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thanks for visiting cnnmoney. america\'s most expensive home for sale -- $195 million

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
This makes it the most expensive residential listing in the United States, according to the corderwell banker.
Called the Amore Palace (
Or \"Palace of Love \")
The manor is huge with 53,000 square feet of living space, 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms.
Main suite only--
5,000 square feet-
Bigger than most mansions. On the 25-
Acre Manor has a vineyard that produces between 400 and 500 boxes of syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, acacia and other wines per year.
The hotel also features a guest house, a formal garden, a spa, and 128-
Reflection pool of foot length.
Related: $25 million property from around the world is owned by real estate tycoon Jeff Green, who bought the place as an investment and rented it for $475,000 a month.
In fact, Green barely stayed at Beverly Hills Manor, but preferred to spend some time at his home in Palm Beach, Florida.
Or in his summer house in the Hamptons.
Visitors arrive through one of the three groups of double gates and drive to the front door where they meet an Italian --
Marble carved fountain in Kalala.
They can park almost anywhere.
The manor has 27-
Garage and 150 additional parking spaces.
The main residential area is over 35,000 square feet, with an entrance at the front, a magnificent display of the statue alcove, inlaid marble floors, Classical Revival wall columns, and double stairs of marble and decorative metal products.
Don\'t you like climbing stairs?
Take the elevator.
The Amore Palace was built for entertainment.
It can accommodate not only 1,000 guests but also 50 guests
Theater, bowling alley and game room.
There is also room for a seated dinner for 250 guests.
The ballroom features a laser light, a DJ stand and a rotating dance floor.
It also comes with the Sky long.
The dome ceiling is painted with more clouds than typical Southern California sees in a day.
The west end of Los Angeles, Century City and the ocean in the distance have vast views.
Family room with wood flooring, built-in-
Cabinets, fireplaces and a relatively modest size, perhaps the most comfortable room in the house.
Any vineyard must have its own wine cellar and wine tasting room.
There is room for 3,500 bottles.
If there is not enough space, there is a more practical wine cellar downstairs with 10,000 bottles in it.
There is no doubt that there is a lot to offer at the Amore Palace, but can it bring the full asking price?
Accurate comparable sales are difficult to achieve, but according to Los Angeles County records, a mansion of the same size near Mount homby is being sold for $0. 102 billion.
However, the property has been on the market for many years, and the price is $23 million lower than the asking price.
It\'s only on five acres.
\"The property is five times the size of the property,\" said Previews ula, a Colville banker who showed the property along with colleague Joyce Rey.
Related: 27 several other billionaire buildings of the same size on the new US rich list have been sold in recent years but have not exceeded $100 million in the Los Angeles area. From Miller\'s point of view, Miller Samuel\'s appraiser in New York
So, he said that nearly twice the amount required could be an extension.
\"What is unusual is the size of real estate,\" he said . \"
That said, $0. 195 billion is still a huge figure.
In the past few years, several people have asked about the purchase of the Amore Palace, when it was being rented out, ghetula said.
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