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the home front: stargazing with london designer lee broom

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
The British product designer, known for lighting, furniture and accessories, came to town this month to discuss his new lighting collection --—
Interior design center in Vancouver.
Broom launches the observatory at the Milan Furniture Fair (
Mobile phone)
In April and, NYCxDesign won the best award for NYCxDesign 2018 with its Eclipse pendant light.
He said the collection was carried out loosely around the solar system.
\"It\'s a collection of slightly celestial bodies that explore different shapes, reflections and refractions of light, and the idea of being able to create the constellation of light,\" he said . \".
You can hang it vertically, horizontally, forward and backward.
I like people doing their own thing with it.
These are the things I want people to have for the rest of their lives.
\"He likes dramatic statements --
Designed and known for the splendor of his products and display methods.
He attributed this to two things: the background of the drama (
From 6 to 11 he is a child actor and a member of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company)
The famous school of fashion design in London.
\"In the show business,\" he said, \"you do it because you want to be in front of you, not in the background.
I want to create my own universe.
\"There are several lucky breakthroughs along the way;
When he was 17, he won a fashion design competition and Vivienne Westwood judged him, which led him to practice for the famous designer for 10 months.
He said that this whirlwind experience allowed him to wear models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in Paris and have been working with Westwood for a long time on the history of art and fashion
The most important impression she left on him, he said, was \"do your own thing \".
He said Broom followed the advice when he graduated from St. Martin.
He decided to launch his own brand and began to approach local bars and restaurants near him, asking if they wanted some advice on interior design, something he felt he was good.
Starting from work-
Redesign the mirror, redecorate the furniture and change the curtains
Leading to the broom and his main break at the time
Business partner Maki Aoki, bar nylon in London\'s financial district.
\"It was 50,000 at the beginning-
He said: \"The pound project.
\"Maki and I had no experience with the budget and started painting Murano glass chandeliers, fish tanks and large seating areas etc and they were like \'Oh, we love it \'.
They end up involving investors. The budget is 3-
£ 10 thousand for four points.
We designed the furniture and lighting and they brought the architect in.
Broom said: \"Managing the successful project of the whole renovation and nylon provides more work for the couple.
\"This is a dream project and a tense learning curve,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s crazy to open the venue and announce winning the award.
It became a play pen in the financial district because they didn\'t have something like that.
All the bars were there.
\"Broom launched his Lee Broom brand in 2007 and said one day, apart from the fact that he had
He hopes to create a \"pop concert\" and design a hotel.
\"We live in a lot of hotels, so I always criticize,\" he said . \".
\"I think the two best hotels I have stayed in are in Stockholm, and Claridge in London.
He spent his 40 th birthday in the latter.
\"It\'s great,\" he said . \"
\"They did everything right.
Broom uses LED lighting in his observatory collection and says LED technology is high
Final lighting design.
\"Led is made in China,\" he said . \"
\"The technology there is incredible.
I went there with my sketch to see what they could do and what was possible.
Initially, the LED technology didn\'t go very fast, but now it\'s going very fast, and I think we\'re just starting to see the LED used in very beautiful parts.
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