stringing for subsistence

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
She carefully opened the hem of the gorgeous curtains, and coy took a look.
Dressed in gorgeous costumes, she set foot in the spotlight and performed a vigorous dance.
When the applause rang, she took out a napkin and pretended to wipe the sweat off her forehead.
When you find that \"she\" is a 3 feet tall puppet, you may join the applause.
Her stage is a green rectangular tent, and her gestures are manipulated with ropes.
Puppet is part of the ensemble recently presented by Sri Murugan Sangeetha Bommalatta Sabha from Kumbakonam in the city, Kumbakonam is a minority in the statetelling.
After 80 T. N.
He also toured the troupe with his son T. S.
Murugan, who is currently in charge of the show.
\"Bommalattam has been popular for centuries.
It was mentioned even in a third country.
String puppets, as a family tradition, have few practitioners today, \"said rues Sankaranathan.
\"With movies, TV soap operas and the Internet, there\'s a lot of things about art.
Although the story we tell has been around for centuries, we use everyday terms.
We draw on contemporary similarities and introduce a lot of humor to keep the show attractive, \"T. S.
Murugan believes that change is the order of the times of modern audiences.
The stage lights are effectively utilized, and the keyboard replaces the harmony that provides rich sound.
\"While this is a folk art, telling stories in folk music is not good in all respects.
When we use traditional \"music\" in the countryside, when we perform in sabhas, pop movie songs are introduced in city and carnatic music.
\"Bommalatam usually performs at temple festivals and country markets.
But to maintain these eight
Murugan pointed out that more ways are needed.
Offering fresh life rentals for folk art is today\'s themed wedding.
\"Over the past two years, we have received requests to perform at our wedding.
It is believed that bommalattam\'s performance is a refreshing change compared to the usual orchestra.
This is a popular trend. ”Yet, Mr.
Murugan is skeptical about the future of art.
\"There are not many people learning Bommalattam.
Someone learns the ropes and leaves halfwayway.
As art blends music, drama, and script creation, it\'s challenging for many people.
Although the troupe interweaves social information in the narrative, it is not feasible to fully adapt to the modern theme because it requires a new set of puppets.
A large puppet costs Rs.
15 thousand people, including wood, painting and clothing, shared the puppetry. Mr.
Murugan and his troupe believe that the government sponsors and guides art.
The school\'s curriculum activities will greatly help to maintain the art of telling stories.
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