stage challenge, j rock axed, lifeline thrown to performing arts hopefuls

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Participants in the former stage challenge suffered heavy losses in the national competition, but the end of the competition may not mean the end of the opportunity for local school children to perform.
With J Rock, the stage challenge has been canceled for £ 2018, but the lake performing arts company has been rescued.
Rebecca Brake, the company\'s general manager, said the failure of the project was \"absolutely devastating \".
\"This is a bright spot for so many students.
However, we have been talking to many teachers in the area and we have volunteered to start a similar project.
\"Brake said that the company\'s new project will be called the rock stage, and while it is in the early planning stage, it will operate in a similar way to the stage challenge.
This year, the program will be for Waikato and many schools, but Brake hopes it can be expanded nationwide if they find financial support.
\"It will be as similar as the stage challenge and J Rock as possible because people are familiar with the project.
\"We don\'t want to make too many changes,\" Brake said . \".
\"For those who don\'t usually perform the art, it gives them an opportunity to engage in creative activities.
It builds many skills: communication, self-confidence . . . . . . The list of benefits is really endless.
\"As a student, Turanga Mérito took part in the stage challenge and is now the artistic director of the company.
He said losing the game was a \"huge blow\" and it was heartbreaking to think that the students didn\'t have the opportunity he had to take part in the stage challenge.
\"Looking back at high school, I think there are some points that build confidence and life experience, and the stage challenge is definitely one of those critical moments,\" said meilito . \".
\"It will be very sad to see this opportunity no longer appear.
This is an important part of the school calendar.
\"Brake says the company has spoken to stage Challenge organizers who are happy to launch their rock stage.
The stage challenge organizer attributed the cancellation of the program that has been in operation for 25 years to the income of the planned program, which will not be paid.
Leicester Taylor, chairman of the Foundation, said there were several factors in the decision.
He said that the main production costs such as site rental, stage, lighting and sound have been increasing for many years.
Similar fate will not come on stage, Brake said. \"It\'s a non-
Things that make money
We will try to reduce the cost as much as possible and talk to people about venues to minimize the cost as much as possible.
The program has been a highlight of the school calendar during its tenure, she said.
\"If you ask students about the highlights of the year, it\'s usually a challenge on stage,\" she said . \".
\"My son made his first J Rock last year and loved it.
\"Jane Trak, dance teacher at John Paul College, said she was disappointed because some students had been planning for the stage challenge for several months.
\"However, we look forward to finding alternative opportunities for performing arts and dance to experience with our students.
Tina Carlson, a teacher at West Highland High School, also agrees with the comments.
\"This is a very important part of our school year.
\"This competition has benefited our school community and the wider community of Rotorua,\" Carlson said . \".
\"In many ways, this is a very creative and learning opportunity. \" Singer-
Lyquist Liz was surprised to hear what she called the loss of the show through the ceremony.
\"When I was at the Rotorua women\'s high school, I took part in the stage challenge, which was one of the highlights of the school year,\" said in surprise.
\"Stage challenge and J Rock are important opportunities for New Zealand youth to participate in the performing arts.
Students gain confidence, explore their creativity, and learn valuable plays
Make many new friends through stage challenge.
\"Stage challenges incorporate performing arts such as dance, music, design and theater into eight
A minute show
J Rock provides primary and secondary school students with the opportunity to express their creativity through the same artistic channels.
About 200 schools, 16,000 participants and 25,000 spectators each year participate in events held in more than 10 venues across the country.
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