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take control of your led tape with dmx

by:Marslite     2019-12-03
Have you ever thought about remaking the lighting effects in your own home bar or nightclub?
Maybe you want your color changing rgb led tape to sync with the music?
All this can be done with DMX.
DMX, the \"digital multiplexing\", was the first digital communications industry standard developed in 1986 to control dimmer.
Overtime it has been developed for a wide range of different lighting and effects equipment, including smoke/fog machines, stage lamps and Rotary Lights, for creating most of the visual lighting displays during performances and festivals.
The complete DMX system consists of a DMX controller that is connected to the device through a communication cable length.
The controller can be anything that is compatible with a communication cable, such as a computer, laptop, mixer, wall panel and even a microphone.
For example, a lighting technician can use a microphone to activate the lighting on the stage noise and synchronize it with the beat of the drum.
DMX controller using 8-
Bit language is similar to the language used by a computer when it \"speaks\" to peripherals, such as mice and keyboards.
The correct technical name for the DMX is DMX \"512.
\"Digital 512 refers to the number of\" channels \"or control options available in a single DMX port (also known as\" universe.
\"Depending on the DMX controller, the number of available ports/universes is different, but it is theoretically possible to have an unlimited number of ports and therefore an unlimited number of channels.
Channels are assigned to the device to control a single property of the device, such as speed, brightness, or movement.
For example, the channel on the mixing table can be used to control the color, brightness, pattern or speed of the LED emergency light, all of which can be controlled by a separate channel.
One of the benefits of DMX is that these individual attributes can be controlled independently of all the other attributes, which allows users to program their lights more precisely according to their preferences.
The most common cables used with cat systems are CAT5 and RS485, both of which are capable of carrying DMX protocols/signals.
Most domestic DMX installations are a very simplified version of the commercial stage setting used by concerts or theaters, where the mixing tables are replaced by a combination of basic wall panels and DMX drivers.
The \"dip switch\" on the DMX drive is set to \"on\" and the LED tape light is manipulated using the settings on the wall panel.
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