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by:Marslite     2019-10-10
The Stratford War Memorial Center shook the voice of the first Stratford and Regional Service Awards --
Romeos on Friday night and all the people who attended were raving about the event.
325 guests or \"stars\" as they are for the evening, walking on the red carpet in style, including being filmed by paparazzi.
As they entered the venue, they immediately received an amazing display, concentrating the beautiful round tablecloth set and the stage itself, with two huge \"romeo\" statues on both sides perfectly decorated and
Like Oscar.
Leon Gray provides wonderful music for guests
Lockhart is a talented pianist.
Before the ceremony, he entertained the guests and sat them together.
At the beginning of the event, John Sandford, president of the Strafford Business Association, welcomed the importance of shopping locally and the value and loyalty of a small community.
John did a good job, too.
Thanks to Raewyn Gordon and Gordon Gray-
Lockhart organized the event tonight.
Then the main event, the awards ceremony itself.
Host Gordon Gray brings an exciting introduction track
When Lockhart walked to the stage, he joked with the audience and explained the order of the evening.
The honor was soon hosted by \"celebrity guest\" Brian Jeffries (aka Tom Cruise)
Waggs for Mary Bourke (more FM)
Former mayor of South Taranaki)
Deputy mayor Neil walzke (
He officially started running for mayor)
New Plymouth District councillor and television star John Marsh McLeod.
Awards are announced in five categories as follows: Best Presentation business-Paper Plus;
Colonel Malone\'s best service woman-
Brown Maudette (In Stitches);
Runner-up Robin Watson (TSB Bank)
Best service for menKevan Old (G&I Automotive);
Runner-up Gordon aswood (
Astwood electrician)
Best Service non-retail business-
B creative printing and graphics;
Best Service commercial retail-runner-up Mountain car workshopCottage Lane;
All the winners received a mini Romeo statue, certificate, bouquet and a huge bottle of champagne.
Between the two performances, there were many very talented Stratford performing two very interesting short plays on the stage.
In the evening, the Oakland band Rezin completed the wonderful dance and entertainment (ex-Toko boys)
His songs are well mixed.
From delicious dining to amazing lighting and sound effects, it was absolutely successful throughout the evening --
To put it simply, many local businesses are recognized for providing excellent services on their own and on a daily basis.
It doesn\'t matter if you\'re just nominated for an honor.
See our 4 for more details
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For photo orders, or if you would like to see a photo taken by a disposable camera, please send an email to Raewyn rgordon @ stratford. govt. nz.
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