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tennessee estate for sale features extreme disco wine cellar (photos)

by:Marslite     2019-10-17
We have seen many amazing properties for sale and many impressive home tours, but we have to say that this Tennessee house took the cake from unexpected design.
Okay, we know what you\'re thinking: $5 from the outside.
89 million Manor looks traditional (
Expensive though)
From the front of the brick to the green.
Inside, the huge windows, high ceilings and marble floors did not attract attention.
But then we came to the pool house, where designer Jamie waved at us to stop her from having any concerns.
At the very bottom of the space, there was an acrylic wine cellar, which we thought was a disco at first sight.
\"I want to make it look like it doesn\'t look like an add-on, but when it comes to the interior design of the pool house, I want to make it feel like you\'re being shipped somewhere else,\" Beckwith told Zillow.
Other places are right.
This cellar certainly doesn\'t look like it was built in 2001 with the rest of the House (
We were in a dilemma between an American pub in the 1970 s and a European club in 2040. )
According to the Zillow blog on NBC, you can view the selection of wines from various angles and have built-in-
LED lights in the room.
But because the wine cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures, the light cannot be turned on all the time-major bummer.
Travel to Zillow to learn more about this property.
Be sure to click on our slide to view the photos and let us know if it\'s us or can you hear the faint \"alive\" sound coming from your computer?
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