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the rachel maddow show, transcript 1/20/2016

by:Marslite     2019-09-09
Host: Good evening, Chris. Show: Rachel Cherry display date: January 20, 2016
Thank you, my friend.
Host Chris Hayes: you bet.
MADDOW: Thank you for joining us this hour.
Last night, in the middle of the night of this show, I made-on-
Democratic presidential candidate from Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, gave an interview.
At the end of the interview, in response to my question about campaign support, Senator Sanders described some of the best --
The country\'s most famous and influential left-wing advocacy group uses a term that annoys a group of people in Democratic politics, including what he calls groups.
This now opens up what seems to be a new big front line, a new big argument between Senator Sanders and his Democratic presidential nominee\'s main rival, Hillary Clinton.
This ended up being the focus of a whole day of debate, both of which are answering questions about this and trying to take advantage of this in a whole day today, including the direct comments made today by former President Bill Clinton on this issue, which we will discuss later.
But because of Senator Sanders\'s statement, it caused so much anxiety today, because it was made on this show, last night in the middle of the night, and I just want to play it for you now
I want to play it for you in context without editing, so that you can hear what Senator Sanders said accurately.
You can understand exactly what he means, and it is possible to hear that it is not cut and complete.
So you know.
That\'s what happened.
That\'s what he said, and that\'s what he said. (
Start Video Editing)
MADDOW: Senator, let me ask you another question about the way the campaign is moving forward.
Your policy on issues such as gay rights and fertility choices is very consistent.
They should be attractive to progressive groups.
But there\'s a series of high
Endorsement of personal data
Groups like family planning and NARAL have gone out of their way to speak for Clinton\'s early days.
Just today, the gay rights group\'s human rights movement announced its support for Clinton.
Are you competing for the endorsements of these groups or are you not getting them? SEN.
Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Presidential candidate: Listen, no, Rachel.
I hope to be recognized by every progressive organization in the United States.
We are very proud to have received the approval from MoveOn recently. org.
We are recognized by American democracy.
These are grassroots organizations representing millions of workers.
What we do in this campaign-and it surprises me every day, because I see it clearly-we have to deal not only with Wall Street and economic institutions, but with political institutions.
So I have friends and supporters in the human rights fund and family planning.
But, you know, Hillary Clinton has been there for a long, long time.
In fact, some of these groups are part of the agency.
I will challenge anyone on my record on LGBT issues.
You know, I\'m one of the few people who oppose and vote against DOMA, etc.
In terms of women\'s rights, I believe we have 100% lifetime support. choice record.
But, you know, that\'s what\'s going on politically.
Look, I\'m going to do a good job, hopefully not winning because of the support of the agency.
What we have to do, what we have to do, is to unite the grassroots in this country.
We have traveled all over the country and only a large number of people have attended our rally. We have 2.
5 million individuals donated more than any campaign in history.
So, Rachel, I admit-you know, I\'m not going to get the support of the agency.
With a few exceptions, I will not be supported by the governors and senators of many major organizations.
But we did so well, why are we leading now, and I believe in New Hampshire, why do we get it when we close the gap in Iowa-why do we get it in Nevada and South Carolina, why are we doing better and better across the country, it\'s not from institutions.
It comes from the grass roots in the United States. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: not from the agency.
That\'s what Senator Bernie Sanders said last night.
When I asked him about the fact that family planning, abortion rights group NARAL and the human rights movement both supported this in real time, Secretary Clinton instead of him was supported by the organization.
Senator Sanders\'s argument is that he wants to be recognized by every progressive organization in the country, but he did not expect to be recognized by such groups, citing him, because these groups \"In fact, this led to an angry reaction from last night until today.
First of all, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself, who tweeted just after midnight last night, one of the original tweets she signed at the end, so it should be her own tweet.
The tweet reads: \"Really, Senator Sanders?
How can you say that groups like the family planning and human rights movement are part of the institutions you undertake?
Then, the group that Senator Sanders mentioned in the response to this show last night also responded first on Twitter.
Family planning said, \"We respect Senator Sanders and when we fight desperately to protect women\'s health, we are disappointed with what is called an institution.
Subsequently, the human rights movement responded.
They said, \"we, like family planning, were disappointed by Sanders\'s attack.
The human rights movement is proud to have established this institution and has struggled for more than 30 years for LGBT people.
