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the 7 hidden secrets of call of duty: advanced warfare

by:Marslite     2019-09-03
We are suffering in the modern conflict, and we retreat with the cheers of the nuclear decisive battle.
Players have gone through the most tragic historical battles of our time, and only the beards of our commanders protect them.
Millions of shells
The teenagers who were verbally abused on the Internet were shocked.
Now, gamers will leap into the future with the rewrite of the book intensity.
Next is 7 things you should be very excited about.
The external skeleton impact site of this phase is full of strength;
From those super
Power jump and chin
Crush the punch, this is exactly the kind of gear you need in a firefight.
There is no doubt that its best use is gardening.
Think about possibilities.
When moving heavy objects like pots or people --
Size vase in the center of your local garden, pull back-
The muscles will be the past.
Again, those gravity
Not afraid of jumping will make you work hardto-
Trim the hedge.
I\'m sure Alan Tichmarsh already has it. order down.
The deployment cover of Advanced Warfare is very useful in the battle you find yourself in, providing protection that the environment may not be able to provide.
Fortunately, there is another feature to these technological wonders.
Provide an instant tent if you like kip, which means you never stay away from the camp
Fire, songs and roasted marshmallow.
They were also the lanterns for the wedding.
I mean, you have to be ethical to some extent.
I will put it on the record that the highest moment of next duty will be your military organization being prosecuted by countless sci
Fi directors and artists have plagiarized their helicopter design.
We will certainly have several legal debates in court.
Unfortunately for players it means they have to be content with the kite and the fast heat-
Balloons are everywhere.
This is the definition of \"epic.
Since the arrival of the Titanic, everyone is eager to take some huge mechanical action in their shooter.
Call will be delivered this year to give us the keys to their own walking tank.
Boy, will they make a difference in the dance? offs.
Their addition shows that players will be able to impress their friends with some evil robot dance.
This is definitely a new model in the online suite;
You will enjoy searching and Buggi this Christmas instead of searching and destroying.
In the future, everyone likes holographic technology, especially when holding business meetings like Kevin Spicey in a trailer.
But this does not answer the obvious question in everyone\'s mind: Can our grandchildren enjoy the variety of Nyan cats that appear in their living room?
Crazy Frog.
This is what I call progress.
Only so many po-
Facing the seriousness that soldiers can cope.
Sometimes they just need to relax.
So it\'s nice to see that your future superior has given the temporary disco lights to the troops --the-cuff raves.
There is nothing better than breaking out dance moves behind the enemy.
Will no one think of the health and safety of the future?
For example, a mechanical helmet for the face.
If its motor breaks down or fails, you\'ll always be like the guys from Delft punk-except that you can hardly put down any disgusting beats for sure.
Secondly, if you need to sneeze, I am afraid to think of the confusion that you will leave behind.
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