south coast plaza revamps its retailers

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
The general manager of South Coast square likes to remember how you looked down on one of the busy corridors of the Mall 18 years ago and saw only one shop ---the Magic Pan--
\"We had a little financial problem and thank you so much for opening a store like Lynn Holmark,\" said mall manager Jim Henwood . \".
But that was the past. now is the present.
Today, Lynn\'s sign is-
Along with century stationery, Pottery House, New Age, Lee\'s fireplace and Chandler\'s shoes.
Chanel, Renault China, Charles Zhu Dan and FAO Schwartz are all there. The 23-year-old super-
Regional shopping center has just been announced
The scope plan will add more dazzling views to Rodeo Drive-
Style retailers while removing some smaller, less profitable names from their catalog.
These changes include the original South Coast square, Crystal Court Annex, and even the South Coast Village, located opposite Sunflower Avenue.
Overall, 2 150,000 square feet on the south coast.
6 million square feet of retail space will be involved in the interior renovation and store reshuffle, which is the most extensive
Elevator in the history of shopping malls (
Excluding major expansion of department stores).
South Coast Square is not indifferent to old tenants, Henwood said.
\"We are very concerned about the retailers here,\" he said . \"
But times have passed. . .
This is a story of continuous development.
Henwood said: \"If the Costa Mesa Mall develops with the developer\'s plan, South Coast Plaza will be the first center in the United States to break through $1 billion in retail sales at some point in the decade.
His forecast is based on sales data from the south coast. per-
Square feet, standard barometer of retail performance.
The year ending January
The mall has sales of $0. 72 billion, or $420 per square foot.
That means South Coast sales are more than double the median of about $195 per square foot in the country\'s largest supermarket.
According to the city land Institute, a non-profit research organization in Washington, the regional shopping center.
\"I have no doubt that the South Coast is one of the best performing cities in the country,\" said Michael Bayard, director of business development research at the Urban Land Institute. Why the face-lift?
The rule of thumb for the retail industry is that shopping malls and merchants must constantly update their appearance to keep the return of customers.
Retail executives estimate that reshaping can increase sales from 10% to 30%.
As a result, it is not uncommon for malls to throw away stores that do not meet sales expectations and replace them with retailers that offer better sales prospects.
The latest modifications to the south coast do not affect sidewalks, corridors and public areas such as fountains or carousel areas.
On the contrary, retailers themselves spare no effort to help them realize their business with catchy interior decorations.
Retailers like wet seals are adding something special.
This young women\'s shop is being redecorated, doubling its size and adding 16 video walls
Screen with stage lights, TV monitor and concrete boulder sound stage.
Here are some of the main renovation plans in large construction projects
Shopping mall: * in order to make way for Chanel store in early autumn, three retailers are moving.
First of all, Bally of Switzerland, the men\'s and women\'s shoes and accessories store, will move to a selection location in the jewelry square opposite block.
Naturalizer shoes have been moved near May Co.
The second floor.
Rosenthal and Truit are now located next to Bally and its store has doubled in size and moved its men\'s wear accessories to a place opposite the magic pot, in jewelry square and nor
Charles Zhu Dan is upstairs opposite the Barnes department store in New York, where the men\'s and women\'s clothing company is expected to open its first store in California later this month.
Limited, now between Limited Express and Victoria Secret, will expand its size by taking over the space of two neighbors.
Victoria\'s Secret, in turn, is entering Phase II.
Three times the current size of the level store.
Limited said to enter the former Alcott and Android spot Crystal Pavilion.
* Laura Ashley\'s house, a home furnishing store, is scheduled to open earlier on the 5 th, occupying about half of the space that Snowden is now renting
Metz sportswear, now renamed Metz sports.
This will bring Laura Ashley back to her original Laura Ashley, only a few steps away from Laura Ashley\'s mother and children.
* In addition, the toy store FAO Schwartz plans to open a new store in the Carousel Court this spring.
Meanwhile, across from Bear Street in Crystal Court, two people
Level Limited Express should be open on the 5 th, and a pea from the pond maternity store moved into a larger store in April.
In H. South Coast VillageG.
Daniels, an art supply retailer, opened in April with Dawn saddle.
Almost abandoned commercial buildings will soon have tenants.
New shop in South Coast square.
24, 1990: * Opening of Barnes Hotel New York 9,086square-foot store.
April 1990: * 1,271-square-
Foot maternity leave shop
: FAO Schwartz announces 4,915square-foot store.
* Wet Seal from 1,385-square-
Square Feet to 6,775feet.
May 1990: * Opening of Deak International, currency exchange store 1,000-square-foot store.
* Home of Laura Ashley 2,689-square-foot store.
September 1990: Chanel 6,200-square-foot store.
1989: * everything except the beach clothing store Water will open.
* Opening of underwear store Dana Dorset.
* Paper dolls have opened two stores on the first and second floors selling gifts and clothing jewelry.
South Coast villa, 1990: H. G.
Daniels, an art and building goods store, opened a 5,925-square-foot store.
April 1990: The self-governing harness, the equestrian store, opened a 3,241square-foot store.
December 1990: Emperor wealth opened to serve Japanese cuisine.
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