summit board of education recognizes school and community leaders

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
On Thursday, May 14, the Board of Education held a special commendation and appointment meeting.
Board member Tom O\'Rourke was nominated as chairman of the board by Jack Lyness, vice president, to succeed outgoing president Patricia Calhoun.
Board members Eleanor Doyle and Karin Henning endorsed the support of community leaders, starting with Mayor Jordan Grat and extending to the entire common Committee: Diane Claus, Andy Michael Vernotico, dave Bomgaars and Ellen Dixon, president of the Council.
The school estimates that the committee includes Mr.
Mr. Getzendanner.
Lark and Mayor Glatt are especially grateful for their efforts during the budget process. Dr.
Joseph Retta, deputy director of the Concussion Center at Overlook Hospital, was recognized for hospital treatment campaigns
Related and mild brain injury.
He treated Alex, son of school board member George lucach, who had a concussion while playing football in 2007. With Dr.
With the help of repulse, the Summit area is working on a strengthened agreement to deal with such harm.
Richard Spangler, executive vice president of investor Savings Bank, accepted a resolution acknowledging the bank\'s $22,000 funding for high school gym improvements and high school PTO outdoor terrace projects.
The summit Community Bank was commended for donating $100 in savings bonds to each student per month at the summit.
The summit Education Foundation has been named for its 20-year support for the region, with more than $2 million in teacher development projects.
Nola ladest, chairman of the sea sef, and Ramby Newsham, board member, Julie Keenan, Amy disibio, Lynn Forsell, Nicole Bloomfield, Mora
The summit District Public Foundation provides $10,000 for lighting and sound systems at Franklin School and for outdoor dining at Summit High School.
Joanne McDonough and David Dietze accepted the resolution.
The PTA/PTO Presidential Council, represented by President Karen Honold, was recognized.
Contributions from individual organizations were cited in each primary, secondary and high school.
Sheri and Tony Williamson, president of the summit music Parents Association, thanked them for raising $24,000 on the pledge day;
$10,000 in scholarships;
Provide more than $6,000 in enrichment funds to guest professionals;
Other initiatives to support music and theater projects in the region.
The summit Supporters Association, represented by Barbara Stok, raised $26,000 for band transport, tennis equipment storage, the Howie Anderson Scholarship, senior sporting banquets and sports program support. SPARC (
Committee on performing arts resources
Raised $9,000 for stage lighting this year;
Provide a high school grant of $5,000 to support forensic and performance workshops;
Among other activities, the secondary school grants $2,000 and the primary school drama program grants $6,000.
The resolution was accepted by Vice President Nancy mien, Beth Dole and Melissa Stein.
The chairman of the speech summit, Melanie Wilson, accepted a resolution that required the organization to establish strong communication links with regional administrators and to accept its work to inform the public about issues.
Women\'s contact with the family was commended for its kindergarten program, child care enrichment program, and partnerships with school districts.
The resolution was accepted by Executive Director Peggy Hegan and director of the youth program Heather Pestel.
The summit District YMCA received recognition from the Latino Leadership Academy at Summit High School and received a series of low support
Income for students and the entire community.
On behalf of Team Y are Janet Olette Mobeck and Terry Clinton.
Mark Ozoroski of the community program Department accepted a resolution asking the department to play a role in arranging sports fields and facilities, free and reduced lunch programs, summer employment opportunities, etc.
Caroline linderbury, who shaped the summit, joined the group\'s city podium.
A wide range of projects such as the annual Martin Luther King
Service Day, Youth Centre plan and other initiatives.
Special education parent counseling, represented by Amy Larsson, works with special services to support parents of classified students.
The 37 Youth Festival is hosted by Lisa ohern and Marianne soufern to celebrate the talent of middle school students from Berkeley Heights, hillsides, New Providence and Samit.
More than 1,200 students participated.
Two committees, including current and former district administrators, were recognized.
The media literacy Steering Committee directs technical initiatives, including the opening of a live TV studio in high school.
District quality Single Accountability continuous Committee
Assessment required by the state.
The summit was designated by the education commissioner as a \"high performance zone \".
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