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the deal

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
Pat duinan was walking at the laolaire pier when the phone rang in his pocket.
This is a new, landmark birthday gift from Grace, who is still a little unsure of how to answer. The ringtone -
A harsh nonsense
It\'s so loud, two delicious passing-
His dog also stared at the mummy.
His daughter\'s name can be seen on the screen.
Grace made some important contacts, but when he stabbed the \"answer\" icon with his wet grac\'s wet fingertips, her phone was hit into the voicemail --
Tell him a new icon.
He decided to go on.
That night on the morning of December 2017, Kim
A morning light, active, guaranteed, only more inspiration comes from the water.
Ireland is coming out of recession.
The float next to the yacht, a strange figure, advertises itself for sale.
Thinking about the name of the ship, he found it interesting --
Jalapeno, Black Sheep, supplier, naughty boy-
Then it\'s about the owners, they promote themselves like this.
It was asserted that for the whomA mini truck, it was going hard along the lower level of the pier, and the driver side was not the yard where the fishermen were sitting on the bollards, their radio plays classical music or news with satisfaction.
Why is the driver so close to the edge because he is searching for something in purple
Maybe it\'s blue water.
A seal poked a head on the RNLI lifeboat.
Grace is now in yoga and just arrived in her class, one of the three yoga sessions she attends every week.
He imagined her coming out of Qashqai in the parking lot of the kilini Castle Hotel and whistling like she was lovely.
She is 50 years old, two years younger than him.
Their marriage went through two children who drank, sometimes her, his weight, and sometimes her --
She said that no matter who is on a diet, the weight of a family is always the same --
His veins, debts, bank managers, Celtic Tigers, marriage counseling, came to the heights of mutual friendliness, flashing from time to time under the lights, hurt, but intact, but at least there\'s light that makes it flash.
More than some couples. The ozone-
The colors of the sea and air are sacred, and the sounds of guillemots and oyst fish and seagulls.
Through his binoculars, he saw it from Hoth\'s bald head.
The gorgeous cruise line shines with unforgivable majesty.
Grace and he may go on a cruise one day.
You can go to Iceland or the Hebrides.
He saw such a trip in the advertisement.
In the cold winter, steam around Orkneys, all the poisonous grass, Pepper whiskey and blankets on the deck, one or two beautiful fat biographies, card games every night, expressed sympathy for Britain\'s departure from Europe.
His phone rang again.
He managed to answer. -Dad, hi. It\'s Elaine. -
How about my pet? I was on the dock. The wind was a bit noisy. -
How\'s the water?
Completely powerful.
How\'s New York going? -
I have good news, Dad.
I can\'t believe it.
His heart beat and reminded him of his son\'s basketball bouncing on the road on a summer night and he realized he knew what she was going to say.
When the connection was disconnected, he realized that he lit a cigarette.
It\'s hard to answer without a phone call.
When she came out of yoga, he was waiting by the treadmill with a towel and a bottle of water in his hand.
The TV screens installed on the walls all show the same show, and in one of the shows, ugly people yell at their disloyalty.
The flashing title announced that my boyfriend slept with my transgender dad. -
I\'m early, he said.
I think I should check it out. How was class-
She knew through his smile, and then through how he lowered his head, pinched the bridge of his nose.
Yoga students come and go.
A girl in the track and field
The smell of anything they use to disinfect the weight machine handle, as well as the alleluias of several hoovers. -
Elaine called from New York and said
He refused to answer. -AND-She\'s news. -What is it-
You\'re going to be grandma. -How long-She didn\'t say. -
What does \"She didn\'t say\" mean? You don\'t want to tell me you didn\'t ask --
Of course I did not ask. -Why not-
It\'s none of my business. -You\'re joking. -
Don\'t look at me like that for God\'s love. -
I can\'t believe you don\'t even ask!
When he got home, she was in the kitchen, cutting the tomatoes she brought from the greenhouse.
Lyrics FM open
A lid clapped violently on the edge of the pan.
The window next to the garden was shrouded in steam, and the cat stared at the Christmas tree and rubbed against his calf with his back.
Like all married people, they know how to end the quarrel.
He opened the refrigerator and poured himself a glass of milk. -
He asked, what are you doing?
Clam pasta ; . -Why-Leave me alone.
He went to the window and his fingertips carved marks in the condensation.
The two fat pigeons that plagued the Garden sat on the fake rock like statues.
Too bloated to fly easily, usually they walk, a fat-fat cheerleading squad that affects waddle pitifully, rarely anywhere higher than the wires on the oak tree. -
\"You don\'t put tomatoes in spaghetti,\" he said . \"
She ignored him, lit a cigarette on the elements of the toaster that he did not know, and sat weakly at the table, looking up a book written by Elizabeth David.
The Venetian blinds sparkled when the central heating was turned on, with a puffs.
She walked up to the cooker and opened the oven door, kneeling and swearing without words.
He felt the heat washed away and heard the sound of a surge. and-
The sound of rotation of the fan.
She fixed the installed tray.
He has been in the kitchen for 15 minutes so far, but she still hasn\'t spoken to him or given a look at him.
She washed her hands and dried quickly on the folds of her apron.
Other things may happen now.
He wondered if they would.
But she took the car key in her hand and turned around from the room.
He heard the front door slam.
When she went through the little hunchback Bridge into Mount Kiir, the rain had fallen.
When the anchor and headache began, she felt tired with her hand sitting on the steering wheel.
