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the five best dj lights

by:Marslite     2019-12-09
Find the best Dj lights when you hear someone say the word \"party\" The only thing that comes to your mind is dance!
Speaking of dance, in short, it\'s just a DJ party.
Teenagers just like parties, the weather is New Year\'s Eve, a friend\'s birthday, or nothing but weekends.
This is all about the party!
Everyone is looking forward to a good DJ and a perfect atmosphere.
The most important thing is the DJ light!
Why, because they add the maximum effect to the whole floor.
The DJ lighting effect is more of an extra necessity because there is no dance if there is no light!
No one can dance.
This is a list of some of the best DJ lights. Stage lights.
These lights are one of the most important and common types of lights used by DJs.
These are said to have set similar shadows and frequencies for the dance floor.
The most commonly used stage lamp is a parabolic lamp or a Par can.
The launch power of these lamps is very high.
You must be familiar with the disco.
It\'s just Moonlight.
The moon flowers refraction light and create different colors at different times.
The most classic and best form of disco lights.
To control it, it reflects the beam.
Next, we have beamers.
The beam emits solid light of any color.
They increase depth and enhance mood by glowing.
There are also some very advanced beam generators that work according to music and time or preset modes.
They are used in conjunction with stage lights to make the dancers look more elegant and attractive.
And then the flash, these are flashy, giving people a \"slow-
The mo effect of the lights adds more drama to the dance floor.
The last but not least is the laser.
These are used to illuminate specific areas of the dance floor.
Some smart lasers also generate design and written materials through light.
It turned out to be really great.
So next time you hit the dance floor, be sure to watch the lights!
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