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terrorist capabilities laid bare in an eastern ghouta chemical lab

by:Marslite     2019-10-05
In last December, in a US hangar near Washington, D. C. , UN Ambassador Nikki Haley showed
This is evidence of collusion between Iran and Houthi rebels in Yemen.
The photo went on every page of the Western Hemisphere, drowning many objections, believing that a large tube on the American stage could not prove anything.
This week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA)
Liberated some of the East Guanta Nong fields between Shifouniyeh and Douma and found a well
Chemical laboratory run by Saudi Arabia
Supporting Islamic terrorists
None of the Western journalists came to investigate the facility.
It is strange that the media is not interested, because it seems that American officials are ready.
They claim that Syria has used chemical weapons (CW)
Targeting civilians.
The allegations have not yet been confirmed, and there is a lot of controversy.
S. Government militants use chemical weapons and ammunition to intervene militarily in Syria.
So perhaps it\'s not surprising that a chemical lab found in the epicenter of a major strategic campaign in Syria was ignored by one side.
Finally, there may be only one party right about who uses CWs in Syria.
That\'s why when the lab is found, it\'s silent.
The chemical facility is only a few dozen metres from the current military front and was not liberated until Monday.
The lab is surrounded by farmland-this is the last place to find this warehouse.
I \'ve seen a lot of wheat, Green Beans, beans, and chickpeas in a conflict zone called \"Hunger siege\" by Western media \".
The building itself is a shell.
Like many of the buildings I have passed in Shifouniyeh and other towns in the eastern part of Ghouta, there are pieces everywhere.
But the scene inside is shocking.
The upper room is equipped with electronic hardware, the basement is equipped with a large boiler, the shelf is full of chemicals, and there are blue and black cans in the corner (
Chlorine is reported)
Chemical charts, books, Beaker, vials, test tubes and all utensils familiar to students in general science.
And then, in a few corners, a bunch of tubes
Throwing objects of shape-clear ammunition of some type.
There is a real highlight in the upper room of the facility.
This is a very novel-looking device with \"Hill-
The Rom Medaes Medplus Air Plant written in front of it \".
After a rough Google search, a few interesting facts were immediately discovered-the machine is some kind of air or gas compressor, it is from the United States --
In 2015, Saudi Arabia invited tenders for the equipment.
The list of numbers and phone extensions attached to the wall confirmed that the area and laboratory were controlled by Jaysh al. Islam, a Saudi-
The terrorist group, whose political leader, Mohammed Aroush, was invited to lead an opposition delegation at the United Nations.
Geneva talks.
In this conflict, Saudis have been caught many times for transferring equipment and weapons to the Syrian battlefield-sellers intend to use only for purchases by the Saudi side --user. The Hill-
Like most Western scientific devices, Rom compressor will be banned from selling to Syria under strict sanctions laws.
Even if it is not made for military purposes, American officials believe that many of these products have \"double
Use \"technology.
Syrian officials on duty at the laboratory site can only point out items of apparent interest in the facility.
They only stayed there for 24 hours and haven\'t fully understood its intentions yet.
They checked the blue and black jars and found chlorine-a substance that was repeatedly used in small quantities on the Syrian battlefield, causing widespread condemnation from the international community.
Is this a chemical weapons lab or a simple chemical lab that makes a substance used for war-like explosions, and even if no prohibited chemical ammunition is found in this lab, its discovery is a game
Changes in chemical weapons --game.
Now, it is indisputable that the WestSupport and bay-
The funded Islamist militants have the ability to produce war chemicals in the battlefield, rather than the temporary approach suggested by the media.
This lab proves that the militants can.
Manufacturing equipment, manufacturing production line, difficult procurementto-
Get component.
The lack of capacity, contact and skills of the militants can no longer be considered --
Used in the manufacture of chemical ammunition.
There is ample evidence that terrorists have been using low
The hierarchy of military theaters in Iraq and Syria and the unsophisticated CWs.