\"Of course, it\'s interesting because if you try to make an argument that you\'re not in power, it\'s never a good idea to point out that you \'ve been there for decades.
But I still understand their point.
Elise Hogue is the president of NARAL.
She responded the same way, but she did it herself.
She wrote, \"Sadly, the agency is-
Choose to force the end of legal abortion and contraception.
Not our friends, the family planning and human rights movement.
\"Family planning actually made a longer statement after the initial response, detailing why they were disappointed with what Senator Bernie Sanders said.
Quoting a longer statement, \"the country sees daily attacks on reproductive health, reproductive rights, especially from every Republican presidential candidate.
It is regrettable and surprising to hear Senator Sanders describe the groups that fight on behalf of millions of Americans who are often marginalized, who still have to fight for their most basic rights, as a representative of the institution
Reproductive health and rights, as well as full equality for LGBT people, are the core progressive values that all of us should unite.
\"To be honest, the support for abortion rights and gay rights is-these issues are not a substantial day between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
They are all strong supporters of these progress issues.
Yes, you can tell them from who gets there faster, who stays exactly the same, or who is now more sensitive and focused on these issues.
But broadly speaking, especially compared to Republicans, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are the same team in this regard.
If you are a voter who is very motivated by the issue of gay, bisexual and transgender people, or if you are very motivated by the issue of reproductive choice, you are spoiled in the Democratic primary.
There is no doubt that you have allies there.
Nevertheless, while this is a fundamental fact, it is now a real point of contention for Democratic nominations.
This is partly because Secretary Clinton did get the support of these organizations, and Senator Sanders did not get the support, which is why I asked at the beginning.
But more importantly, it\'s because he described his disappointment that he didn\'t get those approvals, and his description of those groups last night, which are basically part of the system, it\'s part of what he\'s against.
In his words, part of him appeared in the form of an institution.
So this is the first real big fight on the Democratic side since the start of this primary.
Perhaps this is an unfortunate choice of language, Senator Sanders\'s unfortunate design, has now effectively begun the struggle with these groups that he supports. I don`t know.
We asked his campaign team if Senator Sanders would like to come back tonight to elaborate on his response to some criticism.
Senator Sanders is not here tonight.
If he really wants to talk about it, we will get him back as soon as possible.
At the same time, however, today\'s highly competitive and increasingly exciting Democratic presidential campaign is largely for this fight. (
Start Video Editing)
Former President Bill Clinton: We got the people who are running for it from the family planning and human rights campaign fund.
This is another area of disagreement in the primary election.
Clinton does not consider family planning a member of the authority.
I don\'t see anyone else. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Today, former US president Bill Clinton campaigned for his wife and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.
In the broad context of these comments, he came up with the kind of closing remarks that have recently developed in the Clinton campaign, and basically, she is a candidate who knows how to get the job done.
She is an actual progressive.
But in the course of the debate, former President Clinton went out of his way to correct mistakes at this point, directly attacking Senator Sanders for saying that family planning and other progressive groups are part of the agency, that\'s why they support Hillary Clinton and not him.
So this is the source of the controversy today.
So far, the Sanders campaign has stuck to this argument and they are not holding back at all.
It will be interesting to see if this works.
Especially if groups like family planning are so critical on this issue.
It is hard to imagine Senator Sanders being seen as unhappy with such an organization that will enter the beginning of the Democratic presidential primary vote.
At the same time, we just got the latest spending figures for the campaign.
On the Democratic side of the campaign-there is some unusual and interesting news today.
Today\'s news about advertising spending shows that from the start of the campaign to the present, Senator Sanders has spent more money on advertising than Hillary Clinton.
Very close, but he\'s ahead.
Of course, Senator Sanders doesn\'t have a super PAC like almost every other candidate, including Secretary Clinton.
All the money he spent on advertising for Bernie Sanders was spent directly through his campaign.
NBC News has estimated that he has spent $12 so far.
Advertising 8 million
This is more than $1 million more than Hillary Clinton\'s campaign (which is most of her money) and the pro-Clinton super PAC.
Again, Bernie Sanders is $12. 8 million.
Hillary Clinton is about $11. 6 million. So she`s $1.
2 million behind him.
I think this is surprising.
Or at least it would be surprising to watch the game from the beginning.
This is the case, though.
