singer meat loaf collapses during concert in canada

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
Edmonton, Alberta (AP)—
Rock singer Meatloaf collapsed at a concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Thursday night and was taken to hospital, unknown. The 68-year-
In recent days, old canceled two other concerts.
Saturday in the lower jaw of the moose, Tuesday in Calgary-
Citing poor health
Video from the Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium show the singer dropping his microphone and falling on the floor in his classic \"I\'ll Do Anything for Love\" show (
But I won\'t do that).
The musicians came to him to help, and the music finally stopped.
The agent and music manager of the meatloaf did not immediately respond to the information that The Associated Press sought comment.
A spokesman for Alberta\'s health services said a patient was transported from the auditorium to the hospital, but for privacy reasons the spokesman declined to disclose the patient\'s identity or provide the person\'s latest
Mikey McBryan, the concert host, said the participants were asked to vacate the arena.
Mike Brian, 33, said the meatloaf appeared to be in trouble earlier in the show.
\"It was he who forgot the words and he was not prompted, but it was forgiven,\" he said . \".
\"We all love it and it\'s crazy, and then it gets worse.
Born Marvin Lee Adi, the meatloaf is known for its theatrical stage production and opera songs, including Paradise under the lights of the dashboard, \"Two of the three are not bad\" and \"coming out of hell \".
He won a Grammy for \"I will do anything for love (
But I won\'t do that).
He also appeared in the movies Rocky Horror and Fight Club.
\"He crashed on stage before.
At a concert in Pittsburgh on 2011, the paramedics arrived to help him, but he stood up and finished the show.
On 2003, he fell to the hospital at Wembley Stadium in London.
The singer says he has asthma and a condition that causes irregular heartbeat.
AP writer Rob Gillies contributed to the report in Toronto.
The story has been updated to correct the situation where the previous show at Moose Jaw instead of Regina was canceled.
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