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by:Marslite     2019-10-06
If you want to relieve the tense muscles, go to the quiet Myrah Spa, in its new place --
Juhu Marine DriveMyrah Spa has opened a branch and recently opened a trendy branch opposite breezy Marine Drive.
When I visited the spa, it surprised me with its chic decor --
European architecture, mosaics, Spanish tiles and ceilings, inspired by the actual constellation, have special lighting effects that help create a mood.
However, under the guidance of Fabio Correa in New York, the luxury decoration of Myrah conceived by spa owner neshajavari is not the only impressive thing.
Spa is good at providing a series of ceremonies for individuals and pregnant women-
Be a bride and a couple.
I tried the royal Halo massage at Myrah, it\'s a full head massageto-toe experience.
First of all, I got four massage oils to choose from.
The experience included a slow massage and progression to reflexology, which made me completely calm and relaxed.
To add another dimension to my experience, the masseur used an aromatic hot Thai pouch covering my neck
Sore neck and shoulder muscles.
What is surprising is the addition of the media --
The horizontal stretch makes it my perfect package.
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