Even though the two candidates spent a lot of money, even though Bernie Sanders is now spending more than Hillary Clinton, which is interesting, both of which are small fries in terms of overall spending this year, because everyone\'s spending this year, including their spending, is dwarfed by Jeb Bush.
To meet the cost of Jeb Bush, so far, you have to combine campaign spending with Hillary Clinton\'s super PAC spending and Ben Carson and Ted Cruz plus Donald Trump, before you get to Jeb Bush\'s cozy floor alone.
Look at Jeb Bush from the money he spent.
The only one who spends it near Jeb Bush, who is not really close to Jeb Bush, is Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush add up if you use them as outliers here and add up, they have spent $91 million on advertising so far.
In contrast, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump spent a total of about $8 million, I mean, in the polls, jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are far behind Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.
But they beat Cruz and Donald Trump by 11-11.
1. it\'s nuts.
This is absolutely crazy.
The people are winning-spending $8 million together.
Hillary Clinton didn\'t even spend that much money.
Anyway, this further proves that in this year\'s presidential campaign money is not working as it was before.
At least on the Republican side.
At least in terms of advertising, it doesn\'t work as it used.
At this point, however, the main supporters of the campaign, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, seem to be testing what else they can buy for millions of dollars to see if something else works, even if advertising does not work.
This is great.
Today, the Jeb Bush campaign began distributing these fine 47-
A page about Jeb Bush.
Their title is \"Jeb\'s American Plan \".
\"It\'s like a whole
There are many fine magazines about Jeb Bush in the book. Meet Jeb.
It\'s like a biography and his entire campaign plan.
This is a very expensive thing.
That is to say, nothing compared to the message sent by Jeb Bush\'s campaign earlier this week.
These apparently arrived at people\'s mailboxes in New Hampshire via FedEx overnight mail, which in itself is a good way to burn money in transit.
These FedEx overnight packages have a video of Jeb Bush.
You know, it used to be a big deal in past campaigns-it used to be a big expense for a campaign to send videos to early state voters.
But what does it mean when people send videos in the past, they send DVDs.
They send the disk.
What Jeb Bush actually did was he didn\'t send out a copy of the video that people could play on a home machine or computer.
They haven\'t sent out the dvd or disk yet.
They have already sent out the machine.
This week, Jeb Bush just sent a video player for the election in New Hampshire for overnight, and once you turn it on, it automatically starts playing his Jeb ·
It\'s not a video, it\'s a video player.
It is clear that it is now too cold in New Hampshire and they have decided to replace it in this way.
Almost like Jeb Bush didn\'t know what to do with his $100, his super PAC raised the money for him when he was considered a competitor.
So, now, they have decided that when Jeb Bush has to quit the game in the near future, they don\'t want to leave any money in the vault.
So, they just want to spend all the money as quickly as possible and do what they can so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
If that\'s the case, if Jeb Bush just sent everyone in the state a new set of snow tires or a bottle of whiskey, or $50 for everyone, people in New Hampshire might be happier.
I mean, there\'s a better way to do this if you\'re really going to throw the money away.
There are ways to make people happier than you are shipping a video player via FedEx overnight package.
Marco Rubio\'s campaign is also strengthening its grandiose but still puzzling spending.
This week, Rubio super PAC posted an advertisement criticizing Ted Cruz for changing his position for political gain.
Their new nickname for supporting this ad campaign is \"Calcula-Ted. ” “Calcula-Ted”.
In case it\'s too hard to understand, Rubio super PAC has also been issuing a calculator to indicate that he is a \"calculator-Ted”.
I would rather buy a snow tire or 15 bucks.
I would prefer to buy a gift card at the Clam stool gift shop in Peterborough, New Hampshire.
I like that place.
But you can get a scientific calculator.
We were obviously at the time of the game when candidates who had more money than they supported decided to really show what their money could do.
In addition, the power station
Ted ad and its calculator help you understand the joke, and the Rubio campaign has also started another ridiculous ad that shows the outline of the Canadian Ted Cruz on the maple leaf, trying to prove that Ted Cruz is a socialist foreigner.
At this point, I just thought-I had an unexpected observation.
I want to bring this to you tonight because it ends up in a shocking, enjoyable and free way.
You don\'t expect these people to do that right now.
But it\'s really, really sweet.
