stage lighting-fundamentals and applications.

by:Marslite     2019-12-07
At first glance, the building lighting practitioner understands better why the book should be seen as a supplement to his/her Reference Library.
Although many lighting design giants have begun their career in dramatic lighting, there are still many commendable places in the stage lighting industry, by combining significant printed information with the opportunity to access the online application chapter, this book undoubtedly adds to this legacy. [
Slightly] IllustrationsThis no-frills, black-and-
White publications provide a wide range of valuable information, from obvious drama to non-dramaso-
Clear discussion in chapter 17 on retail and museum lighting, architectural lighting and even landscape lighting.
The bonuses found in these chapters and other chapters are a brief introduction to the designers involved in the discussion in this chapter, in which case Robert Shuk.
The middle is a section on the nature of light, light and perception, color and its effects, lighting design points and general lighting basics.
While all of these chapters contain information familiar to architectural lighting practitioners, they are always presented from a unique perspective of the theater.
Therefore, the functional unit of light, while starting from \"visibility\", quickly shifts to topics such as \"setting up Scene\", \"modeling\" and \"mood, \"Focus\", \"composition\", \"style\", \"staging story\" and \"rhythm \".
\"This change in perspective is the main reason why this book deserves serious consideration by architects.
A big weakness of this book is the discussion about the type of lights.
While it is clear that a limited light palette has been used in the history of dramatic lighting, the book sets its own dates in a way that includes led.
In addition to bringing obvious opportunities to the use of dramatic colors, their use has been questioned due to their lack of brightness.
Taking into account the speed of development of LED technology, important discussions for prospective readers, including for LED and to make technology catch up with the new opportunities of the book, will be more valuable.
Leaving aside this criticism, the stage lamp light provides a good reading and real opportunity for construction lighting practitioners ---
Think outside the box.
In this case, replace the box with a drama box. BUY IT . . .
If you want to add lighting design techniques to your toolbox. DON\'T BUY IT . . .
If you\'re looking for a coffee table book about theater lights. Stage Lighting-
Foundation and application of Richard dunhamissn 9780-205-46100-4 www. Pearson Heyer
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