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by:Marslite     2020-04-29
Thiruvananthapuram: six companies have responded to the expression of interest (EoI)
The city company invites the installation of LED street lamps.
According to the company\'s plan, 200 LED lights will be installed in each ward in order to save electricity.
In the past few fiscal years, the cost of electricity for street lamps has been increasing, putting an extra burden on the local body.
In the past four years, the electricity bill for street lights alone has increased from RS 4 to Rs 20.
The monthly maintenance required for street lights also adds to the company\'s dilemma.
They are looking for a zero, according to company officials
Investment model.
We are now working on documents submitted by various companies.
\"We are looking for a system where the company only needs to pay for the electricity bill,\" an official said . \".
Now, the four companies have shown their models, and the presentations of the rest are scheduled to take place on Friday.
A total of 87,000 street lamps throughout the city need to be replaced with LED lights.
The company has deposited Rs 18 with the Kerala Electric Power Commission (KSEB)
Install 38,600 lights.
In the first phase, 20,000 lamps will be installed at a cost of Rs 9.
The other 9 crore are assigned under the Thalles plan project where 18,600 lights are installed.
Through this, 48% of the city lights will be LED.
Now KSEB has started to install 12,000 lights in various wards.
The rest of the total lights required will be installed by a private player, and EoI is called a private player.
In addition, the company spent Rs 1 to buy spare parts to replace abandoned street lamps.
Spare parts worth Rs 80,000 were distributed.
The remainder is being distributed on the basis of estimates received from the KSEB office.
Last year, the company decided to buy LED lights from Kerala Industrial Enterprises (KSIE).
However, with the introduction of the GST (GST)
The company was forced to revise the designated amount of the project and the company council finally agreed to purchase LED lights for RS 2,672.
As proposed by KSIE, £ 50 per unit.
The company also plans to implement the project with technical assistance from SIDCO at a cost of Rs 64, but due to latter GmbH\'s non-co-operation.
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