sometimes dusty \'traditions\' need a little light exposure.

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
The tradition of Caroline Hitt\'s columnist can be an interesting concept.
Sometimes you want to stick to it with nostalgic enthusiasm.
Sometimes you want to kick back something that doesn\'t match the age of the last century.
Late introduction-
On Friday night, the six-nation Rugby team always kicked me in the previous camp.
Super Bowl meets Ibiza nightclub-
Razzmatazz\'s game is Wow-
It would be interesting if we won.
But if we lose, everyone thinks disco lights are new.
In the second half, the terror of the fangs led to a lack of territory and property in some way. Late-
After the night defeat intensified
Also match travel chaos.
There is nothing more painful fan experience than the bacchanalian massacre that plunged into Cardiff After Dark, and there is a low swinging bell ringing in your ear, except playing an hour of ice hockey, nolong, cattle-
Grid queue for your train home.
It just gets more. Too hysterical. Too dark. Too disco. Too drunk.
Walk home in pain
After the game, the cold darkness made me eager for the simple fun of Saturday afternoonoff.
Give us a goat, a chorus of men, a game, the last little daylight, one night, celebrate victory or drowsiness with your fellow in the curry house.
However, another viewing experience this week made me feel that there are too many traditions.
Watch in the House of Commons
Bbc2 documentary series on \"entering all fields\" of \"the center of British democracy-
Highlighted what many of us have been worried about: our members actually work on the 19th
Public School for Century Boys
As a child who went to Oxford\'s comprehensive school in the 1980 s, when it enjoyed it
Young Fudge\'s peak of bridesmaids
Dom, I have some experience with tradition that doesn\'t make any sense other than alienating weplebs from provinces.
Please note that some ponciersituals in Oxford seem to exist purely to meet the needs of the Japanese.
Even with your mortar, taking part in the final in full academic attire just adds pressure
The board does provide a convenient receptionist for spare cartridges, poloments and your lucky Gonk.
Only when the long walk to the test School is shown as Nikon miles and half of Tokyo is on our tail are we considered to be providing important services for the British heritage industry.
But other aspects of niuqiao culture seem to be dedicated to shaming people who are not just exchanging a set of niuqiao --
In the transition from students to students, they wore monasteries for another person.
In my university, I was happy to hear that a form of legal bullying was subsequently banned --
North principal, nonsense.
If you commit some minor sin at a formal hall dinner, you will be \"scolded \".
Due to the non-compression brought by sconing, including talking about portraits on the wall, it is easy to get caught for minors. A huge, well-
Then Brassoed tureen full of beer was produced, unfortunately
It\'s usually a small, unpopular red in my year.
Scottish boy
I had to drink it with a loud accompaniment.
If you\'re a product of a small public schoolforthe-
Entertainment courses.
If you\'re from a company in Ponty, it\'s terrible.
Of course, the most annoying tradition in Oxford is the bullingdon Club, the ridiculous and dirty rich ra ras gang, dressed as the 18th.
Restaurants such as Century Danish and Viking robberies were destroyed and Dad was asked to get the compensation bill.
Given that the two bronden boys of my generation are now prime ministers and finance ministers, perhaps I should not be so shocked by the Old Ceremony that still holds the seat of our modern government.
Like in the House of Commons.
Four series of old movies
Most of what is shown is just an extension of the male privilege culture, which is the birthright of the Browden boys.
When the camera glanced at the Gothic power corridor, there were menin tights, maces hammering the door, and prayer cards written on the green leather seat.
The former clerk of the House of Commons, Sir Robert Rogers, gave out his nose smoke for free, and he seemed to have inherited the wardrobe and facial hair of the person who occupied the same role as Gladstone\'s boss.
There\'s no shortage of nose smoke, but wi-
The Fi report is obviously a problem.
But don\'t worry, while Internet access is unreliable, there is still a place for MPs to hang swords.
Charles Kennedy was given the power to move around in other parts of the House of Commons, like a somewhat confused tourist, not a member of parliament over the age of 30, who showed the cloakroom.
Here, some pink ribbons are attached to the hanger to store the weapons.
There is no real rapper, but, as a happy respite, a wooden sword hangs across from the hanger in the glmorgan constituency Valley.
According to David Cameron, public places are \"half like museums, half like churches, half like schools.
\"It\'s not like my school, Dave.
Although some of our classrooms are called treccoco because they are temporary buildings, our math at Eton is better than what you taught at Eton. Three halves?
It\'s hard to share Dave\'s affectionate view of his workplace as we are invited to look at it through the incredible eyes of women with lower parliamentary rank.
Sarah Champion (
Labor Party in Rotherham
Charlotte Leslie
Bristol Conservative Party
When they tried to take part in the bear, it exposed the absolute absurdity of some of its rituals and rituals --
This is the question of PrimeMinister.
It is foreseeable that Jacob Reese Mog
He looks like he was at Oxford when he was 18. year-Old twady FOP
Defend the \"passion\" of pmqs.
But, from a more obvious point of view than we usually see on the news, it is confirmed to be the same old self-willed, laughing at obscenity issues from behind --
Infuriating the harsh personal insults of the Conservative Party and the opposition.
Sarah Champion, who used to run hospice care for children, broke the frustrating noise and reminded us of the real purpose of the government --
A strong question was raised regarding the investigation of child abuse in the herRotherham constituency.
This is a moment of the 21st century invasion of the entire program.
And, in an atmosphere of discontent with the Westminster elite, it reminds us that thankfully, some politicians support Somerset Maugham\'s motto that \"tradition is a guide, not a jailer \".
The latest six countries: sports subtitles (S): The pre-
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