If you are sad about today\'s news and today\'s politics, I think it might be nice to give you something shocking sweet and enjoyable from an unexpected place.
This is the next part. I swear.
Really good. That`s next. (
Business break)MADDOW: OK.
This is a good ending, I swear.
This is something you have never seen before and it will surprise you.
A good ending.
You won\'t think I will have a good ending, but I will have a good ending. All right.
The background here is how bad it is between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and between the Republican presidential campaign.
Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are fighting so hard now that they pay close attention to each other almost hysterically, just as their junior high school kids secretly love each other.
I mean, Marco Rubio has some ads about Ted Cruz being counted
This is illustrated by Ted and the scientific calculator they distribute.
And Ted Cruz\'s secret foreign Socialism in Canada.
All this stuff from Marco Rubio.
The ads that were posted seem to be a bit bothering Ted Cruz.
I think you can see this in Senator Cruz\'s campaign.
For example, look at how Senator Cruz went out of his way to bash Marco Rubio in his normal stump speech, in which case it was delivered in New Hampshire. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX)
Presidential candidate: Let\'s discuss the issue of amnesty.
Everyone said today that they are against amnesty.
Okay, except Marco.
But others say they are against amnesty.
In 2013, a group of Republicans, including Marco Rubio, joined Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer to push for a massive amnesty plan. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Did I mention that Marco Rubio is-you know, a Republican like Marco Rubio.
Do you know Marco Rubio is an agency? These people cannot leave each other alone now. (
Start Video Editing)
Cruz: I appreciate you throwing away your oppo research folder during the debate phase. SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL)
No, this is your record.
But I would say-Donald Trump (R)
Presidential candidates: Do you think they like each other?
Cruz:-at least half of what Marco said was completely wrong.
They\'re definitely fake. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: so-that\'s it-just to set a background here on how bad it is between mark owe and Ted Cruz. These two 44-year-old first-
Senators are killing each other now.
Regardless of the competitive dynamics between the two of them, there is a meaning --
In terms of their tone in the campaign now, they are spiritual.
That\'s what\'s happening to them now in the political world.
But I promised you it would end somewhere.
This is a beautiful part that was brought to us by national treasure C-Span archives.
Whether you like to use this.
Do what you want.
But this is true.
We did not make up.
It\'s not ironic.
This is not out of context.
This is 2013.
Let this wash you and make you happy. (
Start Video Editing)
Rubio: all we want is for you to give us a chance.
Senator, isn\'t that all of the problem?
Junior senators from Florida are absolutely right.
I totally agree.
Let me say, Senator Rubio, you inspired me.
Senator Marco Rubio is a key national leader.
When Senator Mike Lee started the fight, Marco Rubio was there from the beginning.
Although Washington officials say he should know a better way to protest than to stand up against Washington, D. C. C.
Serve the people.
Let me tell you that I do not know that there is a more effective, clear and persuasive voice for conservative principles than my friend Marco Rubio. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I don\'t know if Ted Cruz will win in Iowa.
But whether he does that or not, one day Ted Cruz will be the star of Marco Rubio\'s very, very good campaign ad.
Oh, betrayal. oh, politics.
We have a lot to do tonight. Stay with us. (
Start Video Editing)
Senator Rubio, you inspired me.
Senator Marco Rubio is a key national leader. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
MADDOW: there is some serious news tonight about the terrible accident involving two American citizens. S.
Apparently a naval helicopter collided over the coast of Hawaii.
It\'s not just a run. of-the-mill U. S.
Military training accident
This involves a lot of people. It was 12 U. S.
Marine Corps on board
The two Sea Stallion helicopters
Last Thursday, they apparently had a collision while performing a night training mission.
Now, since then, the Coast Guard has been leading search and rescue operations, and with the help of local authorities, the Navy has sent two destroyers to help search for survivors of the crash.
Earlier this week, officials announced they had found debris and four life rafts from their helicopters.
But there were no people on these rafts, nor did they find any personal belongings, indicating whether anyone had ever boarded one of them.
After five consecutive days of searching, including in some very high seas, 30 and 40-
The Coast Guard has officially suspended search for the 12 missing Marines.
The Marine Corps is leading the search and rescue efforts, but the search for survivors is suspended.
Without finding any of these Marines alive or even finding their bodies, it is planned to mark 12 missing Marines at the Hawaiian Marine Corps base on Friday
But now their search is suspended.
