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technology is taking over design fairs in 2018

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
Technology today
Obsessed with the world, there are new technological advances every day.
Technology is rapidly changing the design needs and needs of our global population, so it permeates design in many ways --
Even in the event that was once considered a real simulation.
The world\'s leading design week now showcases incredible designs that use technology to create interactive and immersive products and spaces.
Over the past few years, Super brands like Nike and BMW have shown their tents at design shows --
And then there\'s a huge amount of attention.
Historically, large businesses, like outsiders, seem to be involved in sales.
It\'s technology\'s turn this year.
However, there is a difference now: the technology brand is largely welcomed with open arms.
At multiple design weeks and exhibitions, technology is changing the expectations of design presentation and ultimately providing new solutions for cuttingedge design.
\"Milan offers a great place to start a conversation with a global creative audience,\" said Oke Hauser, creative director of Mini Life, whose company participated in the annual Design Expo.
\"After all, design makes our world more human.
The combination of function and beauty, the combination of practicality and beauty, enhance our senses and create pure moments of joy.
\"Hauser is obviously not alone in that feeling;
This is how other design weeks embrace technology this year.
Stockholm design weekly shows the partnership between smart bulb company Philips and Ames Studios.
It combines lighting design with Information Media to create a 360-
Four LED televisions will transport visitors to different locations.
The exhibition opens between several facilities in the city with the aim of having a dialogue about the way light and information will work in the future.
\"At first, you\'ll see this simple house structure that represents an early stage of the design process,\" explains Amanda Ames, creative director at Ames Studios . \".
\"Then the door will ship the tourists to different places in a week.
One door is a door, we can see the Swedish light phenomenon in the north, the other is the location of the Swedish furniture fair, the third door is the showroom, and so on.
By playing perspective games, we can expand our space without restriction.
\"For Ames and her team,
The technical approach provides a way to interact with designers and passers-.
\"We are starting to approach the briefing and need to create a public space for an open invitation,\" Ames said . \".
\"Design week around the world often has two audiences, the eyes of the public and the core circle.
Here, we would like to welcome everyone to the event of the week and everything that happens to it, as well as to enter a space for inviting interaction and enlightenment.
On April, the Milan Design weekly google exhibition \"Softwear\" made headlines.
But Google is not the only technology.
The focus brand debuted in Milan\'s most technically advanced design week.
Some of the other outstanding works include \"My first self\", the interactive device exhibition at Sanzhai lifetime flagship store, and Sony\'s \"hidden senses\", which explores the smallest way to communicate with technology, from the partition that changes the atmosphere of the space to the dance floor that responds to the movement.
Another prominent exhibition is the exhibition called \"breath/ng\" held by Kengo Kuma and Associates, which uses a unique contamination
Neutralise the fabric to create an interactive device that cleans the air through its design.
London architecture festival G-
\"Trainer installation\" is the London building Festival and G-SMATT Europe.
The temporary installation uses the latest technological innovations in \"smart glass\", creating interactive video media that displays different visuals while being able to see the partitions.
Smart glass is made of discolored glass material for the development of smart windows.
The San Francisco Design Week has more than 35 events in the San Francisco design week this year, focusing on the integration of design and technology.
From big brands to big ideas, they show that technology is a necessary aspect of our current design needs.
Every breakout session argues that making advanced technology accessible and easy to use for everyday consumers is a well-designed job.
London Design Festival-London Design Festival
Starting on September 15-
We are committed to holding exhibitions to explore how we can better understand our world using technology.
The Prism of Matsuda Hui Yi is a good example.
\"The exhibition will show another view of London by showing an invisible stream of data on a screen suspended in the air.
It explores key topics, namely, our relationship with data, and how this relationship creates complex problems in culture and morality.
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