
It\'s like graffiti admitted they didn\'t get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but KISS did.
Of course, cynics have turned a blind eye to some of these gestures, or scoffed at them, because the only retro replacement members are Stephenson and Westberg, so this is not the real band.
Logically speaking, this is impossible; one-
Time drummer Chris Mars was obviously content to continue his painting career, and later-
During the period, guitarist Slim Dunlap suffered a serious stroke in 2012 and is still recovering (
Even though he showed up at a record store, he paid tribute to him. .
But the essence of alternatives is ---
The sloppy guys who did well on the stage
Their lives depend on it.
In recent weeks, word has revealed that there are more boxed suits and biographies in the work;
New music is even possible.
However, there is still a feeling that the return is short-lived, as if the replacement could disappear again at any time.
This fragile and stubborn tenacity is intertwined so that the music of the band is always so touching that it continues today.
Their songs touch the nerves by digging into the dark corners of the mind and acknowledging the chaos of life, but they choose to shrug their shoulders and stay away from the old way to deal with the problem, although it is only assumed that things will develop the way they should.
You can say the same thing about the current situation.
No one really expects the replacement to clean up their behavior-
They did, and it sounds better than ever, and that\'s the icing on the cake.
Still, I\'m not sure if next week\'s Columbus show will be better than the Toronto show I \'ve seen.
No problem at all.
But it is always possible that the replacement will surpass themselves.
Great potential is also an inherent part of the band\'s existence ---
What makes them necessary?
Perform in my world.
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