The Bluetooth couldn\'t connect, so she stopped the car with a chip and tried the number again.
Her son is answering.
Short and intelligent machine informationarsed -
Hi, this is Jamie, say it now or keep your peace forever
But before she spoke, the signal had been sent out and disappeared, and to some extent she was happy that it would be better.
As she drove up the hill into Bray, the rain turned into a hail and a Christmas parade was taking place on the street: the children dressed up as billiards or Pokemon characters or Roman legion are raving in the parking lot behind the church, and a dj makes u2 proud on a flat-screen truck.
Suddenly she saw him.
Impossible Coincidence
Her son is on the sidewalk with his boyfriend, a teacher.
She touched the label and lowered the window and called out his name, but the music was so loud that he didn\'t hear her.
As they manage children, pucpuc, strong boys, sequins, glistening girls, they wave hiss and sparks.
The pain of longing tortured her.
She realized that she was trying to cry, wiping her eyes with armbands, right across the street, and he noticed her, smiled happily, and he waved, through the Rag River in the Marcha-
Bag kids, surf through the hustle and bustle-guitar and tub-
The black market\'s Longines and roaring bass.
In the Name of Love
In the Name of Love.
When his smiling Rose blooms, his eyes are fixed on her, and he is twitching.
Confused by the children, pilgrims, his boyfriend.
A horn rang behind her, and in the mirror, a bus --
The driver\'s purple rage
Broken glass and broken metal to metal.
Now the kids are screaming.
Six now.
He wants to know where she is.
He thought it was in Audrey\'s house, or in town, in a play.
Sebastian Barry\'s new one should be good.
He heard the advertisement on the radio earlier.
He picked up the remote and tapped his mouth. eyed.
Football, cricket, chat
Show in Germany, sports cars, archery-
The doorbell rang.
She must have misplaced the key again.
Yes, it\'s in the stands.
When he opened the door, the drizzle wet his face.
The security light is on.
A young Chinese woman in a wet dress. vis. Her shoulder-
She ignored the crackle of the radio. -Mr Duignan-The same-
Can I check in? What\'s wrong-It\'s your wife.
A small thing happened.
He took a step back and felt his intuition.
But instead of coming in, she turned and waved to her colleagues sitting next to the unmarked Audi steering wheel. -
Earlier in Bray.
She was not seriously injured.
Okay, Pat, I want you to breathe for me.
Take a deep breath.
She spent the night in loughlinston. -Loughlinstown. -Hospital, yes.
Your son is with her. -But how-
She apparently went to see your son in Bray.
The accident happened at that time.
She got a fright.
Wheel bag for deployment.
They thought she was whi too, they tried to call you, did your phone shut down?
There\'s a power outage. Yes, can I see her? Of course.
Come on, let\'s take care of you. -
I am very happy to drive. -
You got a fright.
Let\'s take you. -
I\'m going to get my jacket. Thank God, she\'s fine. -
Do you want to throw something for her for a few nights? A recent Christmas party was held in the ward.
Some of the balloons on the bed columns rise on thin ropes and plastic cups are placed on the trestle table with glass jars of juice.
Happy hand painted banner-
Merry Christmas, everyone, with a red and overconfident purple face.
He could not see the doctor or the service, but when he crossed the threshold he immediately noticed his wife, who was standing at the far end of many windows in the ward
Corner, watching the rain outside.
You can\'t say the expression she gave him a smile, but it\'s not far away;
It\'s tender, a cross.
A gentle incubation.
When her eyes were wet, he realized he was holding her and he didn\'t care what others thought.
Her chin matches the gap above his collarbone, which has been the case for 40 years.
He touched her with his fingertips.
The hair is colored and smells like lemonny\'s recent shower. -
He asked, what is this book? -
Christmas in NagraHe laughed. -
I told you my fair was successful, she said.
I just don\'t know what to do. -You were right. -
I\'m sorry about the car. -
Who cares about this car. -
I was startled by Johnny. -He\'s had worse. -
I found her in New York an hour ago. -
Of course she is. Great. -
The baby will be born in July. -We\'ll go over. -
One Wednesday night last year, you didn\'t happen to see the coffee machine on the road, and he came home late from work and found that she was stirring the Christmas cake. In September.
He remembered the richness of guava, the water flow and the fat raisins, the golden stickiness, the smooth egg yolk, the vanilla, when they stirred the heavy bowl that she inherited from her grandfather, their fingers interacted smoothly and quietly, a baker in the central town.
The radio is playing quietly.
Johnny Cash-
The dog fell asleep by the fire.
The kitchen table was covered with fat almond cakes;
She told him to do the rolling and he was \"methodical\", she said \".
\"Not everyone can do it right.
\"The hot, hot air, the red sunset outside the Venetian blinds, suddenly blew her up and removed her edge from her eyes.
That night she told him that she would stop drinking and had reached an agreement with God that she would go back to the meeting.
She won\'t drink any more, Elaine and Rob will get a baby;
After such a long time, all these hopes will work with IVF treatment. -
He sighed and they were told they wouldn\'t. -It will.
During these years of their marriage, it was when he felt closest to her, and when she refused to believe it.
Absence is a kind of existence.
Faith is a kind of doubt.
Now, in the hospital corridor near Christmas, he sipped coffee from paper cups with the only woman he loved.
They looked at the lights of the M50, and yellow and gold were almost beautiful in the rain.
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