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the best nightlife in reykjavik, from icelandic microbeers to cool cocktails

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
From day to week, Reykjavik is getting more mellow, the weekend is getting more and more lively, the cafe becomes a bar and club, everything from the house to the heavy metal.
The more noisy place also comes with a range of craft beer venues and bars where you can enjoy a night out without feeling like you\'re in a mosh pit.
Everything is easily accessible on foot, with few entrance fees or queues, and the dress code and VIP rooms are the exception, not the norm.
The Slippbarinn is located in the beautiful seaside of Reykjavik. It is a fashionable bar in the Reykjavik air Marina hotel.
There are two reasons for this: its warm and welcoming interior, with a long wooden bar, a designer bar, large windows to see the harbor, and a buoy-like light fixture as a nod to its position;
Its drinks are of high quality, especially ever
Fresh local ingredients and homemade cocktails --
Syrup is made by a passionate bartender.
There are also 6 beers, some good wine, and a decent gin and rum, and the food menu extends to the beef ribs --
An eye, a lamb\'s tenderloin and a fish of the day.
Expect DJs to spin jazz, soul and funk (
Jazz will be popular on Wednesday)
, And movies for the family in the day.
Contact person: 354 cm 560 cm 8080 cm per month; slippbarinn.
Opening time: Sun-
From 6: 30 to 12 a. m. Fri-Sat, 6:30am-1am Prices:u200b £-
• £ ReykjavikHidden the best things to do on the road brick
The restaurant has a walled basement in Reykjavik, and the comfortable space of the mini bar consists of a variety of tables and chairs, at a lowhanging beer-
Bottle lights and a bar to pick out the best craft beer in the city.
And about a dozen regular-
Change your beer on the tap, New England IPAs, German and Belgian wheat beers and local beers, including a particularly delicious gingur from northern Iceland.
Friendly staff, lots of beer
Knowledgeable anecdotes and knowledge are enough to help you choose from a wide range of options;
Please note that some beers are more than twice as strong as regular beers.
If you want to save some cash, it\'s four o\'clock P. M. .
At seven o\'clock P. M. , two bottles of tap water beer are offered at a discounted price.
Music spans the soul, electronic music and jazz, peanuts and chips are part of the food;
Tasting flights are also available.
Contact person: 354 cm 865 cm 8389 cm per month; facebook.
Opening time: Sun-Thur, 3pm-11. 30pm; Fri-Sat, 3pm-12. 30am Price: £-
Jacobsen Loftid is one of the most upscale hotels in downtown Reykjavik, located on the second floor of a clothing store (Egill Jacobsen).
It drew a slightly older well.
Trendy interiors due to brown leather armchairs, sofas and antique mirrors, as well as warm service and highend drinks.
The main room is dominated by a charming bar decorated with various bulbs;
Arrive early, pull up the stool and order a scrawled cocktail dish on the wall (the vodka-
Donald Trump made with Brennevin, Iceland and this jerk is popular)
Watch the mixed arrival of locals and tourists.
There are live bands occasionally, usually jazz and soul bands, and DJs.
Contact person: 354 cm 551 cm 9400 cm per month; facebook.
Opening time: Wednesday-WednesdayThu, 4pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 4pm-4am Prices:u200b £-
In: Smart-no jogging trousers or hoodie kavikone is one of the most famous gathering places in the city, and the personality of Kaffibarrin is exactly its name (Café-Bar)suggests.
1990 Balthasar Kormakur, director of Reykjavik, opened in the 101 s, with a low-key interior with two-story wooden floor, red-
Painted wooden walls, simple tables and bar stools.
During the day and most weekend nights, this is a great place to have coffee, beer and chat.
But by the end of the week, with the dj\'s stylish mix of hip hop, pop, independence and family music, the place became one of the hottest party spots in the area, with revelers starting to fight back, viking beer, gin and tonic made with Monkey 47.
The later the time, the longer the queue is, so arrive before nine o\'clock P. M. to ensure there is a space available-and be prepared to be pushed when the speed is up.
In addition to themed events and occasional concerts, pay attention to regular happy times.
Contact person: 354 cm 551 cm 1588 cm per month; kaffibarinn.
Opening hours: Monday-
Three o\'clock P. M. -Sun and Sun1am; Fri-Sat, 3pm-
Four o\'clock A. M. Price: get in: Get there early on the weekend to avoid queuing. The Copenhagen Insider Guide is a bit farther than most bars, this independent Belgian bar
The theme brewery, bar and bistro are especially spacious for Reykjavik (
Up to 280 guests)
, Makes a lovely quiet drinking place for the whole week and weekend.
