sign frames and sign brackets best advertising technique for small business

by:Marslite     2019-09-27
Most people think that the logo is not just a color board that marks the commercial location.
In 90% of the retail industry in the United States, the business logo is a basic link to the public. it attracts new customers, brand the business, and create impulse sales.
For example national the most famous of food chain one have 26,000 a location each store cost 40,000 dollars of purchasing sign the value 1 billion 40 million beauty yuan of sign.
Why do fast food restaurants spend so much money on signage?
Because a one-year survey showed sales of more than $40,000 on signage exceeded $600.
This simply explains the great value of the signage, especially when it is seen as a marketing business.
When you are used to a comprehensive strategy, you can realize its full potential, increase sales, reduce costs, and help the company develop.
This, in turn, has increased employment, improved communities, and promoted urban taxes.
The most effective form of advertising for almost all businesses is the internal sign station and sidewalk sign.
To confirm this, we just need to look at the results of the largest, most extensive and ongoing survey conducted in the logo industry.
In the past decade, nearly 800 companies and about 12,000 customers have been surveyed.
These businesses have just installed the new logo and the customer has been under investigation with them for the first time.
The first time a customer was asked, \"How do you know us?
\"Nearly half, 45% said, the reason they knew about the business was the signboard, not the newspaper, not the radio, not the TV, but the signboard.
The importance of this cannot be ignored.
That\'s why signage is so important to retailers.
If companies can increase their customers while reducing costs, there will be much greater opportunities to thrive in a competitive market.
This is only done by adding signage (such as signage racks and signage racks) to the store.
Internal signage is both effective and economical.
This is a powerful marketing tool that allows potential customers to get the most advertising revenue.
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