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the duggars didn’t stay for “trashy” part of amy duggar’s wedding

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
On Sunday, the Duga gathered their large group of children for the wedding of Amy Duga and Dillon King.
Jill Duger Dillard and her family even flew back home from Central America, where they were missionaries, to celebrate Amy\'s big day.
Jessa Duggar Seewald-she\'s been bragging about a pretty big baby boom these days-and her husband Ben is there too.
Josh Duggar did not attend because he was treated for sexual assault at the Christian rehabilitation center.
However, his wife, Anna Duger, attended the meeting with Jim Bob and Michelle Duger.
However, there were only a few songs at the reception before Duggars wished Amy and Dillon all the best and left.
According to the People magazine, Duggars left quickly during the reception from \"grace to trash.
Amy Duger said the top 19 children and ticket tellers left shortly after the music at the wedding reception and the real party started.
\"They went left at the beginning of the music,\" said Amy Duger, who is now the king\'s last name.
\"They sang about two songs.
It\'s the country, so they may deal with it.
After Duggars left, the \"trash\" section of the reception began.
\"The lights are out and the lights are on in the disco.
\"Everyone takes off their shoes,\" said Amy . \".
\"It\'s gone from Grace to crap, and it\'s the best!
\"My family left and we opened the bar.
Champagne is chilled, we have whiskey, mixed drinks, everything.
\"It\'s so interesting,\" she added . \".
Duggars must have turned everyone\'s eyes in their direction as many of them-at least 25-left the reception hall at the same time.
Do you think Amy Duggar, Dillon King and their wedding guests are better off after Duggar leaves?
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