shangri la fiji review - bountiful buffets, friendly fijians & amazing holiday snaps

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
I closed my eyes for a minute and imagined going back to the lagoon at the Shangri-La Resort in Fiji.
The water was crystal clear and there were fish swimming a few inches from my fingertips.
The sun shone on my skin and along the beach there was a picturesque cluster of palm trees.
I look forward to having dinner tonight at one of the many restaurants in Shangri-La and strolling in the garden in front of the hotel. I remember if you were looking for a wonderful Fiji resort I would be totally relaxed and you can\'t do better than Shangri-La in Fiji.
When I visited Fiji in 2012, I stayed at three different resorts and tried to feel every place.
Shangri-La defeated the other two hands.
I will explain why it is in this center.
At the same time, as the Fijians say, \"Bla!
\"Please note that the image in this article was taken by me on location©Suzanne Day 2013
Shangri-La FijiWell is a resort that does everything well.
Great breakfast.
The accommodation is very comfortable.
The venue is outstanding and there is a lot to see and do.
But the main reason why I like Shangri-La very much is because the photo opportunities here are worth believing!
I am very confident that holiday snapshots can remind people of the holidays, especially when Gray working days come again.
The photos I took from Shangri-la made me feel right there, swimming in the infinity pool and strolling under the palm trees.
No, it\'s not because I\'m a particularly good photographer because the location is ready --
Made for amazing photos!
The Shangri-La Hotel is located on 109 acres of tropical scenery. in the garden on the island of yanluka, people are obviously trying to beautify the landscape.
Liuka Island is an artificial island specially built for Shangri-La Resort.
You can see that there is a lot of planning for landscaping, because for maximum beauty, there seems to be special placement of plants and palm trees.
This reminds me of Zen gardens and botanical gardens in Japan, because the formation of plants is not so much a form of art as gardening.
The aesthetic combination of architecture and vegetation makes it tasteful and photographic.
Even the recliner around the pool seems to be chosen for location, can be replenished or reduced.
I especially enjoyed the beautiful view of the crowded Reef on the south side of the island at my doorstep.
Wake up at six o\'clock A. M. and it\'s very interesting to go and see the crabs rummaging under the standouts, and see starfish and sea snakes of different colors swim in the shallow beach pool as well.
It is only a 10 m walk from a very convenient beach to the sea!
It was clear that in the evening there were hundreds of crabs out on the beach.
After dinner I did see some of them walking on the beach.
The Fijians seem to put the environment (
Especially the Marine Corps)
Awareness and protection are quite serious.
There are many advertisements and documentaries on TV, not only for tourists, but also for evening news.
The project features unusual species that need to be protected, as well as areas where marine biologists conduct research on environmental issues.
First of all, I would like to tell you that the buffet breakfast at Shangri-La is really good and there is a lot of food for all tastes, including fresh food (
Breakfast buffet is sometimes missing).
They will cook a fresh omelet for you with the ingredients you choose.
You can also choose which restaurant to go to because they all have similar food, so choose your favorite scenery!
If you are full at the breakfast buffet, there is no need to eat too much for lunch because you will still be full.
Overlooking the resort\'s main lagoon, this open-air restaurant.
You can eat indoors or halfout.
There is a lot of food on the menu for a variety of tastes.
Seafood and international cuisine.
Dinner Buffet once a week (
Anyway, I did when I went).
What else can I say besides going to the buffet, don\'t miss it.
The buffet is better than many buffet at home.
Give yourself a plate of hot baked/Asian/pizza/usual or an unusual dish, such as some amazing salads you can buy, and fine desserts.
Why don\'t you eat a few plates of food I eat, which is full of delicious food.
Of course, brie and prawns disappear quickly, but they end up putting more stuff out if you keep going back.
This place is full of all types of families with children, grandparents, singles, etc.
You will be full.
Good price.
If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, definitely a place to go, don\'t miss this!
Bilobara beach bar, where you can enjoy the romance of the sunset.
Drink a cold beer, a glass of wine, or enjoy many tropical cocktails or cocktails.
On my way to the restaurant to drink and watch the sunset, I only walked past the bar.
But it looks good from the outside.
The little black malinbarra bar with interesting lights, the black Malin bar is a great place to dance and there is not much crowd.
Obviously, they serve a buffet dinner sometimes, even though I don\'t know.
There are DJs in some evenings and live entertainment in some evenings.
Drinks are also interesting.
If you dance passionately, some Fijians may join in on the dance floor!
Or you might fall. I did both.
Cafe©There are plenty of delicious lunches with sandwiches, pasta and snacks on the menu.
Close to the infinity pool, you can enjoy iced coffee, roasted foccacias, pot curry, cakes, pastries, smoothies, juices and more.
Service is available at Fiji time, so when your food is fresh by a chef, please be ready to go out and play for a while.
The food was delicious.
The menu is tempting.
The price is reasonable and worth it.
I will come here again for lunch.
Have a cold drink while swimming.
You can see from the photo that I was really sunburned that day.
The golden Cowrie restaurant and the Italian restaurant overlook the view of the southern end of the river.
It\'s a bit pricey, but it would be great if you were depressed about Italian dishes or soft decor.
Not a place for people who are loud or loud.
Choose rich bread and pasta and combine with wine to create a good mood before heading to the next place to drink or dance.
Unfortunately, if you have a person with a bottomless stomach, then he won\'t eat here for less than $200, but in any case, it\'s fun to try something new!
