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the power of gratitude and your network at sxsw

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
A lot of people are not coming to SXSW anymore because they are worried that SXSW is not cool.
However, this is not possible with the facts.
SXSW is the week I look forward to deepening partnerships and relationships from around the world every year, meeting new people and connecting people in ways they never thought before. How? Gratitude.
Help people in ways they can\'t see because they are stuck on four walls.
This is the origin of my next action podcast.
But how will I put it into practice this year?
Help as many people as I can without the expectation of paying off.
Here are a few examples of practical actions: many sales and business developers may instinctively try to find the most powerful or valuable person in the room.
I don\'t believe it\'s healthy.
After all, everyone is a universe, and thanks to tools like LinkedIn, people are so connected that they can help you in a way you can never see.
When I was in the LinkedIn lounge I found a nice set with good lights and lots of people taking pictures there.
Quentin is in front of me and looks excited and you can\'t help but talk to him.
We even took some pictures together.
We sat down with him after our impromptu photo shoot and we were talking about his LinkedIn profile.
A lot of people will charge for advice and I will be happy to give it away for free.
As the Internet says, you won\'t believe what happens next.
Official SXSW photographer Shayna Goldstein saw what we were doing and captured this moment in this epic photo!
Better yet, she has the opportunity to learn more about the sourcing I\'m doing now and bring her partner Aaron Rogosin to our full photo shoot at the trade show!
People who have never attended SXSW may not realize that nearly 300,000 people are flocking to Austin for the event, so it is very difficult to coordinate the meeting without careful planning.
There are some anchor events where your tribe comes to you and makes more sense than trying to leave people a message on Facebook and only contact after all SXSW is over.
There are a few of these places on my trip: the themuckrack party offers a great place to meet and meet new friends with several journalists.
It also gives you a chance to actually brave your daily boss, Jordan Frenchman, to finally meet in person!
Established last year\'s opening event, Milan Da Sheng Lozano, Katie Wallace, is the LinkedIn profile behind the people I know this time the city\'s 2nd season in a warm environment.
Nice to meet old and new friends.
The second annual party and group breakfast is an event for early birds in SXSW and is also a joint between SXSW Interactive Network and SXSW group planning FB group IRL.
Special thanks to Angelique LaRue for running SXSW 2019 Interactive Network Group, Chad Parisman help admin, live broadcast of Krista Mollion
Event stream.
At the end of my SXSW tour, Shauna arnot filmed my rush and rush.
Amrit dhariwalis did video photography very kindly and after the shooting we had the opportunity to talk about his young presence online.
When he needed a proper LinkedIn avatar, I took out my new iPhoneXR and made a great portrait mode avatar on the spot.
Of course, this mindset applies not only to SXSW, but also to more than just a sales strategy.
This is a way of life.
If you still doubt my approach, I suggest you start over
Bob Berg.
Small changes in mentality will be different!
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