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ten years since \'mission accomplished\' -- let\'s review the imagery

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
So we have reached the tenth anniversary of President George w. Bush.
The scene of Bush\'s \"mission completion\", the lowest point in any United StatesS.
Richard Nixon has been president since he escaped from the White House lawn by helicopter.
The aircraft carrier stunt is Carl rolp. R.
Designed to provide images for Bush\'s 2004 re-election campaign.
Back in 1984, Ronald Reagan\'s media Svengali, Michael difer, patched together (Great effect)
A video of a shooting campaign.
Reagan stared at the DMZ between North and South Korea with a telescope.
As with everything else, ROV tried to turn Bush into a cowhide version of the great communicator.
In May 1, 2003, Mr. ROV apparently believed that Mr. Bush, wearing a \"cannon\" costume, jumped on the US deck and won the victory. S. S.
Lincoln will be the political Gold of 2004.
Bush can deliver on his \"wartime president\" sincerity and defeat any Democratic party attempt to talk about anything but the \"war on terror. \" When the U. S.
The occupation of Iraq soon evolved into a fully predictable genocide of race and sect, and Mr. Loff gave up the idea of running images, even the agent accused the sailors of setting up the flag of \"completing the task. In U. S. -
Occupied Iraq, every car bomb, every one of me. E. D.
Every suicide bomber after a sunny day off the coast of San Diego, every sectarian killing is a mockery of Bush\'s premature dunk and brings the ridicule that the rest of the world deserves. \"[M]
\"Most of the fighting in Iraq is over,\" Bush declared . \"
\"In the war in Iraq, the United States and our allies won.
\"The news may surprise the families of 3,424 Americans who died in the Iraq war in the next eight years.
With our recent suspects and-
Muslim bias after the Boston Marathon bombings I wonder if we have learned anything in the last decade.
Here is the Huffington Post blog (
There are several changes)
I first released the Bush symbol in May 2, 2006 (
Back to Huffington Post when it was a single page)
To mark the third anniversary of \"completing the mission\", I explained some images here: Carl ROV once said that he carried out a television campaign, as if the person watching TV turned off the sound on the TV monitor.
In other words, only visual effects are important.
Three years ago [now ten]
In May 1, 2003, the Bush production company swallowed up some of the most powerful national and cultural symbols in the United States, not only to obtain rude political interests, but also to inspire and conquer all the people.
Circus without bread.
Here are a few examples: 1).
Aircraft carrier.
The ship aroused the idea of the Japanese surrender to General Douglas MacArthur in September 14, 1945.
Named after the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, Bush tried to capture some of the plain light of the great liberators. (The USS John F.
Kennedy does not need to apply)
This huge ship is also a symbol of the power projection of the United States in the world. Its connotation is to conquer the ocean, solve cutting-edge problems and technological innovation. 2).
Flight suit.
Bush put that on.
The suit he usually wears is not a suit, but a suit, symbolizing adventure, danger, manhood and manhood.
Mussolini wore similar clothes.
Ups with the same effect.
Helmets and passwords, parachutes and dog cards cast Bush with bonaparlist\'s eyes: the general mixed with his troops to inspire them with his charismatic leadership.
The president who used to start his career in the military, such as Republican Dwight D ·
Eisenhower said that out of respect for the civilian nature of the presidency, never wear uniforms. 3).
Bush is a pilot. As the pilot (or co-pilot)
Bush is part of this mission, risking his life for the cause.
Landing a jet on such a thin floating platform is tricky.
He\'s our military commander.
The costume evokes memories of the Patriot, with the helmet stuffed under his arm and returned from a dangerous mission. He\'s in charge.
He\'s the commander. in-Chief.
I also fly a plane.
This is not Michael ducakis in the tank! 4).
Jet plane.
This technological miracle dates back to the Wright brothers, realizing the flying dream that humanity has been thinking about for centuries.
With the help of American technology knowledge, our leaders soar in the air like birds. how.
He conquered the air.
Most people do not have the opportunity to do so;
He must be a hero, a risk. taker.
After all, flying boys are the most charming in the United States. S. military. 5).
Worship the crowd.
Smile, wave, hug, race and race diversity AmericaS.
Sailors on the aircraft carrier told the United States: \"The brave men and women who protect our country obviously worship Bush, and we should also worship Bush!
\"The Bush team used these military personnel as stage props, but they were very effective, although tacky. 6).
Banner for completing the task.
