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Legend has it that there is a friendly ghost named George on the main stage of the Royal Theatre Center in Manitoba.
Spirit of residents-
The company\'s teenage son, the former administrator of the home of the Dominion theater-
This week there will be a woman in black, who is the revenge, funny ghost of Susan Hill\'s creepy 1983 novels of the same name for the stage.
Ghost stories told in theatrical form are very rare.
In fact, it will be many lists starting with Christmas carols.
It\'s strange because actors, directors and backstage people say the theater is scary.
In order not to let any Phantom appear, most theater administrators have left one
Called ghost lights overnight.
Actor Ross MacMillan said: \"When there are no people around, the theater is a unique and terrible place . \" He performed in black woman on Thursday, March 19 at rm
The experienced Winnipeg actor remembers after an opening night many years ago, he was alone in the background, wandering in the empty Silent Theater, wary of anything lurking in the shadows.
\"It\'s scary,\" he said . \"
\"What you fear most is hearing any kind of voice because it tells you it\'s not empty.
\"Macmillan wants him to cause their goose bumps when the audience watches\" Women in Black \", and since 1987,\" Women in Black \"has been scaring British people in London.
Its reputation is that it has a second
Longest non-Western Run
The musical behind the rat trap.
The premiere was held in Scarborough Town, Yorkshire, where the manager had to spend an extra £ 1,000 grant, and he recruited resident playwright Stephen malatante to stage a ghost story quickly and cheaply.
Mallatrant felt a sting while reading Hill\'s book and was eager to adapt to it --
12 characters are required.
His genius is
Think of it as a play and only need two talking actors.
Women in Black pay attention to timid lawyer Arthur Kepp (McMillan)
Thirty years ago, she was sent to end the affairs of a woman who had recently died, fearing that the house was cursed and that no one in her house wanted to be near.
Now, as an old man, Kipps wants to dispel the ghosts of the past by recruiting a young actor (Eric Blais)
Retell his experience at an empty Victoria Theater.
The key question surrounding the woman in black is whether the audience in 2015 will really be scared by the live broadcast on the stage.
\"We\'re here to scare people,\" director Rob Patterson said bluntly . \".
The reasons for the existence of this play are set forth in the preface, which states that its sole purpose is to scare people.
The playwright also pointed out that \"darkness is a powerful ally of terror.
What is caught in the corner is much more terrible than what is fully observed.
\"In terms of increasing the tension of black women, the less the better.
Lighting and sound cues will play a key role with the script and actors.
A lot of work will be left to the imagination of the audience.
\"I don\'t think the main stage has ever been as gloomy and gloomy as it is now,\" MacMillan said . \"
\"It gives you the impression that this huge basement is terrible.
As long as we keep a certain level of tension in the air, it only takes something slightly unexpected to happen to scare people.
\"I think there will be screams.
\"When it comes to the type of thriller, theater drama is secondary --
Violin movies, which can increase suspense with big-
Budget effects, hair-
Improve music and nerves
Camera angle.
On the stage, reality must be fabricated.
Like all the good things, it\'s all in my mind.
\"In horror films, there are blood, gore, chainsaw, Freddy Kruger knives,\" Patterson said . \".
\"Everything is dramatic on the stage.
You don\'t have special effects and make-up.
No blood or stab wounds.
You don\'t see anyone die.
You can see all this in horror movies.
\"Neither Patson nor Macmillan believed in ghosts, nor did they see them, but they allowed the so-called spiritual presence.
\"I think I\'m agnostic,\" said Macmillan, who played a recurring role in the local TV series.
\"I have heard from those who are upright that they have seen them and I feel that it is beyond reproach.
I have no reason not to believe them or to think they had a bad ham sandwich. \"The Scottish-
Earlier this season, in the Manitoba Theater Project, Michael Healy\'s political parody of pride saw the birth of Macmillan, which many might think is a good character.
He plays Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who says the heart of Harper is a lingering emptiness --
Unlike his role in black woman.
\"Kipps is a good one-
\"Caring people are trying to overcome the trauma,\" MacMillan said . \".
\"Harper is not-so-good-
The kind-hearted people went out to cause trauma. \"kevin.
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