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the new ferrari california t is a car you can drive every day, and that\'s okay: review

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
The DJs were very picky about their entrance.
Some people, if they can get away with it, walk into the club with a voice technique and the Bambi circus --legged blondes.
They bought the Canary Aventador. the air-horn-and-sparkler crew.
Others prefer to enter alone, punch the doorman and have a drink (vodka, rocks)
Spent an hour in the corner before taking off.
That version needs a black S-
Go to work every night.
Then there were two sets I dropped last week in front of the upper and lower sets in Manhattan.
They don\'t like the fuss-usually they ask their nice and generous driver (ahem)
To arrive more carefully, keep the top, or put them a few blocks away.
But they also appreciate it when they see a beautiful car.
So I\'m glad they went to Ferrari California T.
Maybe it\'s the serious, smooth side of the car and the hungry headlights.
Maybe it\'s notTraditional shades. Whatever.
At midnight, we walked along the 14 th Street to the velvet rope. Top down.
The two jumped over the winding door and walked in.
\"Burgundy-I like that,\" said the doorman when I left later.
\"No one has a burgundy Ferrari.
Richer than red.
\'I have more money than you,\' says Burgundy.
Merry Christmas.
\"Last week, I drove 2015 Ferrari California T for three days in New York City-Greenberg, Bushwick, Chinatown, East Village and Park Avenue.
All the frequent places
It is equipped with the typical gear we expect from Ferrari: attractive Grill, Pininfarina details, attractive carbon ceramic brakes, side of 250 Testa Rossa.
It brings something we don\'t expect from Ferrari: Twins. turbo V8.
After all, California\'s T represents turbocharging.
T is in California to attract more people;
It doesn\'t look and sound as noisy as its brother. (
I will know the reason in a moment. )
It\'s like FF because it\'s made for practicality, like Ferrari.
Unfortunately, interesting four.
According to the Ferrari executive, the FF seats are interesting but not very successful, so now that we have the California T, the sales are very good. Thank you very much.
Anyway, this is the subject of another column.
The main issue we need to discuss at this point is the engine. lazy-img-
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Vettura presentata al salon Ty Ginny. V8 Turbo -
90 vinizerone diretta benzana at Iniindrata 3 ale 3.
855 cm³, Potenza massima 412 KW (560 CV)
7500 girls/min, Lunghezza 4570mm, Larghezza 1910mm, crown ring 1322mm, Passo 2670mm, Ferrari at massima Velocita 316 km/h escape the worst emission standards because it will produce such a small size car.
But fuel economy must still be improved gradually.
As a result, people in Maranello have developed turbocharged engines.
This is a big shift as Ferrari engineering has been known for its near-perfect V12 and tablet in recent years12 engine.
When it was born, there was a lot of crying and gnashing teeth. Call yourself
Ferrari purist
When California debuted in 2008, the devotees complained about how bad Ferrari would condescend to make a car that can be driven every day.
You know, something that a normal user might use.
For mediocrity like coffee
Shopping stops or road trips because it\'s not hot, loud and out of harmony.
Usually, when I look into the experience of these people driving California, they will soon find out that they have not driven-they usually have not driven any brand of Ferrari.
In some circles in California, this lack of experience leads to an incorrect and unfair description of Ferrari being \"stupid \".
But developing a daily Ferrari is not an act of treason.
This does not diminish the rich, beautiful and passionate Italian tradition that Ferrari has retained.
Those victories in Monza
Dollar cars, those beautiful ones.
The driver in clothes has already happened.
They are in the book.
Nothing can change that.
An interesting modernization like California will only expand this tradition.
No, the California T doesn\'t sound as aggressive as the F12berlinetta, and there\'s no whippet-
Fast speed of 458 Spider or laflari coarse sand.
This is the choice of a sexy travel sports car.
When we stop chattering, come with me and test California T for ourselves and form our own perspective. Relax.
This is not an SUV.
The engine that caused all these commotion was 3. 9-
Direct fuel-
Get 553 horsepower and 557 feet-
Torque pound.
Smaller than naturally aspirated. 3-
The predecessor of California was 70 horses and 185 pounds.
Greater torque. It’s 15-
Percentage increase in efficiency (
14mpg city/19mpg highway)as well.
Those turbochargers pay off.
It\'s also fast: a 0-Time of 60 miles/hour 3.
6 seconds, defeated the Bentley mainland GT Speed ($227,600)
And Aston Martin DB9 ($200,000). (
Mercedes-Benz\'s $222,000 sls amg wing door. )
The top speed is less than 200mph, which is not as great as it sounds.
