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the bud light hotel is on its way--check out the venue\'s best moments from 2013!

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
If you are excited about this year\'s Bud Light Hotel, last year\'s event may make you even more excited.
In the 2013 Super Bowl, Bud Wright transformed the Wyndham Riverside Hotel in New Orleans into the Bud Wright Hotel, turning the driveway into a VIP lounge. Hot dancers rotate in front of the hotel\'s front window.
This is just the beginning.
The hotel\'s rooms are equipped with flowers and lanterns, including towels, pillows and shampoo. The lights and carpets are replaced with blue colors of \"flowers and lanterns.
Sounds interesting. -
If they change the date of the super bowling match, there are 10 things to do.
The energy concert featuring Wayne and Big Boi followed by the Madden Bowl video game competition for EA Sports.
According to ESPN, NFL players such as Drew Braith, Victor Cruz, Arian Foster took part in a fierce game and won the game, denad Robinson, KenJ.
Manuel finally got the big trophy back.
And some bragging rights).
Manuel told the network: \"I have been playing\" madden \"since\" madden 95 \"on Sega Genesis, so I have had a lot of practice over the years to achieve this
\"This is a huge effort by the team.
We just came here and did what we had to do to win the game.
It feels like a real game.
\"The Rolling Stone Friday night party at the badlight hotel that year was fantastic, and the magazine rolled out Bud-
Nola says the light blue carpet of stars, athletes and sports stars such as Sophia Vigara, Sir Paul McCartney, Neil Patrick Harris and Craig Ferguson. com.
That night, Flo Ida was in a decorated tent at the venue, performing with a live band, rap \"low\", \"right\" and \"Let It Roll \", when I say bud, you say light!
\"The Bulldog then steps onto the stage to keep the guest standing for the rest of the night.
Gary Clark, Jr. , Saturday night.
Janelle mon á e and Passion Pit performed, playing the piano in surprise and singing his hot songs like \"isn\'t she cute\" and \"Don\'t you worry about anything \".
\"This year, 2014 Bud Light Hotel will be 4,028-
The passenger holiday boat begins activities on Thursday, January.
30 in New York City.
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