We will keep you informed as we learn more. (
Business break)
MADDOW: in short, that\'s what Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, thinks. (
Start Video Editing)GOV.
Chris Christie (R-NJ)
Presidential candidate: Let me tell you one thing: after you graduate from Wall Street, you act like this in court and your back end is thrown into jail, idiot.
I sat here, standing here, listening to you very separately.
If what you want to do is perform and giggle every time I speak, then I\'m not interested in answering your questions. Good, good.
I\'m glad you did.
Either sit down and keep quiet or go out.
One or the other. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: it was the town hall events like this and the tapes of those town halls that were heavily publicized by the governor\'s office that made Chris Christie famous throughout the country.
The governor\'s office is still promoting these things online on their YouTube page.
But he looks so real in these clips, right? So off-the-
Cuff, so not heard, especially when he meets opponents of the country.
Well, now that we know, it\'s thanks in part to Matt Katz, WNYC\'s reporter, how they rehearsed these video clips.
What is the cost of taxpayers in New Jersey to produce them, is actually to produce them, such as making TV shows.
For Matt Katz\'s very timely new book, Chris Christie has doubled his communications staff to reach taxpayers
A grant salary of $1.
One year 4 million
He hired a huge team to work for the town hall, including a videographer and someone with a degree in stage management, who had professional lights that made him look approachable but responsible.
It was in 2010.
Within a few months of launching taxpayers
The governor has received funding for professional performances and lighting performances, and he has already paid off for very expensive performances
Camera performance.
He was touted as a huge threat to 2012 presidential nomination.
Governor Christie was watching this throughout the year in 2011, and in the end he said, no, he won\'t run in the mid-term.
October of that year
But now Governor Christie has decided it\'s time for him.
He also had a hard time getting back old glitz that made him look like this four years ago.
Governor Christie\'s has been at the bottom of the national polls.
According to the latest national poll released today, his approval rating with Mike Huckabee is 3%.
His popularity in his hometown of New Jerseytime low.
Now less than two weeks before the Iowa caucus, and now a reporter has published the book, he has basically followed Governor Christie for five years.
The book includes a lot of new details about Chris Christie, but the details include the scandal that broke out in Governor Christie\'s second term, turning him out of the president\'s shoes.
Basically the president\'s star.
That\'s the scene, right?
Republicans in Iowa or New Hampshire are considering Chris Christie.
They saw a new book about Governor Christie.
It is called the \"governor of the United States\" and has this flattering picture of him on the cover.
They pick it up at the airport or a local bookstore because they want to know something about the person who asked to vote.
In doing so, for example, they may have stumbled upon Matt Katz\'s rather tempting report about how Governor Christie\'s office used the steel wreckage on the Twin Towers and the flag of the Memorial 9/11, basically as a political gift, open the door for yourself.
Citing \"through the governor\'s political appointment, the Christie government collected pieces of steel that burned when the World Trade Center twin towers exploded and caught fire.
They gathered to fly over the U. S. flag at the 10 th anniversary of the attack.
The steel and flags were then distributed to the mayor of New Jersey.
\"This is not a casual operation . \"
The 50-fold banner from the World Trade Center is a letter from the governor.
A source from the Port Authority admitted to me that they made the most of 9/11.
Matt Katz\'s new book also opens new ground for a very famous bridge scandal.
The bridge scandal led to multiple criminal charges against the governor\'s staff and appointees, who initially thought the scandal at Matt Katz was a silly joke. (
Start Video Editing)
Actually, I made an egg cone, Matt.
I don\'t know. I\'m the one.
I wear overalls and hats.
So, I didn\'t-but I was actually the one who made the cones outside.
You\'re really not serious about this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Craig: Matt Governor Christie spoke on 2013 and is joining us now.
WNYC and New Jersey Public Radio reporter Matt Katz, author of the new book, governor of the United States: the bridge of redemption for Chris Christie.
\"Matt, it\'s nice to have you here.
Congratulate you on your new book.
Matt Katz, author of governor of America: Thank you Rachel. Appreciate it.
MADDOW: We \'ve talked a lot about Chris Christie over the last few years.
You made a 130-page-
The bridge door is on the long line here.
I know you \'ve been through hundreds or even thousands of documents and a lot of interviews have refreshed this timeline.