The \"mission completion\" behind the president gave America\'s favorite thing: the winner!
Bush declared himself the winner.
He is the winner of Congress and the winner of the weak.
Kneed Democrat, in the \"free\" media, in his skeptics from the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Islamic Conference, the Arab League, the Organization of African Unity, non-
China, Russia, Germany, France, Pope John Paul II, and 15 million protesters around the world. Bush Wins! We are Winners! (
Later, when we learned that the \"task\" was not \"completed\", Bush\'s spinner claimed to be stupid and excessive.
The exciting sailors responsible for posting banners.
The White House later withdrew the false report, but it did not cancel until many news cycles passed. )7).
Deep blue ocean background.
On an amazing California day, the horizon of water stretches in the distance.
The camera faces the sea so the audience can\'t see the coastline of San Diego.
Adventure and danger are everywhere in the vast ocean.
It takes a strong and brave person to explore them. (
Although the ship is only about 30 miles off the coast. )
\"Our leaders went out to sea with the children! \"8).
The call of the president of the Great War of the past.
Bush declared: \"The United States and our allies won the war in Iraq.
He claimed that his \"preventive\" war against Iraq was similar to the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire in World War II, and \"affirmed\" Franklin Roosevelt\'s Four Freedoms, he declared \"Truman doctrine\" and aroused Reagan\'s challenge to the evil empire.
\"Not only did the Bush television producers hijack the main symbols of national patriotic responsibility and sacrifice, they also packed them with a symbol that contained the great moments of the president in our history.
Bush was the embodiment of Roosevelt, Truman and Reagan. 9).
All linkage back to 9-11.
In his \"mission completion\" speech, Bush, as usual, used the trauma that the United States suffered when it attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
He dug up the memories of Pearl Harbor from this generation and the solidarity that Americans felt after the shame of that day. 10).
Control of the image.
The event itself is more planned than half the Super Bowl. time show.
Former abc TV producer Andrew Sforza, who became Bush\'s Lenny rifenthal, arranged all the details: multiple camera angles, lights, sailor\'s stage, the direction of each lens, scen säne, has no chance.
Sforza has a team of nearly 100 production technicians ready on board (or \"advancing\")
The president\'s victory landed.
Sforza is known for contracting expensive lighting equipment from Europe, which are installed on barges and bathed in the statue of liberty under the lights as the background of the Bush Photo --
Ops, hired assistant producers, set makers, handles, lighting and sound specialists, assistant directors and managers who work with major television networks to provide direct information and other accommodations.
Sforza\'s set designer determines the positioning of the Mariners, the color of the air deck smoke, and the immortal music played.
They also make sure there are a lot of black, Latino and female faces in the frame.
Of course, the corporate media greatly appreciated the performance of their leaders.
On MSNBC\'s hard ball, Chris Matthews panted with comments about the incident, while the title was shot on the screen: \"Why are Democrats in Bush\'s
\"We are proud of our president,\" Matthews said . \"
Americans like to have a person who is president, a person who is a little shaken, a person who is in good health. . .
A woman who likes to be presidentCheck it out.
Women like the war.
I think we like to have a hero as our president.
\"Matthews\'s comments are consistent with the enthusiasm of other media commentators.
The savvy political observer, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, has repeatedly called Bush a \"great man\" in aircraft carrier stunts \".
Wolff brancey, Brian Williams, Bob Hever, Joe Klein, David Sanger, and other leading voices from the respected mainstream news and critics are in honor of us.
Young Bush ,(
Great Bush! )
In his most heroic momentThe right-
And guilty of felony, G.
Gordon Riddy expressed a desire for the perimeter of Bush\'s impressive coding section.
He said: \"This gives full play to his manhood . \"
I leave you a quote from Joe Scarborough, which captures the exciting days of the war in Iraq that long ago smelled like victory to the most powerful people in our political discourse.
On April 10, 2003, the day after the statue of Saddam Hussein was overturned in Firdos Square, Scarborough said, \"I\'m waiting to hear, \'I am wrong, some of the best journalists, politicians and Hollywood-type people in the world. . . .
Maybe a disreputable commentator and politician like [Tom]
Daschler, Jimmy Carter, Dennis cuscinch, and all the others are going to move forward tonight, and they are misled by simply acknowledging what we already know to show the content of their character, they were completely wrong.
Maybe, just maybe, these self
The anointed critics will learn from their mistakes. But I doubt it.
After all, we will not call them \"elites\" in vain \".
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