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tauranga street lights to change to led lighting

by:Marslite     2019-12-29
Residents of Tauranga will start seeing changes in their street lights next year, and the city will convert to LED lighting.
The Tauranga City Council has begun to renovate street lights throughout the city, replacing about 7000 street lights in residential areas.
Matua\'s work has already started and will be held
In other parts of the city.
Martin Parkes, acting general manager, infrastructure, Tauranga City Council, said
LEDs (LED)were energy-
High efficiency, resulting in less carbon emissions than standard street lights, low maintenance costs, and better overall lighting quality.
\"We chose 3000 Kelvin lights for the street lights, because they give warm white light.
\"The main change that residents may notice is the color of the light.
Unless there are LED lights on the streets of the residents, the color of the lights will change from yellow/orange to warm white.
When the LED light is more directional, the light drops and the light mode may change.
Residents may notice minor changes in light levels compared to standard lights, and a comprehensive lighting survey will be conducted at the end of the project to determine areas where light is insufficient.
Adjustments will be made to optimize the light level.
Decorative street lamp accessories in some residential areas and nearby areas will be replaced by LED lamp accessories, and the appearance of some street lamps may change.
Glen crosser of the Sustainable Business Network is pleased that the council is using the government\'s plan to replace old street lights with LED lights.
\"We think this work is part of a shift to a low-carbon economy that will eliminate the need for coal --
Use electricity during peak hours.
\"Most importantly, some of us may miss the red color --
Orange light from old lights. The council is replacing them with warm LEDs that can improve safety and reduce light pollution without being negatively affected by the blue led.
\"We commend the Commission for choosing and selecting the best lighting type for our local community research,\" he said . \".
This project is working together.
Funded by the Council and the New Zealand transport authority.
NZTA paid 85 for the project.
There are 11-
Consider the annual return on investment in energy and maintenance.
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