Imagine when you try your best to stick to the speed limit of 50 miles/hour and look down at the speedometer needle with little nudge 7-
O\'clock on the dial. Ugh. Such potential.
California T eat extension and side of Highway
The same leisurely street sprint.
It has a new reinforced chassis and improved 7-speed dual-
Clutch Transmission, when it gathers speed, it stays stable on the corners and on the fluidity.
Modern, lightweight, flexible, intelligent feelto drive.
Feeling more depressed than the f12.
It\'s not even screaming as loud as FF.
But it is worth mentioning that it is still a Ferrari.
The pony of the horse never flinch.
Like other Ferrari, if you buy this car, you will be a person driving miles to avoid potholes. [
Fair warning: How to lose friends and alienate others. ]
I had an apartment in Ferrari before-exactly, it was the F12-and the events that caused it to die were well worth it.
But the apartment was never fun. (
The same is true for shoes, but I digress).
Pebbles are not picnic either.
Driving 5 miles/hour through the meat packing area one afternoon feels like a few hours.
Suspension, low clearance, motor tyres-they all add up to tipto on pebbles with toes and hardly keep your own sanity.
I like the way this car looks.
I mean, I like how I feel when I look at it. lazy-img-
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Vettura presentata al salon Ty Ginny. V8 Turbo -
90 vinizerone diretta benzana at Iniindrata 3 ale 3.
855 cm³, Potenza massima 412 KW (560 CV)
7500 girls/min, Lunghezza 4570mm, Larghezza 1910mm, crown ring 1322mm, Passo 2670mm, and massima Velocita 316 per hour look clearer than its predecessors, tone and simplification after use.
At first glance, you will swear that it is lower and longer than the previous California. (
The dimensions are basically the same. )
The headlights and fender of the car are the same as the F12;
The same wing line extends from the tight rear to the contour nose.
Gaunter looks more serious than the original California.
This is one of the few convertible cars that look as cool as opening and closing at the top.
The roof extends within 13 seconds and is well sealed when overhead.
How high are you surprised-
Expensive convertible cars make annoying clicks while driving at high speeds, or mysteriously develop tiny streams of water along the interior of doors and windows whenever it rains.
Find all the benefits of Italian craftsmanship inside (
Gloves, bags and shoes belong to this sacred heritage. .
The stitching and badges on the seat are clean and refreshing; the carbon-
The fiber steering wheel is thick and ideal for changing your thoughts and directions in a flash.
Sports seats hug your shoulders like your favorite uncle you haven\'t seen for a long time: a quick warm hug, a few good --
The grumpy person slapped in the back and you left.
I like the circular dash meter as well as the clear division between the dash, tunnel and bridge.
Sometimes borders-
In this case, the space between the steering column and the center control--are freeing. Twelve-
Advanced surround sound of speakers, \"Information Entertainment \"(
Nav/media/mode etc)
3D maps have become the standard.
Special marks and paint colors are available. lazy-img-
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Vettura presentata al salon Ty Ginny. V8 Turbo -
90 vinizerone diretta benzana at Iniindrata 3 ale 3.
855 cm³, Potenza massima 412 KW (560 CV)
7500 girls/min, Lunghezza 4570mm, Larghezza 1910mm, crown ring 1322mm, Passo 2670mm, California T with a plug-in at massima Velocita 316 km/h
Button transfer system.
There are three: reverse, automatic, and start-up.
Neutrality is achieved by pulling the paddle on the steering wheel to you together;
The park is only there when you drop down the lever to the left.
So you have to pay attention to some casual scrolling that may happen.
The steering signal on the wheel;
You deploy them with your thumbs. Paddle-
The transformation is there when you want it.
I stand in the position that a small back seat is still the back seat, so it is essentially useful.
One night a month, when you want the third person to join you on the way home from the club, it will feel vital, even if she has to sit sideways and cross her legs and back(
The impeccable leather and carbon fiber accents at the back definitely played the role of convincing one or two extra guys to jump to the back while I was driving. )
More importantly: you can increase your luggage space by folding the back seat so that things like golf bags or skis can be accommodated.
\"That\'s what a $200,000 car should feel like,\" said the DJ who had a pirate tattoo later that night.
The three of us drove along the Park Avenue, admiring the numerous lights that lit up the windows of the bank building above.
They fly above us like the Milky Way of the city.
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