The only Shangri-la air-conditioned restaurant with a full-day ordering menu and innovative cuisine such as scallops, coriander salsa and avocado puree (
Or, duck cooked twice with duck meat, cauliflower puree and fennel salad).
The dress code here is smart, so make sure your man packs some covered shoes (
My man didn\'t, so we didn\'t eat here, although the menu looked really good and I was disappointed, this was the first restaurant I chose).
Lagoon terrace restaurant lunch venue serving pizza, salad and sandwiches.
There is obviously Mediterranean cuisine here.
We didn\'t go there because the breakfast was too big and it didn\'t finish until dinner.
But I\'m sure it\'s good for families whose children may be a little picky.
Takali Terrace restaurant in the southern tip of Shangri-La is close to the adults-only swimming pool.
The beauty of the reef (
Or the ocean, depending on the time of day)
A romantic place for dinner.
This is an Asian-style restaurant where you will find a lot of delicious food and seafood (
Lobster, crab, prawns, etc).
I had a lot of food with lime and a delicious crab. although there was no stuffing, the taste was hot and a little messy.
However, after eating another four dishes with crabs, I almost had to be pushed out.
Neat casual dress code \"night to date \".
After this time, get ready for a partner who feels romantic and get ready in modo!
But also be prepared to let your satiety fade first.
There are many types of accommodation at Shangri-La Hotel Fiji, suitable for all tastes and a slightly higher final budget.
We stayed in Superior lagoon view rooms with beautiful private balcony and great views.
The hotel is very close to most of the facilities and about 200 from the nearest breakfast buffet.
The room was outstanding and I didn\'t find any problems in it.
The hotel is comfortable, but spacious enough for a holiday, and the attention to detail is excellent whether it\'s room service or elegant design and furniture used.
ActivitiesSwimming is the main activity you will be doing as there are lots of lovely pools and a lagoon to do.
The swimming pool is naturally warm enough for a long swim.
Lounge chairs are available near all swimming pools for sunbathing and reading.
Towels are provided upon request.
The pool is available for adults or families only.
Snorkeling is encouraged in the lagoon, so bring your snorkeling gear or you will need to buy some at the Shangri-La store.
You can also take a boat out and snorkel on the rocks, where there are coral-filled canyons and many colorful fish, very nice.
There are Canoe rentals and banana boat rentals, paddle around the lagoon and have a good look.
Walking in Shangri-La is an activity that almost everyone will do because it is both pleasant and beautiful in the garden.
Other activities include mini golf, grass dress making, bike travel, PADI certified scuba diving, volleyball, dance, tennis, parasols, deep sea fishing, spa and massage, gym, visit to Marau village, visit Sigatoka and more.
There are daily activity noticeboards near the pool.
The souvenir and shopping center, Shangri-La, has its own mini market for handmade jewelry/crafts, consisting of a group of local artisans in the central area of the sidewalk (
You can\'t miss it because it\'s on the main road).
You can find some nice beads and shell ornaments there.
Jack Fiji, located in Shangri-La, has several other stores.
Jack is a souvenir shop with specialty stores in many cities in Fiji, offering a wide variety of goods, from handmade wooden sculptures worth thousands of pounds to pens, make the resin into a larger shell and everything in the middle.
I found that Jack was reasonably priced and that a lot of things were prepared for Western holidaymakers.
I was a little naughty and decided to step out of Jack and get to know the real Fiji shopping experience.
Tourists often enter Jack by bus without mentioning other shops.
Well, I\'m here to tell you that there\'s a reason for this.
The regular stores in Fiji, while fun, offer a range of products that you can find at any $2 cheap store in your home.
Add some colorful clothes.
There are also some gold jewelry stores in India.
If you walk into the Fiji supermarket, you will find that there is a package of food that looks like 1950 of the food.
There are real wine cans and cans inside.
Especially notable are the cafes and restaurants in the local Fijian town, which is exciting if you want to try something new.
There are also some original items for sale in Lautoka\'s handmade crafts market, although all wooden products have to be verified with customs because it looks a little fertile.
Watch out for vendors and beggars who will zoom in on any tourist and it is difficult to extract themselves from these professionals.
There is only one way here. Just say no.
I didn\'t, I lost a $50 and bought some crappy sticks with ridiculous name engraved as a souvenir.
One of the names was misspelled.
My conclusion is that you will end up with enough souvenirs and travel souvenirs.
If you don\'t have enough, you can get some lovely Fijian bitter beer fridge magnets when you go out at the airport.
And a jack.
The basic package of Shangri-La LaSnorkeling gearBathersSunscreen (SPF 30+)
To Shangri-la, you will travel through the main causeway of the Fiji mainland to the island of Yanuca.
Shangri-La Hotel Fiji is located near Sigatoka in southwest Fiji.
Fly to Nadi airport and wait an hour for you to take a taxi to Shangri-La.
Enjoy a long story about the taxi driver\'s life on the road if you ask (
About 43 km kilometers on the winding road).
In fact, it is a very interesting experience to hear about Fiji\'s political history, the impact of Hurricane 2012, the sugar industry and the economy of death or death, with personal anecdotes.
I tend to pay attention to any taxi driver\'s warning that travelers are not safe in Suva while traveling.
Suva is far from Shangri-La in Eastern Fiji.
If you ask your taxi driver that you will hear all the news about the kidnapping, and the main work that the police are doing about severe tactics and massive cruel punishment, to get visitors back from the local tribal lords.
Thank you for reading my review of Shangri-La Hotel Fiji.
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