The bar has a lot of choices.
Brewed craft beer, bottled and raw, all of which use a series of global hops (except Belgian! )
Does not contain any additives or extracts.
Offers tend to be seasonal, with hoppy and fruity Gullborg light beer a highlight of the summer season, as well as Germany
Waka Pilsner style made of New Zealand hops;
If you can\'t decide, you can order a tasting flight of three to six beers, which can be combined with the brewery tour.
Beer cocktails are also served.
The restaurant did a great job with a jazz night on Sunday night with some live bands during the week.
Look outside for a table and enjoy the view of the harbor.
Contact person: 354 cm 456 cm 4040 cm per month;
Brigan Bloggs
Opening time: Sun-Wed, 11am-11pm; Thur-Sat, 11am-Twelve o\'clock A. M. price :-
The best restaurants in Copenhagen like Boston Kaffibarrin are one of the city\'s long history
The word \"breeder\"-although different from the former, it is mainly used to meet the alternative types of parties in the city and enjoy a few drinks instead of serious parties.
Nice bar, Wood
The heavy interior reached by narrow stairs has a man-made
Victorian style feel with a variety of vintage styles that don\'t match
Style chairs and tables with patterned wallpaper and occasional stuffed animal heads.
In the evening, the room was lit mainly with candles, creating a delicate and even romantic atmosphere.
The soundtrack typically spans chants, jazz and old souls, with beverage menus extending to raw beers such as French and Italian wines, Tubao and seagulls, as well as spirits, as well as casual snacks such as hamburgers, fish and chips.
Outdoor heated terrace area is the gospel of smokers.
Contact person: 354 cm 517 cm 7816 cm per month; facebook. com/boston.
Opening hours of Reykjavik: SundayThu, 2pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 2pm-
Three o\'clock A. M. Price: B5 is another more upscale venue in Reykjavik, known for its good pricestocked, neon-
Hued bar, huge front window allows two
A mix of locals and tourists.
During the day, it was laid as one-
After dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, return to the burger point, called hamborgarabula tómasar, with neat dancing shoes.
The DJs closely integrated hip hop, pop and European music.
This does not mean that you will escape from the famous drunken crowd for the well-dressed crowd
Collision and elbow
Highlights of Reykjavik nightlife.
Good cocktails-
Mix, Mango Tango is a place that especially loves fruit with several VIP rooms, lounge and bottle service downstairs (
Minimum ISK 150,000/1,000 per table)
If you like some privacy.
Two bars-for-
A deal between six o\'clock P. M. 11pm.
Contact person: 354 cm 552 cm 9600 cm per month; b5.
Opening time: Sun-Thur, 11am-1am; Fri-Sat, 11am-4. 30am Price: £-
Wear in: the dress code here is stylish and elegant-usually dark jeans, a shirt and a good pair of shoes for men. The best nightlife in Berlin English bar may not be the first place to think of when you leave the UK for a trip.
But there are more than 35 beers (
From Belgian beer to local craft beer)
One of the best whisky options in the country, along with six large sports screens, decent combinations of tourists, expats and local residents, the English bar in Reykjavik is a warm and joyful place-especially if you want to escape from it too --cool-for-
School alternative scene
Local artists and bands perform live in the woods
Heavy main room every night, happy hour every day from four o\'clock P. M.
At seven o\'clock P. M. , the outdoor terrace is also a great bonus for summer.
Yes, here is a dart board where punters can win a local beer platter and a fortune wheel.
Contact: nskiba.
Opening time: Sun-Thu, 12pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 12pm-
Price: Austur is a very safe bet if you are looking for a well
Mixed cocktail, quite stylish and tasty
The rich crowd, as well as the less alternative night life experience in Reykjavik.
The upstairs lounge is a small and relaxing area perfect for pre-
If you arrive early, you can have a party drink.
But the gorgeous club area downstairs is completely another atmosphere with bold red furniture and lights, framed photos on the wall, real disco lights, there are also r & B\'s track pop hip hop music and business clubs.
There are bottled service, cocktails with beautiful names, such as Mercedes Benz, and VIP area near the dance floor.
The space can accommodate about 300 people-which means the party here is almost guaranteed.
Contact Information: 00 354 5681907; austurbar.