The use of nerve agent Sarin in improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
Since 2004, the media have recorded the situation of Iraqi insurgents, and the CIA has also recorded the substance in detail, which it linked to the lost or stolen inventory in Iraq\'s old chemical ammunition plan
In the same year, the chlorine improvised explosive device was also used in Iraq for the first time, but it was in 2007 that Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)
Chlorine bombs were used in suicide attacks.
Fast forward for about ten years.
On 2016, the British intelligence analysis company IHS Conflict Monitor released a report saying that the Islamic State (
From Al-Qaeda in Iraq)
At least 52 chemical weapons have been used in Syria and Iraq, including chlorine and sulfur mustard agents.
Trouble in Syria began in December 2012Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front (
Used to be an ally)
Took over the country\'s only chlorine manufacturing plant, a joint venture with Saudis in eastern Aleppo.
Damascus immediately issued a warning to the United Nations: \"After controlling a toxic chlorine factory, terrorist organizations may use chemical weapons against the Syrian people . . . . . . .
\"Three months later, in the first real CW incident of the Syrian conflict, 26 people-most of them (16)
Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed by chlorine in Khan Assal village in Aleppo.
The next day, the Syrian government asked the United Nations to investigate the attack.
A few days later, a chemical incident occurred in Adra, northeast of Damascus. Saraqeb was reportedly attacked, and then in Ghouta on August, it almost triggered a CW attack by the United States military.
A Jordanian journalist in Guta interviewed witnesses who said Saudi Arabia provided chemical weapons to militants, some of which were detonated by accident.
On May 2013, the Turkish authorities captured 12 Nusra Front militants with four people.
5 lbs of sarin gas
Turkish media have different reports of terrorist targets-one of which is that the group plans to bring the materials back to Syria, the base camp of Nusra.
On June, an Al-
Iraqi authorities have arrested al-Qaida teams who raided two factories in Baghdad that were used to study and manufacture sarin and mustard agents.
The authorities say AQ militants have the chemicals and formulas needed to produce deadly CWs.
Wait, wait.
But back to the lab in East Ghouta.
Laboratory occupants, Saudi Arabia-Support Jaysh al-
Islam, on 2016, publicly acknowledged the use of toxic drugs in mortar attacks against Kurds near Sheikh makud, Aleppo.
\"During the conflict, Jaysh al-
Islamic brigade use [weapons]
It was banned in this confrontation, \"the group said in a statement on chemical attacks, which claimed that the perpetrators would be held accountable.
Only one aspect of the statement is relevant.
It confirmed that the organization had chemical ammunition. In mid-
2012. For the first time, the Syrian government has confirmed the possession of chemical weapons, but has stated that they are only used to combat \"external aggression\" and have never been used to combat the Syrian people.
The statement can be as skeptical as Jaysh al\'s statement.
Islam, except for one thing: there is no way, shape or form of chemical weapons, both politically and militarily, in favor of the Syrian government in these seven aspects --year conflict.
That is why the Syrian government unilaterally recognizes its CW project and is willing to abandon it under the supervision of the United States and Russia.
Compared to the scope of the war and violence, the number of CWs used on the Syrian battlefield is negligible.
When you can use conventional ammunition that can do cleaner work, why use a highly provocative weapon that kills only dozens of people, why risk the anger of the entire international community and further what you want most is to avoid foreign military intervention, these interventions may destroy your military base during the conflict in Syria, \"massacre\" and \"chemical attacks\" mainly when the militants face setbacks or stalemate, or an important event such as a UN Security Council meeting is imminent.
What better chance is there to inspire the international community to condemn, sanction, punish or bomb your enemies, rather than the terrible physical twitching and the scenes of the children gasping for airIt, whether in al-
Shifouniyeh farm.
Laboratory occupants, whetherJash al-Nusra
Islam or IS-two of which are currently engaged in military activities in the East Pagoda-provides the last piece of jigsaw puzzle of chemical weapons.
They have always had the motivation to launch a chemical war in Syria, but now we can see that they also have the means and ability.
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