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\'the lion king\' bound to capture your heart

by:Marslite     2019-10-11
Roger Allen and Erin metch\'s book of The Lion King.
Elton John\'s music
Lyrics from Tim Rice.
Directed by Julie Temer.
Until June 15, at the Princess of Wales Theatre, 300 King Street. W. mirvish. com or 416-872-
1212 Haruna Mata!
At the Princess of Wales theater, no one is worried that Disney\'s brilliant Lion King opened on Thursday night, the first time in more than three years in Toronto.
This classic story has long been the most popular story on Broadway and around the world, and it still has all the magic, wonders and loud hearts that delight the audience over the years.
\"The Lion King\" is adapted from 1994 animated feature films of the same name, directed by director Julie Temer, combining spectacular costumes, lighting and special effects create production types that are often imitated but rarely copied.
The story has not changed, telling the story of the young lion cub Simba, who will grow up one day and replace his father as king.
In his way is the evil uncle Scar, along the way there are some funny and touching fourlegged friends.
While the stage, lights and costumes are incredible, the soul of The Lion King is a touching story and unforgettable music from Elton John and Tim Rice. When Rafiki (
Brown lindway Mkhize)
Take the notes at the beginning to the \"Circle of Life\", the animals begin to live from every place in the theater, and the power of music catches you and does not let you go. L.
In the tone of the venerable King mufasha, Steven Taylor instilled a potential value into his son Simbabe king.
Patrick R. Is his nemesis Scar.
Brown is an evil guy who enjoys all the opportunities to create chaos and destruction.
Gerani Remi is Simba\'s lovely and energetic, and when he accepts his father\'s death, he effortlessly transitions between carefree fun and contradictory grief.
As Nala, Nia Holloway is the perfect match for Remi\'s Simba, and her amazing singing on shadow zone is a highlight.
Comic relief provided by Ding man (Nick Cody Lyon), Pumbaa (Ben Lipitz)and Zazu (Andrew Gorell)is top-
Gap, there is enough one
Keep the laughter of adults when children enjoy body humor and silly behavior.
Finally, the orchestra not only brought life to all the creatures of Africa, but also brought incredible work to the grass leaves, the rushing rivers and the ghost of Simba\'s father.
The moment Mufasa\'s face appears in the \"Endless Night\" from the twinkling stars of the African sky, is a simple and stunning execution.
It uses only creative lighting and strategic puppets, perfectly demonstrating what the great live theater can achieve.
Sometimes less is more, and The Lion King can win in those simpler moments.
When the sun finally rises in Savannah and the circle of life starts again, you realize that you don\'t want the show to end and you feel like a child again.
There are many places to love.
Whether you are for stories, music, or to witness the joy on the face of a young audience, The Lion King will surely catch your heart.
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