soaring yet grounded: the lighting design at a mall in istanbul reaches new heights but stays anchored.

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If an Akasya mall in Istanbul, Turkey needs a slogan to describe its architectural lighting-
If this is not taken-
Keep your feet on the ground and it\'s best to keep reaching out for the stars.
The soaring interior space and bright ceiling lift up the sight of visitors while the bright floor and glass bridge sparkled underneath. (
When visitors wait for the inevitable line at Shake Shack, it is a good way to keep the tourist identity, which was held at the mall on 2014. )
Grenald Waldron, lighting designer (GWA)
, Narberth, PA and architect development design group received a clear date from the owner.
Troy hornon, senior project manager and design team member at GWA, said: \"The interior must be modern, clean and visually stimulating, while designing courts and halls for pathfinding, the project won the 2015 IES Lighting Award.
With this authorization, GWA\'s mission is to translate them for 63,000-
The owner may be involved in the shopping center of East and West square meters.
\"A lot of our work is to provide conceptual and dynamic lighting solutions for this type of customer,\" saysHornung explains how rendering can help during customer presentation.
\"They all want a final product that creates a strong interest and becomes an unforgettable destination for customers to shop and entertain for longer periods of time.
\"Once the concept of art is established, the next step is to solve the towering height of the four people --story mall (
In the main square, the distance from the skylight to the lower floor of the mall is about 25 m or 80).
\"From a design point of view, height and scale are challenging as it goes beyond the normal reference frame.
\"I have spent some additional calculations to verify the proper lighting level and the channel for maintenance,\" Hornung said . \".
\"Most of the design of this shopping center is a metal halogen source ---
Especially the downlights.
Using the manufacturer\'s data, we calculated the distance, beam expansion, and Insole of the distance and angle of aim.
This is mainly done through the traditional illumination calculation. We plot-
Position of fixtures related to throwing, so we can ensure that most fixtures [About 90%]
Available from standard singleperson lifts.
If necessary, we hope to find a problem to adjust the architecture as soon as possible.
\"To avoid the large dark ceiling, multiple skylights were also built and illuminated at night.
The skylight in the main hall features a white LED \"flashing node\" while slowly rising contrasting blue light in the scene to increase interest and movement.
Bay lighting is also heavily used in many parts of the mall.
\"Each Hall has bay lights parallel to the sidewalk, so that the back of the Bay faces the center,\" hornon said . \".
\"We are always careful to limit the direct view of these streets and limit the y reflection in the retail glazing.
Most of them are specified as T5 linear fluorescence.
\"GWA also takes advantage of the height of the mall by adding prosperity to the elevator and structural columns.
The elevator of the big court has RGB glass function with jagged RGB curve on it.
In addition, Hornung pointed out that \"The LED linear accent in the cover of the custom column will attract attention . \".
The design team also tried to minimize the impact of lighting on the above buildings.
\"Without destroying a clean curved partition, the deep shrinkage of the small hole metal halides emphasizes the light path and circulation.
\"Looking out under the skylight, walls, and ceiling, you can see the spectacular view above your head.
Closer to the ground-
Even underground. -
Other examples are lighting buildings and decorations.
Mr. hornon said that the glass bridge promoted the shopping activities of the entire shopping center and was \"building jewelry to be discovered \".
\"The glass bridge is lit from below and there is a linear LED light source on both sides of the sidewalk.
We have done it several times with the same architect and know the \"formula\" for the correct translucent glass and the distance of the light source \".
\"In Akasya you can find ugly, gray concrete floors all over many shopping malls.
The intermediate court has large lighting floors for visual stimuli and placesfinding.
Most of the lighting methods are the same as glass bridges, and also include dedicated lighting floor tiles from Element Labs --Barco.
At the same time, the bottom of the escalator is RGB led lighting to enhance the beauty.
Finally, several underground passages were designed to match the magnificent parts of the shopping center.
The design and planning was done in Pennsylvania, very good-
Adjustments were made at Istanbul to ensure that the appropriate local fixtures were selected where possible.
\"For projects in Turkey, we are trying to use as many products as possible that are available, manufactured or at least supported in Turkey,\" explains Hornung . \".
\"We know that we don\'t know that other countries have the same product, so all of our projects are based on performance --
Based on specification.
Construction and procurement support is dependent on customers and projects.
\"Of course, it is also helpful at the work site.
\"For this project, I was asked to stay with the development team for a week, adjust the design based on changes in the final project and re-select the fixtures.
They have a model.
There are possible fixtures, so we can discuss the advantages of various manufacturer products.
Designer Troy hornon, LC, leed ga, senior project manager GrenaldWaldron associates nabes, PA.
Quick Facts * bay lighting and bright sunroof dotted with high ceilings.
* Bright floors and glass bridges add to the visual interest in shoplevel.
* Metal halides are the main light source for downlights.
Research: lighting tailored to personality types can drive field research by sales manufacturer Zumtobel and fashion retail firm chainGerry Weber to find, \"target groups --
Sales of \"lighting-oriented design concepts\" increased by 10%.
The pilottest conducted in a store is based on a \"edge type\" lighting preference determined by early laboratory studies.
The Edge model was developed by Gruppe Nymphenburg to study the complex emotional personality structure of consumers.
The subjects were divided into seven different personality groups. -
\"LimbicTypes \"---
Based on the response to the questionnaire.
These include \"Bon vivant\", \"hedonist\", \"adventurer\", \"performer\", \"disciplined\", \"traditionalist\" and \"coordinator \".
\"The purpose of the initial research project was to understand how these seven groups responded to the various lighting scenarios at the point of sale.
To this end, a new method \"edge sentiment assessment\" developed by Nymphenburg was used \"(LEA).
Using this method, even the smallest physical response can be measured.
Based on the data collected from laboratory experiments, it is possible to clearly determine which parameters of the lighting scene in a specific target group will stimulate positive or negative emotions, stimuli, or relaxation.
The results show that no single lighting scene has a significant positive impact on all edge types.
\"However, there are several types of lighting scenes that respond positively to this.
Three main groups were identified, each with similar requirements for lighting solutions: the first group \"balanced \"(
Traditional and harmonious
The lighting response to a medium accent is particularly positive.
The second group of \"stimuli \"(
Hedonist, adventurer)
Most positively responded to relatively strong contrast lighting scenes created by accent lighting and various locations.
The third group \"dominant position \"(
Performers of disciplinary action)
Respond sensitively to unbalanced lighting concepts and best load positive emotions with balanced, moderate effects. However,narrow-
Extreme contrast beam lighting has triggered negative emotions in this group.
The Gerry Weber store in Herford, Germany is the site for field testing.
The lighting concept is the only changed element in the store, which has been open for more than a year.
Zumtobel\'s LEDspotlight solution is specially installed to meet the preferences of the key target group of the Harmonist Gerry Weber, who can actively respond to medium accent lighting.
Therefore, retailspace is designed to create a bright and friendly atmosphere at a 3000 K awarm color temperature.
Then measure and observe the general purchase behavior before and after the installation of the new lighting solution within two months.
According to Zumtobel, \"The results are clear \"---
The adjustment of the lighting situation reflects the typical target group preferences, with sales up 10% compared to the reference store.
Horschlager Martin, head of retail operations at Gerry Weber, noted, \"For us as international fashion brands, seeing clear scientific findings proves that the significant impact of light on POS is fascinating.
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