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We had David Paul Kuhn, the chief political writer, take a car and drive from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.
Through all battlefield states-which are expected to be the most competitive in the presidential election.
With a pen, laptop, camera and a lot of stuff without Doz in his hand, Cohn is sending back a briefing to provide an impression and snapshot of a determined country.
Morgan town of West Virginia stretches south to the north of West Virginia.
Coal and Steel have driven the region.
In Morgan Town, West Virginia, steeler has a lot of fans.
The declining industrial city, located in the green hills, doubled its population to 26,000 when the University of West Virginia met.
Two weeks before the students returned from the summer vacation, few cars passed.
The Trump group summons the Chinese customs officer Eric Garner to judge that you will feel that Kathy Simpson likes this because she and her daughter are sitting outside the Dairy Queen.
At dusk just past the school year, Fairmont Avenue is full of party students.
\"Before I became smarter, I was once a Democrat,\" she said.
Kathy smiled, blushed and put the joke aside.
\"I just feel like Democrats prefer to enjoy rights, just think they should get things without working hard for them.
Kathy is voting for Bush.
Her daughter Melissa admitted with contradictory laughter that she voted for Ralph Nader four years ago.
When asked why, she was unsure, shrugged her shoulders and giggled again.
This election, Melissa said, \"I have not fully decided yet;
I\'m waiting for the debate.
\"Melissa, a graduate of West Virginia University, put her Oreo Blizzard aside.
\"I Trust Bush more in terms of security,\" she said . \"
\"I don\'t know where Kerry came from, and I don\'t like him always.
Talk about the problem, say one thing, and then say another.
He just seems to want to please voters.
\"What makes you think Kerryflops?
\"Just everything,\" Melissa raised her eyes as she looked for the reason.
\"What is that, what did I cast, and then what did I cast, something like that? \" she asks me.
About $87 billion for Iraq?
\"Yes,\" she said. Her 11-year-
Sister Janice gently pushed her with her knee and said, \"it\'s good,\" and perhaps none of them realized they were repeating the lead ad for the Bush campaign.
Tens of millions of people have gone to voters like Melissa to show that Kerry seems to be at odds with himself on the Iraq issue, and he has tripped over his policies.
Kathy asked Melissa to say what she thought.
She listened to Melissa\'s explanation that she was leaning towards Kathy\'s candidateBush. Kathy\'s 18-year-
The old daughter is not here.
She\'s going to Kerry.
If Janice could vote, she would support Bush.
The skinny blonde bit her Brownie blizzard.
\"I know him better and he\'s always there and he helps the country,\" she said shyly . \".
\"When we felt sad, he helped us when the tower collapsed. Melissa agreed.
She realized that the economic situation was a major issue in this election, and in most of each election she added that she had found a job as a sales and marketing manager as soon as she graduated.
\"I don\'t find any problems with the economy.
\"The economy is going downhill.
I can\'t find a job anywhere.
Many of my friends have graduated and have found nothing.
Melo Mweene, 21, said: \"College graduates offer pizza
One-year-old student at WVU.
Four years after leaving his family in Zambia, Melo wanted to stay in the United States.
\"This is the most beautiful country in the world,\" he said of his distant home.
He could not expect a job in Zambia. Here he can.
He was very upset to stand in the center of the city with his friends.
Melo, who is almost always smiling, says he wants to have a business to control his future.
He\'s tall and thin.
Friend Shami interjected.
His eyelids are half.
But he\'s already up.
\"I have a lot of graduating friends, you know, who are still getting a minimum wage job,\" he said on his WVU sweatshirt . \".
\"They can\'t find a job for the major they have learned.
But these universities are making money.
He barely caught a glimpse of the campus.
Although Shami pointed out, \"Kerry is a shady person, they are all voting for Kerry.
He felt from the heart that he could not tell what the Democratic nominee was \"suspicious.
This is a democratic country.
Since the Great Depression, the West Virginia legislature has been controlled by the Democratic Party.
But Bush won the five electoral votes in 2000, when Vice President Gore did not run and visit.
Bush, by contrast, has long begun to focus on the country and touch on its inherent cultural conservatism.
Kerry knew Bill Clinton had won 1996 of West Virginia\'s vote by 20%.
He knows that every Republican in West Virginia has two Democrats.
Melo and Shami may be Democrats, but they are also black in a white state of 94%. They are first-
Generation of Americans
They said they felt they were accepted by people but not by the system.
They travel more than most people.
\"Americans hate it,\" Shami said . \"
\"We need to make some changes.
I\'m voting for Kerry.
I saw the Democratic convention.
His speech was great.
I was moved by it.
\"Now it\'s time to tell us that we don\'t have to go to war . \"
My brothers, including the Iraqis, are dying.
It is time for change and peace.
Hope can bring.
But even if he can\'t, I won\'t vote for Bush.
Shami: \"It must be over.
We have a chance.
\"We need peace . \"
Shami agreed with him, \"We need peace ! \"
\"What was it when you said we had a chance?
\"After 9/11,\" replied Shami, \"but we go straight to revenge, and then we go to the wrong people.
\"What is the result of your vote?
\"Realism,\" Shami replied . \".
\"They sold the war to us. What\'s going on?
Melo: \"It\'s like the product you bought on TV --
But they took our taxes and we had no choice.
Realizing that this is not the problem, he added, \"It\'s not necessarily a problem.
You just want to believe your president.
Shami: \"You must have honor in that office.
You are the most powerful person in the world.
\"I don\'t care if people lie about their sex life.
But if you lie to our happiness or money, it\'s a problem for me.
\"In the Morgan town high school class at the 94-year party, the disco lights flashed.
Michael Jackson hosted a banquet in the downtown ballroom.
Frank Spina, 38, his yellow shirt buckled and chatted with friends in the cool air outside, shrouded in mountains over the city
\"It\'s interesting.
It\'s good to see old friends.
\"It\'s amazing to see how fast time is going,\" Frank said . \".
\"From then on, all the memories have come back.
I remembered some of the time I shared with my friends.
We were just chatting at the buffet.
\"Back in high school, Frank was a Democrat.
Neat hair and beard, about 5-foot-
9. He called himself \"pro\" today. life/pro-gun Republican.
\"He would normally vote for the Republican Party, but this year he said he would not vote for Bush.
Republicans don\'t support it. life enough. Democrats -
That\'s Frank from high school.
\"I am very satisfied with both sides,\" he said . \".
\"If you look [Bush and Kerry]
They all have the skull and bones of the members.
They\'re all bones.
\"In fact, people are not interested in this,\" he said with a smile . \".
His former classmates were listening.
Political return to high school.
Did you see an old lover at this party?
\"They didn\'t show up,\" he replied with a shrug. \"some beautiful ladies, but none of my own loved ones.
\"Is this a bit disappointing?
\"In fact, it\'s good to see good friends.
\"How did you change from high school?
\"I am almost the same person.
\"I think we are all changing over time, 20 years later, you want you to be smart, you want you to have that kind of wisdom at the time,\" he replied . \".
\"But I will tell you that life is getting better and better,\" he said optimistically . \"
But he also wants to convince himself that this is true.
\"Although I have gained a little weight in the past 20 years \"--
Frank is a skinny man-
\"I feel 100% better than I used to be in high school.
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