Especially on the bridge issue, are you closer to knowing what Governor Christie knew when the bridge incident unfolded?
Katz: closest to what I can figure out, it\'s based on a picture taken by a Port Authority photographer he oversees, and he talked to David Wildstein about who is the Port Authority person, he later admitted that he was involved in the plan and actually implemented it.
He-he actually had a conversation with the governor line, and was shut down when people were stuck in the traffic lane on the third day closed at the scene of the ceremony from 9/11 to September 11.
When Wildstein checked his BlackBerry, we saw them laughing and chatting together and spending time at the zeroing ceremony.
I have no other evidence that the governor was aware during or before the lane closure.
The second piece I put together put it there was the amount of noise that happened inside the administration, something dark happened on the bridge.
People know this.
Someone named the governor.
A few weeks-a few months after the driveway was closed, before someone knew someone in his government had fingerprints on the driveway, someone told him that he should look at certain people.
MADDOW: look at some people who may be responsible for what\'s going on.
Someone with evidence, e-
An email that shows how this plan produces information.
He has several federal prosecutors working for him.
He\'s the former president of the United States. S.
Attorney, federal prosecutor himself.
Some interviews were conducted.
The person he did instruct his staff to go to, you know-look at this.
But they are superficial.
They did not go very far, nor did they follow up on the thread.
If it weren\'t for the tenacious coverage of New Jersey journalists and the summons of the Democratic Party of the legislature, we would never get this email.
Mail was tied because of some traffic problems in the Financial Times.
That\'s how we know the scandal.
MADDOW: Matt, we \'ve been following Governor Christie\'s career and scandal for a couple of weeks and there will be a court hearing to discuss a list of co-accused who have not been prosecuted
Prosecutors say that in the bridge case, people who helped organize the blocking of lanes will be made public.
Do you know that Governor Christie might be on the list?
Katz: I don\'t know the odds.
The governor or someone else close to him is reasonable on the list.
Anyone working in the government at that time could be on the list.
We don\'t have the evidence we \'ve seen from the governor-we have a lot of emails
Emails from other people
The governor posted only one email.
Since he was governor, he has been mailing anything.
It was a resignation statement, at the time-when this guy Wildstein pleaded guilty, things were heating up there when he resigned, and the governor\'s resignation statement was a bit commendable.
We got it through a subpoena.
But beyond that, we have never seen any correspondence from him with any senior assistant in the process.
We know he sent a text message to a chief of staff and a incoming chief of staff is holding a legislative hearing on the matter.
But his phone has not recovered, he said. KATZ: Exactly.
MADDOW: There\'s an e-
Total number of emails posted from this thing.
Catz: Yes, or anything involving the governor.
MADDOW: Matt Katz, reporter for WNYC and New Jersey Public Radio, author of the new book, governor of America: The Bridge of redemption for Chris Christie-congrats this book and its excellent, very good timing. Well done. Katz: Thank you.
We will be back soon. Stay with us. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: sit here like this.
You sit on my knee, lovely pie! We`ll snuggle.
Man: OK.
So your name is-unidentified woman: Laurie White.
Man: spell two names.
Female: L-A-U-R-I-
E. White in the same color.
Man: OK, great.
Are you a registered Republican?
Woman: I am.
Man: OK.
So Palin supports Trump.
What do you think of his campaign?
I think she had a lot of supporters when Palin ran.
So I think it started her running, too.
If you support her, you will support her choice.
You believe her unidentified male: What about you?
Unidentified Woman: I-will not affect me anyway.
Unidentified male: First of all, please let me know what you think of Sarah Palin\'s endorsement.
What do you think of Sarah Palin who supports Donald Trump, and how does that help the Republican Party?
Unidentified male: I say this sends a very strong message to the propaganda media in an attempt to prove that Donald Trump has alienated female voters.
I think Sarah Palin came forward to speak with a strong message that the country has become unified behind the candidate and that women are behind the candidate as well.
Unidentified male: people who don\'t like Palin may hurt Trump\'s chances, is that what you say?
Maybe, maybe.
Personally, I like her.
So it\'s not-it\'s okay for me.
But some people don\'t like her.
I mean, she\'s not working for Fox News anymore. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sarah Palin, a former Republican vice presidential candidate, supports Donald Trump as president.
The views of voters are one thing.
