sweaty swedes dance their lunch hours away at alcohol-free parties

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
Some workers in Sweden have found an alternative way to spend their lunch time. Actually, on-
Beat is more like it.
Dripping with sweat and sweat under the disco lights, they danced to the pulsating club music at the lunch beat, a trend that began in the city of Stockholm and is spreading to other cities in Europe.
Then they went back to work.
\"It\'s great!
Asa Anderson, 33, exclaimed that she quit her job at a coffee shop last week and gave up some action.
\"This is my first time here. I am very happy, ecstatic, sweaty and energetic.
There is nothing better than this.
On June 2010, the first lunch was held in an underground parking lot in the city of Stockholm.
Only 14 people were present.
But they had a good time and planned another thing right away.
Now, the Swedish capital attracts hundreds of people for lunch every month.
Similar events were held in at least 10 other Swedish cities, as well as in Finland and Serbia.
Organizers say Portugal\'s first attempt will take place in Porto next month.
The party lasts for an hour from noon.
Daniel oddstad, 31, said there was no alcohol, which gave it a different atmosphere than the night clubyear-
The old organizer for Lunch Beat Stockholm.
\"People are awake, it is in the middle of the day, very short, effective and intensive,\" he said . \".
\"All you need to do is go in and dance because the time is over soon.
According to this recommendation, nearly 500 people paid 100 crowns ($14)
Visit kurtuhouse, a cultural center in the heart of Stockholm.
As long as some simple rules are followed, anyone can organize a Lunch Beat event, says Odelstad.
\"The first rule of the Lunch Beat is that you have to dance,\" he said while checking out prepaid tickets at the door.
\"If you don\'t want to dance during lunch time, then you should have lunch elsewhere.
The event is not-for-
Profits, including the cost of rent and sandwiches, so that dancers do not return to work hungry. Some first-
Time visitors are surprised to find that the Swedes who usually book broke out from their shells so fast.
When the DJ cheered the base, the office staff mixed up with business --
Suit type, the young man mixed it with the middle
The elderly and college students dance with everyone.
Kristoffer Svenberg, 34, said: \"It\'s like a bang, going straight into the discoyear-old artist.
But is it uncomfortable to go back to the office after an hour of dancing?
Workers in Europe, a little more relaxed than Americans, say no.
Ellen Benson, 29, got up for lunch with a dozen people in a government office.
\"It\'s great,\" she said . \"
\"We Sweat back together.
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