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the creators of the ‘beetlejuice’ musical ‘tried to run toward burton’ visually

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Before you say \"Beetlejuice\" three times, you might want to knowBroadway-
Binding music will be low
The key effect of Tim Burton\'s 1988 worship and the unpretentious style --
Favorite Hauntedhouse movie.
Director Alex Wood said: \"This is the first movie that you really saw his visual imprint, and in Washington, after his debut in Boston with the $28 million new musical, Moulin Rouge, \"Beetlejuice\" became famous.
\"Are you trying to do your own thing or are you running towards it?
We all did a little.
We try to make the story itself dramatic and emotional.
But visually we tried to run to Burton.
\"We\'re all fans of Tim Burton,\" set designer David Collins talked about his goth-
Comics range from \"urine-
The big adventures of Scis and the first two Batman movies of Edward Scissor and Tao De the barber.
\"We wanted to say right away, \'We got it, we knew it, we liked it.
But let us bear it.
Wood has been chewing on the challenge of the musical Beetlejuice for eight years, and Michael Keaton starred in the musical in an attempt to help a small man who recently died --town couple (
Alec Baldwin, Gina Davis)
Scare off new tenants in New York (
Kathryn O\'Hara and Jeffrey Jones, in her teens, took a Luna Ryder with her, who could see the ghost).
The musical was finally staged at the National Theatre and officially opened on November. 4.
The Broadway show is scheduled to begin in the Winter Garden of spring.
It\'s a luxury proposal, said to be a $21 million music and tech product, explained on stage by Wood and Kobayashi, and then talked about the project in the lobby upstairs, it is impossible to say five or ten years ago.
The bar is always performing on Broadway. The most recent one is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (still running)
Exquisite cartoon vision of underwater children\'s adventure \"SpongeBob (
Closed on September).
The ingredients \"Beetlejuice\" used to make eye sugar include projections, puppets, fantasies, and special effects.
However, Wood and Korins say the show will stick to \"doing-it-
The aesthetics of Burton\'s film yourself
The movement effect, as well as its dead corner wit, makes the picture so charming.
Their new technologies are mainly projection and lighting effects, not physical structures, or even magic.
\"Many of them are fantasies you will see in the age of juggling --
Very simple and practical . \"
\"Jandown\" is a slang, lame word he uses to evoke a low-key atmosphere.
There are three versions of haunted.
Center of the House-
The simple original, the tasteless version of the overdecoration by the second couple, is finally controlled by the devil Beetlejuice.
However, the House is not flying from multiple directions on the stage and assembling and Reassembling things in front of your eyes.
Instead, it is a single structure (
Redo three times)
Roll down on the carriage.
\"A little old --
Such a school, \"said Wood. “Very old-
Collins\'s Broadway credits include the Revolutionary War --
\"Hamilton\" and Gao of the timestech social-media-
The theme is \"Dear Evan Hansen.
\"The House is also a canvas filled with tribute by the Kobayashi family --
\"Easter egg\" pays tribute not only to \"Beetlejuice\", but also to Burton\'s work.
He pointed out several elements of the house owned by Beetlejuice: for example, the wallpaper is black and has peeling, dipped in some sealant and gave it a tarlike texture.
A black chandelier has a blurry bat-like shape
A proper nod was made to the directors of the two Batman films, but derived from a small turntable in the Beetlejuice movie, which was short-lived on the head of a designer friend of the gaochi couple.
Korins said he also picked the shape from the bow tie of Jack Skellington, the skeleton character in 1992 animated film \"Nightmare Before Christmas,\" Burton wrote the film and made it
Giant Sand worms lurking in the Underworld around the house are embedded in the walls of the set --
Not the only time I saw it on the show.
\"This is an ongoing threat, breaking through the wall,\" Korins said . \".
\"It\'s essentially like a python.
The Underworld Master took control of the house.
He wants to squeeze his life out.
He pointed out a smaller detail, the lighting sconce of a threatening open chin.
\"It is a mouth that imitates sand worms and has very small teeth,\" Korins said . \".
Burton\'s animation style is reflected in manual production.
The charcoal line is painted around the ceiling shape and on the white fabric of the sofa, which has a hidden trampoline. (
Korins won\'t say why. )
There are some direct grants, such as the terrible, nine.
The Tendrilled sculpture is made by Delia, an art half of the New York couple.
\"When this thing appeared on the stage, it actually got applause from the entrance,\" Korins said . \" It was the morning after the show\'s third public performance.
When he talked about how rare it was for comedy to receive what he called \"world creation\" treatment, Wood became philosophical, noting that the show was not the kind of \"immersive\" experience that revolves around the audience.
Korins is talking aboutit-
Your own approach \"aligns with the achievements and skills we have achieved.
Everything is like a handdone.
The tone of this \"Beetlejuice\", Eddie Perfect Song, a book by Scott Brown and Anthony King, was promoted to be \"rude\" and \"rude\" than the film \", the wood matches the rough. edged set. (It’s PG-
12: it is recommended that parents deal with it as appropriate and that the age of 12 be recommended. )
\"There is a version, it\'s not hard to imagine, where the sets are LED walls or smooth light boxes with patterns on them,\" said the timber company . \".
\"But in the second act, this texture and courage, as well as the dangers and threats --
It is important that those services are delivered in a strong way.
Like its relationship with the underworld, these are big, emotional thoughts.
\"Many set functions are less prone to illusion than gag,\" Korins said . \"
Almost anything magically happens to laugh.
He thinks there are 40 tricks for the show.
\"But you really only highlight a part of it because magic is fully integrated into the whole story,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not like, \'I\'m going to kick off: I\'m gone!
Like Wood, Korins can imagine a different \"Beetlejuice\" musical, a minimalist strip --
In a black box theater and a house with only three chairs.
The show may not be played nationally or on Broadway, although Korins notes that the most recent Tony Award winners tend to be small musicals such as \"Band visits\" and \"fun homes \".
\"You really don\'t know why things are on Broadway,\" he said . \"
\"I know it looks like a spectacle,\" said the timber worker . \".
\"But the version we chose not to do is three times as big as the original one.
Books by Scott Brown and Anthony King, Eddie Perfect music and lyrics.
Directed by Alex Timbers. Through Nov.
At the National Theater at 1321 Pennsylvania Avenue. NW. $54-$114. 202-628-
6161 or country. org.
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