The man who elected her as the vice presidential candidate in 2008 is quite another matter.
The story is ahead. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Tesla, known for its American car companies.
They design and manufacture very high.
End the electric car.
I have never driven a car, but thank you very much.
The company is named after legendary electrical engineer, physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla.
Tesla also happens to be the name of these guys, the California band that was founded in 80 years.
It is clear that they found Nikola Tesla so inspiring that they gave up the original band name, city Kidd.
Kidd had two Ds and decided to go with Tesla.
Neither Tesla, the car company, nor the Tesla band (formerly known as City Kidd) should be confused with Tulsa, the city of orrama, where Donald Trump held one today
At first, we all thought
Trump\'s second trip to Tulsa
In the largest city in the city of okhara, but we saw the media certificate distributed by today\'s event and you will know.
At today\'s \"Make America Great Again\" rally, this news Pass is a great choice.
Today\'s rally in tascala was the day after former Republican vice presidential candidate Palin joined the presidential campaign.
Trump started his campaign just a day after he supported him in Iowa. (
Start Video Editing)SARAH PALIN (R)
Former Alaska governor: Now, it\'s fun to be here in orcas Malay.
Here are the land of red earth and your red bud tree.
Here, we got a red head from the Big Red Apple running for president.
However, the Republican machine suddenly said we were not red enough.
We are not conservative enough.
I said, how much do they know about conservatism? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Call Donald Trump red hair.
It\'s kind of like calling Tulsa Tesla, right, it\'s just a shadow.
More broadly, however, Sarah Palin criticized Republican institutions, and she supported Donald Trump\'s decision to strike a specific part of the republican institution in a different way than others.
That was Senator John McCain who chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in 2008.
His loyalty to Governor Palin has never wavered over the years, no matter how bad the match of 08 ended up, no matter what Sarah Palin has done since, how bad her role in the game has become, John McCain has been supporting her over and over again, even if she insists recently that picking her is the best decision he has ever made, even if it turns out she is the best.
Despite Sarah Palin\'s unwavering loyalty, he supports Donald Trump, who is known for refusing to apologize, saying Senator McCain is \"not a war hero \", donald Trump prefers people who have not been captured.
Even now, just as Sarah Palin stood with the man, who said Senator McCain had served in Vietnam for many years and was a tortured prisoner of war, mcCain will still not speak ill of Palin.
When asked about today\'s endorsement, McCain told reporters, \"I have a lot of affection and appreciation for her.
I respect what she does, and I respect her point of view. ” Amazing.
It\'s my friend who joined us now, former McCain-
Palin is running for senior strategist, and I think it\'s fair to say that he\'s still under a little pressure since a few years ago. Fair enough?
Nicholas Wallace, McCain
Palin ran for senior strategist: Rossi O\'Donnell from the point of view diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder, which may be the case.
I have to say, though, that as I said this morning in Jojo, we are talking about Flint, and I know that\'s not the case with us here tonight.
But I said everything I know from looking at the story, the whole world is covering Flint, and you deserve a lot of praise-MADDOW: Oh, thank you for saying that.
WALLACE: months and weeks. I know I`ve e-
I sent you an email to find out about the charity.
Now everyone knows how to help.
I think that all the decision makers are there this week and you should be satisfied that at least everyone is helping the start of these people.
Thank you for saying that.
We have the latest news from Flint because of the governor\'s email
The Mail is out of East and West. So thanks.
WALLACE: more important.
You are the one I want to know.
Obviously, your opinion of Governor Palin is different from others.
But that, I don\'t need-I don\'t necessarily need to know your expert opinion, whether or not that will help or hurt Donald Trump.
WALLACE: because experts are never more important than 2016.
Oh, of course.
The crystal ball has never been so clear.
But what about loyalty?
WALLACE: Yes, look, you make a lot of sense. I believe politics is a huge X-
Reveal everyone\'s character, his and her.
Look, it\'s outside.
But Donald Trump is not playing a role in Iowa, right?
Donald Trump has done three very interesting things for me and I have to say it impressed me.
Last night, for the first time in a year, he gave up control of campaign information for 30 minutes, and he completely lost control of campaign information-MADDOW: just standing there, put it on stage -- WALLACE: Yes.
He did not move when she spoke.
WALLACE: He never gave his campaign information to anyone.
