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the positive and negative aspects of led moving heads

by:Marslite     2019-12-14
Great mobile headlights.
Separate units that rotate, move and swing in almost any direction, sprinkle colorful lights on all the audience whose ceilings, walls, floors, stages and light shows.
Moving headlights is common in quite a few bars, places to eat, discotheques and nightclubs.
These lighting devices use arc lights or modern LEDs as light sources (
There are advantages to using the latest LED lighting, but there are also some disadvantages.
When it comes to the positive aspects of LED lights, its low power consumption should begin.
This is so little, because the LED devices require less energy compared to standard bulbs, and in the end, it is recommended that a considerable number of fixtures can be installed and the energy of the normal power supply can be used.
This is great for disco and DJ parties.
Therefore, in addition to being very practical, the LED mobile head can save some cash from the energy bill.
Another advantage of LED mobile headlights is low radiation.
Compared with ordinary stage lighting, the mobile head lamps with LED technology will not overheat, which means that the light show can run without any interruption due to equipment failure.
In addition to this, LED lights have a longer life
The normal life of the LED is about 50 000 working hours, which helps to reduce the difficulty and cost of equipment maintenance.
The LED moves the head spots to take extra advantage of their color effects.
Three basic colors
Red, green, blue (RGB)-
Mixing together ensures the choice of millions of blends and colors.
Using the DMX software installed on a standard PC, you can quickly manage the mixing of colors.
The DMX is also small, compact and portable.
Because they are small and light
Weight materials, set them up and target them anywhere in a disco or nightclub is very simple.
Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to the LED mobile head.
They are mainly from the limitations of LED specifications.
Due to a considerable amount of light sources, the LED beam is not able to get the spotlight pointed.
Getting \"normal\" white light is also challenging.
In fact, even with the possibility of using an infinite mixture of colors, some colors are almost impossible to produce.
Another problem is that their depth drops very quickly in a wide range --
One possible reason is that there is no lens.
As a result, the light is interrupted and cannot be concentrated well into a single beam.
In addition, it will take more time to set the DMX mobile header-
Create DMX addresses, lighting style programming, and more.
Even with its limitations, LED Mobile heads operated by the DMX software are crucial for the Advancement of technological innovation in stage and night club lighting.
Due to the wide variety of DMX channels used, they are very versatile, which helps make them an integral part of any light show today.
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