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by:Marslite     2019-10-14
DJ spookky is no stranger to the sharp criticism from underground electronic music.
As a post-modern writer of Freedom
Fashion journalist, DJ and music producer, who stands at an awkward crossroads between academic experimentialism and anti-experimentialism
Establish City club culture-
There are very few intersections in electronic music.
In more than three years, more than a dozen versions, weird (
Also known as Paul Miller, New York via Maine and Washington)
Very high on the cooperation with avant
Decorators like sa bennei and Philip Glass, then walk down the ground with their hips
Jump icons like Kool Keith and organization Konfusion.
His rambling article on DJ culture and electronic music has been cited by 20-century intellectuals ---
Roland Bart, Walter Benjamin, Langston Hughes, Marcel Proust, Richard Wright, etc. -
And appear in publications such as art forums, sources, papers, and voice of the countryside.
But while spoooky\'s theory is sometimes insightful and sincere, hardcore electronic underground often accuses him of riding on a teacher\'s pet and neglecting to put down the fat beat.
His latest project, the mix record, subconscious: EP, will not clean up the streets --
The underground demands relentlessly, but some of the tracks are skillfully presented.
This album is a collection of great executed mixes from last year\'s \"Riddim war\", the first time spoooky has fully ventured into the hip
Dance music jumping, dubbing and jungle structure.
Here, the ghost brings a special set of knobs-
Boring assistants including Prince poetry and Pharaoh Munch (
Used to Be Organized Konfusion)
Voice-over pistol, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine\'s Day, drum \'n bass producer DJ Wally, Thurston Moore and cash Calle of Sonic Youth
Talvin Singh, supporter of the Asian Underground Group
Even the toughest weird critics have a hard time finding the shortcomings of the project.
He was re-confused and entered a more rough field of music. The Spooky-
Melody discord and uneven beat structure style mixture hardly exists in this more direct music
Dance music tour.
The album immediately launched a mysterious hip.
The jumping field is in line with the Prince\'s poetry and the \"rebuild\" version of Pharaoh Munch, which is a psychedelic fusion of evil bass, busy beats and completely fierce MCing.
DJ Wally translates peace of Zairian into a jagged jungle rhythm filled with thick twisted keyboards and ominous hollow percussion instruments.
Voice-over handguns, as far as they are concerned, reveal a completely different \"Zairian peace\" in a tough way\"rocking ska-
Seasoning rework-
The result is innovation, making it one of the best tracks on the album.
Karsh Kale inserted a tortuous jungle/tabla rhythm in \"Proof of the future of Zairian\", maintaining the original and melancholy of this emotion with restless bass lines and melancholy chanting samples
Increased his tripping between each track
Keep in touch with a brief environment
Hue abstraction and experimental adjustment.
Perhaps the \"subconscious\" part reflects the ghost\'s desire to seek acceptance underground.
By giving his work to a broad cross
He is part of an electronic music producer who is able to reach out to fans of his mixist beyond his reputation.
Or maybe he was just shocked by the weird irony of the record, which illustrates the strangeness of the sample culture.
As the mix is more or less better than the original mix, the ghost has gone beyond the current mix
The debate on music aesthetics.
Here, of course, the samples are more interesting, even further away from their original source.
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