something for the weekend: daoirí farrell\'s cultural picks

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
In a full hope of first album 2009 release in October 2016 winningdaoir í two radio month folk award the most traditional of Track and Best New Artist.
He released his third album this month. . .
I\'m not sure what my favorite movie is.
I guess in a way I\'m like my Da because I tend to be half asleep and half awakefilm.
I have been very busy for the past few months, so we (Tara and I)
Don\'t go too far to the cinema.
The last thing we saw was a horror film.
In fact, the last thing we saw was a horror film.
However, we love them, I cry in sorrow, in sorrow.
So I thought if you asked me to name my favorite movie and now you\'re talking I have to say it. . .
I listened to a lot of music. I always have.
I have listened to a lot of Irish flute music recently.
Along with all the different artists, I have been listening to the unique style of everyone.
This is because I have been trying to learn to play my flute for the past year.
I also listen to songs a lot.
Especially live recordings of old singers from different parts of Ireland.
I love their raw and simple, and the feeling of some of them who are really singing from the heart.
I like this song.
The feeling of pure honesty.
That\'s what I think.
I always go back to old favorites like Planxty of Bothy Band, Christy Moore, Andy Owen, Oasis, CSNY, the solo work of Neil Young, The Prodigy
Now I look back at it and it could be a strange combination.
Here, I must honestly say that I have not actually read books from beginning to end.
I should probably read more, but I \'d rather listen to some nice music or podcasts.
The last two books I read are the sum.
You see, I was very interested in birds when I was young.
Falcon in particular, so two books about birds are not actually about birds at all. Fascinating.
Similarly, like books, I don\'t often indulge in drama.
About ten or eleven years ago, my first real electrical job was wiring the stage lighting section of the Liberty Hall.
They are still working and I have stood under them several times.
The last and probably the only show I went to last year was at Abbey Theater, which I thought was great. I like it very much.
When I was on vacation for a while, I ate all of this and did not regret it.
Know what I meant two or three weeks ago. we went to see young people.
These people are from England and have been my friends for a while.
We went to see their show in Dublin and they surprised me.
It was a wonderful night.
Well, I really don\'t know much about art.
I listened to quite a bit of the radio while I was driving, there was a nice new radio in the car and I could listen to my podcast on it.
I found a particularly interesting phone call about someone from Alabama.
Now, I don\'t want to say any more because it\'s easy to spoil and I like to talk.
I like my new camera.
This is a canon M50 mirrorless job.
I already have pages that I think should be followed by all readers.
I put most of my photos and ideas there in case someone wants to take a look and I can easily find someone who is called the Tao.
The site is also great and this is the next big thing I really don\'t know.
I think that\'s why it\'s so interesting when it comes up. . .
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