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the art of improvisation : classes are being held in homes, theme park as calarts copes with quake damage

by:Marslite     2019-09-30
Coincidentally, Alan Vogel, the woodwind band manager, taught him this week that the Bach chorus of the California Academy of Arts music skills class was called \"Ebeben \".
\"This is German for shaking, shaking, shaking or earthquakes. And the text--
\"My tongue sticks to the top of my mouth because my heart is so scared \"---
As a result of what Vogel and his California Institute of Art students have experienced since the earth shook in January, it seems particularly ironic. 17.
\"The students were comforted by the music,\" said Vogel, the lead clarineer of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, who has been a lecturer at the California Institute of Art for 23 years.
Bach is music therapy.
It will calm you down.
\"Well these days
Connected, avant-garde
Garde College of Art in Valencia has 1,000 students who can use all the treatments and calm it can get.
Level 6 last month
School officials say temblor has dealt a serious blow to this secluded campus, with an estimated $12 million to $15 million in losses to the school\'s main building.
Although its structure looks reasonable, the building will remain closed.
A few months limit
The earthquake also forced the evacuation of 21 students and left another 520 students in two campus dormitories without hot or hot water.
Many people move in with their classmates or spend the cold night by piling up blankets.
On the surface, compared with large institutions such as California State University Northridge, the damage and destruction of the California Institute of Art dwarfs.
But officials at the California Institute of Art, eager to resume classes, said their problems were far more serious.
A project under one roof. -
A part of CalArts philosophy that brings together different types of artists to generate inspiration-
Now, from Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park to Pasadena Dance studio chain, at least nine locations have to be rented out.
School administrators need places where students can build theaters, practice stage lights, perform special aerobic jumping exercises, perform on Indonesian instruments, and use sophisticated film editing equipment.
Dozens of students practiced meditation Tai Chi on the tennis court on Thursday.
\"It\'s not just finding a classroom where you can give lectures to 25 students . \"Lavine said.
As a stopgap, at least 10 of the school\'s 180 teachers attend classes at home. Part-
Time voice teacher Christine de Morey says she has as many as nine drama students singing in her studio in North Hollywood.
Vogel said that although his foundation may have been damaged in the earthquake, he directed chorus music and other subjects for about four hours a day at the newwar House.
\"CalArts have always had the feeling of freedom and improvisation,\" said Vogel . \".
Now we really have to improvise. . . .
We will solve this problem.
The musicians always have to fight.
\"But some students who pay $13,875 a year to attend the California Academy of Arts have found this.
Jackie Ross, who is about to complete her master\'s degree in experimental animation, said she and other students were told to go to meetings and classes that were never realized or canceled at the last minute.
This increases uncertainty, she said, and anxious students are prevented from relearning
Enter the CalArts building to see long-
Film projects or their exotic instruments.
\"It\'s really frustrating for us because we\'re getting different information every day,\" Ross said . \".
Darren Shaw, who also majored in experimental animation, said he had to move into Ross\'s house because there was no heating and hot water in his dormitory.
When he complained, Xiao said, the director of campus housing told him \"just treat it as a big camping trip.
\"I paid $13,000. I didn\'t come to camp,\" Xiao said . \"
School officials say 36 students have dropped out of school since the earthquake and others have dropped out of school until February.
Decide if they want their money back.
Ross and Shaw said they would stick to it, and Lavine estimated that 80% of the students would do the same.
CalArts has some influential friends who can help.
The institute, founded by Walt Disney, is still well supported.
Disney family members and company executives.
Members of the board include Michael D.
Chairman and chief executive of Walt Disney; Roy E.
Disney, vice chairman of Walt Disney
The nephew of the founder;
Barry Diller, president of QVC Network and former boss of Paramount Pictures; super-
Genius agent Michael S.
Michael Pressman, TV producer.
Lavine said Eisner mobilized a Disney real estate team to help the school find nearly 150,000 in an abandoned Lockheed office and laboratory complex six miles north of the Golden State Highway.
Lockheed agreed to donate the space, and school officials transferred the equipment to the unheated three
It was once the complex where the defense company\'s weapons system simulation center was located.
Dick Hediger, dean of the Department of Critical Research at the California Academy of Arts, pointed out sharply when inspecting the room that the artist inherited \"the remains of the defense industry \".
\"The building is plagued by efficiency, bureaucracy, corporate strategy, defense, paranoia, ghosts of war,\" he said . \".
\"The students will expel it and clean it up on one level.
On another level, they play with the ghosts.
Other people who helped, Lavin said, included Trumpeter Alpert and President Morton and School Trustee Cheryl basby.
Warner Brothers, Disney
Other film studios are trying to release film clips, sound and other high
Off-site technologyhours.
Magic Mountain, he says, provides a \"magic moment\" theater for students learning set design and lighting.
Beth Shalom, a local congregation, allows music students to use the rooms of the synagogue.
New Holland land & Agriculture
Two office spaces were provided and the Pasadena Dance studio franchise took part in the dance class.
Adam Coleman, an undergraduate majoring in music performance, said he was considering leaving school for a semester, but there were other cruel realities to face.
\"One of the main things that keeps me around is that I don\'t want to find a job,\" he said wearily . \". \"It\'s a pain.
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