sold-out pearl jam concert takes wrigley field by storm; band plays \'til 2 a.m. after rain delay

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Pearl Jam fans who can get tickets sold on Friday-
Concert at Wrigley Field-
Many people braved hot weather after 90 s.
Chicago is waiting three degrees outside-
The merch line an hour before the show began. -
Even a few months from now, perhaps still remembering the precious of the night.
It\'s a special show, if not because long-time bear super fan Eddie Vader is playing at the central court, not a dramatic list ---
This is a gift for the stubborn, including scarves like the 95-year Vitalogy track \"Bugs\", the song has only been performed live three other times and Vedder is on the accordion-
Or for a show that spans nearly seven centuries.
For hours, packing at two in the morning. m.
Strong storms in the area forced two peopleand-
Half an hour of rain delay played only seven songs on the evening show.
Eddie Vader took his notebook to the stage, had predicted bad weather in the weather forecast in Chicago, and when Vader finally announced that the band had to temporarily stop performing for security reasons (
Looks like he\'s receiving weather updates.
The last few songs before the concert were interrupted)
Vedder promised that the band would come back very hard.
\"Will you believe me in this matter?
He asked, to reassure the fans, 11 pence. m.
The curfew will be extended.
With the clearing of the venue, most people are hiding in the hot and humid friendly areas, and fans of the sweat stream fans are crowded together to form winding lines on food and beer concession stalls.
About 11: 45. m.
Vedder appeared on stage again, announcing that Ernie Banks, the bear legend, would say, \"Let\'s play two, and I said, \'Let\'s play two.
\"It caused a stir among the people who just returned to their seats.
Then, Vedder pays tribute to his cub, \"along the way,\" charging the sweat
Despite the long weather, the drenched, drenched people still occupy almost every seat of the Wrigley and surrounding roof.
Soon after, Vader welcomed banks on stage and handed him a baseball glove. years-old.
Banks looked at the crowd and told the cheering fans, \"I\'m glad to meet you guys at my house.
\"Eddie Vader played in midfield at Wrigley on Friday night, like the PJ20, and fans traveled from far and near to Chicago, and received a series of treatments including precious stones such as \"Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns\" of maternal bone.
\"Before entering these two songs, Vader thanked guitarist Mike mcdonardi and stone gosard and bassist Jeff Amon, more than 20 years ago, \"Give a chance to a young child\" and invite him to join their band.
Pearl Jam has also introduced new material from the band\'s upcoming album, which, ironically, is called Lightning and will be released in October 15.
The love ballad \"days of the future\" was first played live with the help of the band\'s longtime producer Brendan O\'Brien.
Other highlights include McCready\'s super guitar work during \"Evenflow\", Guitar crushing troubles left behind, Pinke Floyd\'s \"mother\" and \"porch \", \"Many goods were delivered in the goods sold
The 40,000 audience returned to the heyday of cashmere. k. a.
When Vader was discovered, someone in his 90 s
Surf and swing from Green
A glowing globe suspended on a lighting truss.
As part of Pearl Jam dynamic seven
Neil der and Neil Young\'s \"rock and roll in the free world\" ended the collaboration, sharing a bitter story about when he was a child, he used to watch the Cubs on black and white TV sets.
When he first went to Wrigley to play the Cubs, he recalled that the color of the course left him at a loss and pointed out that he saw the \"greenest green \".
\"Standing on the stage at Wrigley Center Stadium on Friday night, Vader looked at the baseball field and the sea of people on the roof as it was close to 2 in the morning. m.
And tell them \"dreams come true.
\"While many Cubs fans still have this hope for their team, after the Pearl Jam team played a historic baseball game on Friday night, lucky fans can at least cross one more item from their own wish list.
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