Because of him and Ted Cruz, he gave up on her and I described them as two tarantula in a bowl.
Only one person in Iowa came out alive.
He gave control to Sarah Palin, trying to gain an edge in this rather small evangelical group, which is shrewd.
MADDOW: because Ted Cruz will never attack Sarah Palin in the same way, because it will be distracting.
He can\'t. he can\'t.
Trump is playing these three-
The impressive thing about the stereo chess game is that it has a pure political call for savvy.
MADDOW: Let me ask-we have interesting evidence that some institutions, especially some of the Republican donor classes, are taking the idea of Donald Trump. (CROSSTALK)
We are close to being accepted. Yes.
I wonder if this will interrupt in some ways.
Just because Sarah Palin reminds people what happens when a candidate gets into a high-risk election, and because of John McCain\'s problems in this regard, especially given his dignity and unwavering loyalty to her. WALLACE: Yes.
You know, John McCain\'s former campaign manager, Rick Davis, was interviewed tonight and I think that sends a signal, it shows that John McCain is not interested in Sarah Palin. although he is allowed to be Sarah Palin, this is another step in this regard.
Lindsey Graham, his man, went out.
The most important issue for McCain is foreign policy.
So I think unless someone is impressed with him in this regard, he won\'t recognize anyone since Lindsay is gone.
But he never gave up his feelings and gratitude for the excitement she brought to his campaign.
Rick reminded me tonight that there were 10,000 people in the crowd the day before she showed up.
On the day after they were announced, there were 60,000 people in the arena.
So it seems that John McCain is still loyal to her because she is excited about his campaign.
MADDOW: he is shaping personal loyalty in a way that goes beyond this time. WALLACE: Yes.
Former senior strategist for the McCain/Palin campaign, Nicolas Wallace, and the good people around him.
Thank you for coming.
WALLACE: Thank you for inviting me.
We are a lot ahead. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Today, Barack Obama is personally involved in the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
The governor of Michigan has released his own two-year email about Flint and the crisis, as well as the news that he will release these emails.
The Mail seems really instructive, and it could be a new big day as far as we understand what\'s going on in this crisis.
Until we saw the first email.
That version of the mail
Ah, what we learned.
Stick to this idea. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
US President Barack Obama: You know, I am very proud of what I have done as president. But –(
Cheers and applause)
The only more important job for me is my father\'s job.
I know that if I were a parent there, I would be desperate to think that the health of my child could be threatened. (END VIDEO CLIP)
President Obama spoke in Detroit on the lead
Flint, Michigan, was poisoned, where he promised federal aid.
Also today, as promised, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder posted his own email
The past two years of emails about Flint
His office said the 274 pages they posted today were all emails
The governor sent or received emails about Flint this year and last year.
It starts with email.
Messages that are edited for each line.
This is an auspicious beginning.
But there\'s a lot to see in the rest of the document, especially when external research proves that lead in Flint\'s water does have a problem, the Snyder government is trying to figure out why everyone is blaming them.
That\'s what Rick Snyder got from his chief of staff in the September s.
The theme is Flynn water.
Quote, \"I don\'t understand why the state is responsible.
I can help you with this.
This is because the state is responsible for everything Flint and what happened to Flint.
Throughout the course of this crisis, Flint has been under state control --
Appoint city managers one by one.
They did not report to voters.
They reported to Governor Rick Snyder, which gave us another big answer.
Governor Snyder posted his email today.
Mail on 2014 and 2015.
You can judge how much pressure he is under by deciding to reveal anything from his inbox.
But he did not reveal everything.
The governor\'s own crisis schedule shows key decisions in this regard, including the decision to switch Flint\'s water source, which was made in 2013.
The switch was issued in 2014, but Flint\'s emergency manager made a decision to do so in 2013.
Last night we asked Governor Snyder\'s office if he would post his email for that.
Email to Flint 2013
His office replied to us: \"Governor\'s email
There will be mail in Michigan on Wednesday. gov/snyder.
This is an unprecedented move.
\"Well, yes, but we would like to see the email
A year before the crisis.
If the governor wants to be completely transparent, then he accounts for 2/3.
When deciding on the last third time to do so, I think this is probably the most interesting one here.
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
See you tomorrow.
It\'s time for \"The last word of Lawrence O\'Donnell.
Good evening, Lawrence.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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