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teen charged with second-degree murder as friends hold vigil for slain ottawa rapper

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
Ottawa police have charged an 18-year-
Old and second in Ottawa
Father and musician Markland \"Jahiant\" Campbell was shot dead on Friday night, and his friend said he rushed to the ByWard Market to defend his daughter.
Donald Musselman appeared in court on a video link Sunday morning, a day after the main criminal detective arrested him.
A judge of the Peace Court ordered Musselman not to contact several people until the next appearance on June 13.
Musselman is still in custody.
Outside the court, Detective Chris Benson and detective Guy seakin said the police did not find a gun.
The shooting took place around 9: 30. m.
Follow the ByWard Market Square between York Street and George Street.
Campbell collapsed on the sidewalk near York Street outside the center ByWard Market building.
He died in the hospital.
On Sunday night, about 100 friends and fans gathered around the corner of York Street and ByWard Market Square to pay tribute to the man known as Jahiant
Half Size giant jump trio.
They lit candles and laid flowers on his fallen sidewalk.
They play his music and remember Campbell\'s lyrical messages against violence and love.
The rest of the midfield giants are Christopher wines and William Moreno.
They met in South Ottawa in their teens.
Campbell, 42, saidyear-
The four-year-old father, shot in the chest, died during surgery.
Wiens said Campbell left work at Shaw center on vacation to protect his daughter at the ByWard Market.
\"He is anxious to defend his 18 th birthday. year-
\"The old daughter called to say that she was attacked by several men, which is her dignity,\" Wiens said on Saturday . \". After a 15-
Half a year ago, HalfSizeGiants recently released an album called \"The rapid development of life.
Wiens says Campbell\'s legacy will be immortal in the song \"Girls You Know\" by Canadian superstar Danny Fernandez.
\"You can hear the passion from the sound of Markland.
He\'s not singing drugs and guns, he\'s not singing Bitch and house.
This is a song about heartbreak.
\"He is a father, a son.
One of my best friends
Earlier this year, half the size of the Giants featured Ottawa Street View and the scenes of the organization\'s young age.
\"Ironically, it\'s a sign that we\'re jumping back in the game and the pace of life is fast and see where we are now,\" Wiens said . \". Around 6 p. m.
On Friday, the group learned that more radio stations would play their music.
They planned a media event.
\"Now the launch of the media starts with obituary,\" Wiens said . \".
According to Wiens, 16-year-old Campbell led a counter
Violent concert of protest.
As Wiens observed, less than a mile from where the 1994 tragedy occurred, Campbell was \"shot and killed maliciously, defending the principles of justice he followed.
Artist and central radio host Justin \"dynamic\" Gunderson says Campbell is the \"pioneer\" of the hip\"hop and reggae.
Campbell deliberately pushed back
Gunderson said his work conveyed a message of violence.
Born in Jamaica, Campbell released a music video for his song \"They shoot young people\" in 2016.
The song, he said, was \"aimed at injustice around the world and made people realize that they should wake up and stop all of this injustice.
\"In Ottawa, the semi-size giant has almost immediately gained popularity --
Jump in the middle of the scene1990s.
The band has a unique musical style that combines British and Spanish rap styles with Campbell\'s reggae style.
They started with Canadian reggae.
On 1993, rapper Snowden went on stage and sat in the civic center behind a motorcycle.
MuchMusic played their music video.
Police reopened the crime scene at ByWard market around 10. m. Saturday.
Anyone arriving after police footage was removed may not have noticed gun violence on Friday night.
People buy fresh produce from vendors under clear skies and sit on the terrace for brunch.
A group of people outside the market floor hand in hand, dancing around, singing You Are My Sunshine.
The deadly shooting was different from other violence that rocked ByWard\'s market. Rideau-Vanier Coun.
The wards of Matieu Fleury, which included the ByWard Market, said the shooting was particularly terrible because there were so many people in the central area at the time. evening hours.
Tourists are packed with tourist areas to watch the NBA finals on TV at bars and restaurants.
\"What we \'ve seen in the last nine years is what\'s happening in the market, whether it\'s fighting or shooting . . . . . . Statistics show that this has happened (when)
\"The bar is closed,\" Fleury said . \"
\"Then big things will happen.
Fleury said he wanted to learn more about the cause of the shooting.
\"At that time there were a lot of people in the market and we wanted it to be a big family --
Friendly tourists
Friendly. \"He said.
Jeff Darwin, executive director of the Ottawa market, said the organization has done its best to maintain safety that covers day time.
\"We brought children and families back to our public markets through improvements in programs and the public domain,\" Darwin said . \". “Since Jan.
2018, we have invested heavily in private security, security cameras and security lighting within and around the ByWard Market building.
\"Berhe Hagos, a New York street vendor, said people were carried to the sidewalk outside a restaurant near his booth on Friday night.
When he closed, he saw the police car rush into the area outside the ByWard Market Center building.
Hagos, who has been selling goods in the market since 1996, laughed at people who think the market is a dangerous area.
\"I \'ve been around the world,\" hargos said . \"
Ottawa is the safest place, he said.
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