street scene : 8th l.a. festival gets off to a deafening start

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
A group of sponsors are hoping to dance, eat and binge with Joan Rivers on Saturday in Los Angeles\'s diversity, becoming the top 1 million. Stevie Wonder and Mayor Tom Bradley are taking place on the first day of the city\'s eighth annual street festival.
Two men in 30-foot-
Metal scaffolding tower loaded with heavy lighting equipment fell on the super stage of Times Square at about 2: 30m.
Police reported that about 15 people were arrested during the first full-day celebration on the 13 th, but there were few other problems
Los Angeles civic center block, except for traffic jams in the city center.
The super stage scaffolding accident forced a large evening performance--
Including miracles and rivers-
On the smaller stage facing the town hall in the Spring Street, many onlookers could not hear or see.
Before the concert began, however, the streets of spring were packed with people.
Onlookers lined up on the lower city hall ledge and roof, hung on trees and lampposts, while listeners approached the stage from the north and south.
There was a scuffle, but there was no major incident.
Despite the conditions, when the miracle finally sang, the crowd roared and Bradley clapped in time to support him in his usual tie and suit.
On Saturday morning, the mayor kicked off the celebration at the City Hall. By that time, some of the drumming in more than 300 live performances scheduled for 21 stages of the festival had begun to echo in downtown buildings.
At the beginning of the festival, artist Danny dent drew a five with four brushes in his hand. foot-
Bradley\'s song \"L. \" in just over five minutes. A.
\"My Lady\" and \"we love L. A.
Play in the background.
To the delight of the audience, Bradley then visited the civic center, accompanied by festival chairman Sylvia curliff and entertainment director Jerry Goldstein, he is carrying a glass case with Michael Jackson socks, and the socks will be pulled out in order to raise funds for the Mexican earthquake relief work.
As Bradley passed, the band members and sales staff cheered, followed by at least 100 opening spectators and two Chinese leaders dancing to the beat of the Eastern cym band.
The jubilant crowd represents a cross.
Over time, part of the city\'s population expands to tens of thousands, packing in the streets between 300 craft shows and food stalls, absorbing the sun, music and people.
\"This is one of the few opportunities to see people of every race, faith, skin color and age from small children to big people. . .
Hal McDonald, 56, at Huntington Beach, watched an exciting folk dance show in front of the town hall, he said.
\"A few people hit me and said,\" I\'m sorry \'.
Without a very special atmosphere, this will never happen in this crowd.
\"The people and elders of the rainbow
The face drawn from the arts and crafts booth is still wet, punk rock singers with spikes, purple hair, and seniors leaning on crutches stand on stage around Oman\'s folk music ensemble and Soul Train dance shows.
Most of the stalls are very popular, but the sales of the two stalls are not \"L. A.
\"Street Scene\", the new theme song of the festival sung by Donnie Osmond.
A salesperson who declined to be named estimated that less than 50 records were sold at 4 p. m.
Producers had hoped to sell 10,000 songs by the end of today\'s festival.
On Saturday night, police at the Special Street site Command Post reported that about 15 people were arrested when the day was large, mainly because there were no charges of breaking up and throwing objects.
Stuart Foreman, a Central Division official, reported that traffic around the Civic Center was \"heavily congested \".
On Saturday afternoon, the close performance of opera group silencedmeeting music from nearby performances troubled the American opera house, forcing eight opera singers and their pianists to stop performing after the scheduled 90 minutes
A minute.
The group had similar problems at film festivals in previous years, but never stopped performing.
\"It should be a festival for all music,\" said Director Carmela Candela . \" She packed up the band\'s performance gear in the gallery of the town hall, a piece of marble, less than two blocks from the two main rock stages of the cylindrical area.
\"There are only rocks and rocks now. I\'m furious.
\"Tell me, is it necessary to be so loud ? \"
She asked, to the huge 18-
On the podium across the street, singer Bo Williams performed deafening performances with children all over the world.
\"We only have two small horns.
How do we compete?
\"Onlookers are afraid of super stage accidents, which happened at Miami sound company and Jo-
Hundreds of onlookers were frightened and two stage workers were injured.
Dave Holcolmb, one of the injured, said the scaffolding \"collapsed in the domino effect\" and damaged a set of drums and some speakers.
When Holcolmb jumped off the platform to escape the falling metal frame, he was startled.
Another unidentified man was dislocated on his shoulder.
Both were taken to the local hospital by ambulance.
\"The wind is like a big tornado or something,\" said Ted Gonzalez. \"I heard the crash and everyone was screaming . \" He sells paintings nearby.
\"There\'s a big one (video)
The screen was on it and the wind just grabbed it, wow, it\'s all over.
\"Thank God it happened when the scaffold collapsed,\" Jami Sonnier said . \" His husband is about to start performing.
The program, originally scheduled for the super stage, was transferred, and a spokesman said that the activities prepared for the stage today may also be rescheduled and the new location will be announced later.
To a large extent, however, people turn a blind eye to any problem.
\"It\'s so beautiful,\" said Robert Green, who came back from his home in the South --
Enjoy a celebration in the central area of Los Angeles.
\"I tried a lot of food and music or I would never try it.
\"The festival will last until 10 in the evening. m.
Jackson Brown, Richard Pryor, James Brown and several \"surprise shows\" performed today.
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