snail trail: how to expel the gardener\'s biggest enemy

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
Nail Polish, correction fluid, and disco lights reveal the impressive homing instinct of garden snails, and the best way to get rid of them after 15 years of neglect, David dunstein decided to transform his garden.
As soon as he cleaned up, he poured 120 new plants in the small house --
The most popular gardens, such as lupins and lavenders, also have gorgeous leaves.
As plants are dug in and watered, solid-state-
Physicists from Queen Mary, University of London, stand up and wait for the arrival of nature.
But not what Dunstan expected.
Within a few days, the precious Hotel was reduced to the outline of the soil.
The Lubin family could hardly recognize it.
Wherever Dunstan looks, he sees tender plants ravaged by the harsh tongue of a snail. What to do?
The advice came thick and fast.
Crush them at your feet
Drown them in the trap of using beer as bait.
Surround young plants with a circle of crispy ash or eggshells.
Or there is a seemingly scientific solution & colon;
The copper barrier, which is said to react with the snail\'s sticky secretions, gives it nervesjangling shock.
But Dunstan did not want to hurt the most hated wildlife in his garden, he chose another tryand-
The tested technique-Throwing snails on the wall.
Later, his decision was discussed in the bar, and the consensus was & colon;
\"A waste of time, they will come back.
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