Opening hours: eight o\'clock P. M. on Monday and Thursday-1am; Fri-Sat, 8pm-4. 30am Price: £-
When you come in: you don\'t need to go in a sports shirt and skirt-but you need to look smart. Best restaurant in St. Petersburg. This striking name captures the craft cocktail bar of some spicy irony and slightly kitsch nature.
Burro, a South American snack restaurant (
A convenient place to eat before the start of the evening)
From the bright red front door to the floral wallpaper, mirror ceiling, yes, there is a disco inside, a colorful experience.
The bar is decorated with Mexican murals, and the bartender often wears the same gorgeous shirt, serving beer and mixed drinks, but mainly featured cocktails (
As the name suggests, music tends to disco at the age of 70 and 80, and atmopshere and the crowd tend to be equally optimistic.
Happy hour starts at four o\'clock P. M.
Six o\'clock P. M. , starting at eleven o\'clock P. M. .
One o\'clock A. M. on Monday and Tuesday.
Contact person: 354 cm 552 cm 7333 cm per month; facebook.
Opening time: Sun-Thur, 4pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 4pm-3am Prices:u200b £-
Yes, you guessed it: Jeff Bridge\'s personable lazy, Jeff Bridge, is a bar famous for his brother Cohen\'s movie Big Lebowski.
The noisy interior has carpets attached to the bar, colorful bar stools and pop music
Cultural photos-bowling alley and restaurant-
Stylish tables that can be seen on the Main Street.
There are movies and music quizzes, sports screenings, comfortable brown sofas to relax with a steady stream of American dishes on the menu
Affecting food (
Burgers, cornflakes, chicken wings)
And drinks: Choose from milkshakes, 8 bottles of raw beer, or 20 kinds of Russian white beer.
Thursday is the night of the movie Q &.
Contact person: 354 cm 552 cm 2300 cm per month; lebowski.
Opening time: Sun-Thu, 11am-1am; Fri-Sat, 11am-
Four o\'clock A. M. price: the coolest bar in Copenhagen this dimly lit bar
Like bars and clubs, located in a historic house near the port of Reykjavik, hosts a variety of regular concerts and DJ shows in black
Room with wall in the back
It then attracted a crowd of trendy and offbeat people, especially because of its unpretentious atmosphere and reasonable prices.
There are several Icelandic beers on the drink menu, plus a mix of drinks made from local and international spirits.
See the pop Monday night-
The House jazz band took over, and movie nights often focused on cult and forgotten movies, with occasional burlesque and karaoke nights.
Catch it on a great night and you\'ll see why it\'s often rated by local media as a live music bar for the IMAX.
Contact person: 354 cm 695 cm 9829 cm per month; hurra.
Opening hours: Monday-Thur, 6pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 6pm-4. 30am; Sun, 7pm-
One o\'clock A. M. price: this small but elegant craft beer bar in a red-
Located in front of a residential building next to the main street.
An outpost at the Caldy Brewery
Known for its freshness and chemicalsfree Czech-
Style beer is one of the best choices for craft beer in Iceland.
The charming interior includes two rooms (
There is also an outdoor terrace)
Comfortable benches, stools and chairs, plaid wallpaper, bare brick walls-the back room also has a piano if you feel creative.
Simple bar snacks (
Olive, mixed nuts, cheese sausage)
And a guest (Icelandic)
Brewery is available every week-although it is a mistake not to try Kaldi brewery;
Unfiltered beer is particularly popular.
Contact person: 354 cm 581 cm 2200 cm per month; kaldibar.
Opening time: Sun-Thu, 12pm-1am; Fri-Sat, 12pm-
Three o\'clock A. M. price: The best thing to do at BerlinSaemundur Gastro Pup is to be located inside the popular Kex Hostel, however, its many different elements plot to make it a very popular gathering place in itself.
First of all, there is an impressive spacious interior, dominated by a handsome, ceramic
Tiled bar with large rustic wooden tables is ideal for parties and windows overlooking the harbor and the sea.
There are also good drinks options, including 14 rotating draft beers and some great natural wines, as well as a very good menu to change once a week;
Fish tacos are staple food and a well
The lunch menu is also cheap.
Last but not least, the venue regularly hosts live bands, DJ nights and other events, from jazz, hip hop to quiz nights and their own annual beer festival
Contact person: 354 cm 561 cm 6060 cm per month; kexhostel.
Opening hours: 11: 00 per day. 30am-Eleven o\'clock P. M. price :-
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